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Baptism Acrostic Poems

These Baptism Acrostic poems are examples of Acrostic poems about Baptism. These are the best examples of Acrostic Baptism poems written by international poets.

Day Of Marvelous Importance



Topic: Baptismal day of Bro. Dominaris de Luna (October 27) 
Form: Vertical Monocrostic...

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Categories: baptism,

Premium Member Altruism
Actions or gestures putting the senses into baptism
Love so pure and powerful, spreads beyond evangelism 
True concern, effective enough to dilute cataclysm
Rates of its occurrence,...

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Categories: beautiful, beauty, character, christian,

Say it
You knew
He liked you,
He expressed
But never said.

On social media
He followed,
Every picture was saved
that you upload.

He practiced a lot
for final meet,
So, that he could make you...

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Categories: 2nd grade, 7th grade,

Initially you were fragrance
Wind used to give me your address
Then you became a name
Streets were known by your footsteps
Then you became eyes
It penetrated my days...

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Categories: baptism, basketball,

Social media
We walk around faceless, nameless
doing whatever we want, shameless.
Nothing ever changes
140 characters to spark outrages

Can’t flip pages online 
but we can sure as hell
act like...

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Categories: 11th grade, allusion, analogy,

Time has come up
Time has come to me 
Time for the next day.
Can we have some fun 
Today? The rest of the days 
Will see the future of...

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Categories: age, appreciation, art, baptism,

The Call of the Cold
I long for the frigid caress of the winter,
Carelessly scouring my face with her wrath,
Embracing me with an icicle splinter,

Making me lose my mind in...

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Categories: baptism, freedom, love, winter,

kneeling in church, arm around my angel girl.
my son’s propped up on pew, chewing gum.
the oldest tries to pray, the grownup...

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Categories: angel, children, christian, prayer,

No hesitation
I loved with everything i had 

Even though it always consumed me

I gave my heart away 
Without hesitation 

I'm full of love 

It's what makes...

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Categories: anxiety, baptism, change, courage,

The Source: Waters
Wash away corruption, precipitation cleanses our deeds,
Artesian aquifers washing, and nurturing planted seeds,
Torrential downfalls, baptize impermeable desert sands,
Eternal crystallization, fractals break the father’s lands,
Requisite of...

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Categories: baptism, birth, creation, death,

Franz The Veteran
First, baptism. Next, he vowed defense for the U.S. after graduation
Really, this kid could take San Diego's boot camp
At age nine he left Belize, then...

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Categories: america, angel, desire, dream,

Be at ease and 
Let your light shine through
Emit radiant beams to 
Sentient beings,
Savor every moment,
Embrace the now and 
Design the life of your dreams....

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Categories: baptism, beautiful, beauty, life,

It is the light that burns through the night
The night that is covered by pain
The pain that burns on bones so fragile

It is the face...

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Categories: anger, assonance, baptism, childhood,

The Final God
The last survivor of the human race
Depicting General
Master and genius
Night time
Food alert
Dangerous flying
Nightly heavens
Packed ditch
Troy surrenders
Zeus is more
Gandhi falls
Hunger of a nation
When the time comes

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Categories: angel, baptism, beauty, bereavement,

From LindaMarie Sweetheart of the soup to you dear Christina
Cherished Christina,Miracle gift from God with love

Heavenly angels delivered you from twinkling stars above

Radiant blush graces tender soft skin

Intertwining hearts as life journey begins

Special little...

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Categories: baptism, best friend, birthday,