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Acrimony Poems

Acrimony Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of acrimony poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for acrimony.

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Categories: acrimony, abuse, africa, america, betrayal, courage, death, romance,
Form: Classicism

Breaking Down Barriers
It is no small act that follows
no leaps nor bounds
as we are bound
the square, white-washed walls
crumbling, no doors, no sound

but who are we 
are we not what one perceives
stuck to our one room box

we break down walls
colour splashes from our...Read More
Categories: acrimony, color, power, storm, strength,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Remnant of war
A Remnant of War

Here I am,
A remnant of war,
Here I lay, broken and riddled with arrows and acrimony
As I watch the birds fly away with my bloodied eyes. 

The sky is as grim as the reapers
Who unleashed hell on us,
Ambushing...Read More
Categories: acrimony, anxiety, art, betrayal, grief, hurt, war,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Terms of Engagement
Rancorous bile spits from the screen like a dragon’s bad breath

Venom and distasteful acrimony captures an innocent monitor

An irritating display of malicious vitriol exposes malevolence

Vindictive malevolence achieves to exhibit a self-righteous tongue

        ...Read More
Categories: acrimony, anger,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member It's Twine Time
It’s Twine Time!

(to Alvin Cash)

It’s twine time!
ooh, ah, ooh, ah, ooh, ah! 
It’s time to twine, baby!
Time to forget about it all!
The latest lollipop disasters, 
The catastrophes dressed in nude attire,
The latest bristlecone attacks 
Manufactured with iced fear, 
Riveted with...Read More
Categories: acrimony, memory,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Two hearts unite
Two hearts unite in holy matrimony
  Bride and groom sincere, no whiff of phony

Yet in a year or two springs up acrimony
  The likely cause unbending parsimony

All that money spent on pomp and ceremony
   Was better...Read More
Categories: acrimony, conflict, marriage, money,
Form: Monorhyme
While in deep sleep revelation of Matthew Scott woke
I surmise yours truly i.e. me
a slacker boomer - ye,
whereby repose finds me
face buried in pillow free
and clear of Earthly worry

mainly, namely, particularly...
lack of legal tender re: money
woeful bane, yes unarguably
legitimate casus belli key
ping mental state agonizingly

able, eager, and ready...Read More
Categories: acrimony, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 9th
Form: Free verse

Love once shared, now a forgotten past
Time spent together no longer cherished 
Slowly, we began drifting apart 
Each person withdrawing into a shell we thought was gone

Gradually, hatred began setting in
Communication seemed a Herculean task to perform
Promises we’re broken
Trust became...Read More
Categories: acrimony, absence, anger, break up,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Fray

The sparrows and cardinals
squabble -
hedgerow turf wars.
Sudden low evening rain.
Do the trees weep, or does the sky?
Anger seeps into drywalls
fills eyes with a restless acrimony. 

Yesterday the sun was a brightness
on the wrists of small boys.
They played out a violent...Read More
Categories: acrimony, poetry,
Form: Blank verse
Unhappy Anniversary
Shaking in trembles, tremor within. 
A delicate pivot, shifts in separation.
Consolation comforts, the loss of win.
My first year of divorce, set in liberation. 

Bushwhacked, travelling back in time..
Reflections,... on dark night window.
Shredded heart, in melancholy chime.
Voice not so dulcet, in...Read More
Categories: acrimony, absence, anniversary, break up, celebration, freedom, heartbreak,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member Shot in the Dark
A heart felt prayer with four chambers alights on a maiden voyage

Meets valves and percussion awaits tenderly to be tuned into harmony

Passion where had been void and stagnation and pulse been icy and flat

The mind once arrested in dangling contemplation...Read More
Categories: acrimony, destiny,
Form: Free verse
A soul's lamment
Quiet speaks much,
Till my heart says no quit;
Conscience or guilt,
One is stronger, and I won’t know which,
Cause’ I don’t know how you keep them both,
It happened before and,
It happened after choice,
6 down after choice,
In lifting up a voice, that’s 6,
A...Read More
Categories: acrimony, philosophy,
Form: Elegy
Settling Old Grudges, Part II
...“The bloodshed grew, the army was called in,
and sided with settlers as they often did,
Blue Hawk’s people were crushed, all rounded up,
put on the rez and told to stay within.

“Despite the peace both sides still held their hate,
cursing the other...Read More
Categories: acrimony, conflict, confusion, family, father daughter, history, native
Form: Narrative
Premium Member I Stand Here in Silence
I stand here in silence and think of you.
Little notions of fairytales resound in my
mind as if we were somehow meant to be. 

And as I seek all that I thought I sought,
as I think all that I thought I...Read More
Categories: acrimony, loss, love hurts,
Form: Verse
Until now
Sharp breath cuts through my diaphram
I fail to breath, gasping for air...
Emotional blood flows through my veins
I get the desire to scream with pains
My pulse rate suffocates me!

Bitter lumps swells within my chest
Im heaving with a load of pressure
All I...Read More
Categories: acrimony, anger, freedom,
Form: Free verse
None keeps its inventory
But it creeps into a story
A story of a modern society
Which is plural in nature;
Partly of a rural nurture
Partly of an urban stature
Yet must remain together
Lest it falls a part 
For unity is strength. 

For  peace.

To...Read More
Categories: acrimony, africa, betrayal, community, conflict, patriotic, peace, political,
Form: Narrative
Ripped apart
Terror has ripped apart our nation,
oh God when we will get rid of this false emotion....Read More
Categories: acrimony, allah, america, angel, arabic, betrayal, bible, change,
Form: Couplet
Now is the Time to Move on
Now is the Time to Move on
It's been twenty years without my father, 
A fine soul, incomparable with another.
A man of might amidst his mite.
A warrior without terror.
Dignity was another name he bore.
He taught me the dignity of hard work...Read More
Categories: acrimony, death, father, sorrow,
Form: Free verse
Forgetting Where You Came From, Part III
...In a fury Malcolm shot to his feet,
shouted ‘Uncle Tom!’ in a moment of heat,
got into his car, a half-dead pinto,
in a cloud of dust down the road did he go.

As he drove away in the door appeared
Booker’s love Mindy,...Read More
Categories: acrimony, brother, change, family, growing up, growth, truth,
Form: Narrative
It Has Been Seventeen Years
It has been seventeen years 
Since that dreadful morning 
Thousands lost their lives unexpectedly 
Hearts are still grieving 
The events that took place on that day
Sadly presented turmoil and corruption 
The entire universe shook badly 
As we witnessed the confusion...Read More
Categories: acrimony, dark, grief, pain, sorrow,
Form: Free verse
Love is won, then it conquers all through patience
But that's impossible without being kind
The two above build one to be honest
Suppressing all the feelings of jealousy
Silencing all tongues not to be boastful
Bruising egos that result from one's pride

Only the wise...Read More
Categories: acrimony, love,
Form: Sestina
Grave Grace
Understand the caricature
To understand the creature

Acrimony is the first step to atrophy

Sacrilegious or areligious
Voracious visions visit the valiant

Written words form the tapestry
Tattooed across his very flesh

Dine with the dead
And you'll come out ahead

Cull the herd
And you'll be heard

A spoke on...Read More
Categories: acrimony, addiction, angst, anxiety, depression, introspection, longing, stress,
Form: Free verse
I realized
That life’s chaotic ingredients
Was manifested
By my own disobedience

Through my misguided Journey
Of acrimony
Scuttling on my belly like a snake I crawled

The enemy recruited me into his army
He didn’t love me, he only wanted to harm me
Through the trenches 
Trying to...Read More
Categories: acrimony, betrayal, forgiveness, religion,
Form: Lyric
The Game Changer In A Matrimonial Masquerade
Homes broken, futures stolen
Lives shattered
Children, men and women forsaken
Beauties and cuties battered 

Family members scattered
Matrimonial vows broken
Values down watered
Untruths spoken

Wedding and kitchen party celebrations forgotten
Tempers raised, minds crazed
Intransigence and insolence gotten
Sorrows grazed, sanity and sobriety erased

Divorce legal proceedings pursued
Bad blood...Read More
Categories: acrimony, poems,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member IF EVER I HAD A COUNTRY - continued: VII and VIII


If ever I had a country
And if ever I were the Keeper of...Read More
Categories: acrimony, anti bullying, money, poverty, slavery, winter,
Form: Free verse