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Acquit Poems

Acquit Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of acquit poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for acquit.

New Poems

Breath it in
Breath it in; do you feel it?
The surge of energy, flowing beneath.

Barred from stress; darkness consumed.
Heat intensified from the beat of your chest. 

All the power, all the rage,
Walls beside you; crumbling, tumbling down.

Stand tall; watch it fall.

The pain, the...Read More
Categories: acquit, anger, forgiveness, friendship, hurt, strength, stress, truth,
Form: Free verse

Snakes of all shapes
Snakes of all shapes

Snakes lie and wait in the grass,

Along the floor or high in the tree they creep but the bite lasts,

One wrong step the venom is the king of killers,

They can strike with hardly a tap or any...Read More
Categories: acquit, animal, betrayal, corruption, dark, deep, symbolism, violence,
Form: Rhyme
Romulus and Remus

In similar kind the blood of violent dynasty's
remains distinct without conscience 
its empire of centuries
branded hot upon the slave born sweat 
and to dictatorship
bring the mind and soul of greed
for in the bestial mouth
ever shall the vampire feed

Better then to...Read More
Categories: acquit, analogy, society, world,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member A New World
When Jupiter aligns with Mars, Aquarius will blossom.
Liberty erupts with the alignment of the planets.
No longer will the shackles hold those imprisoned to ransom.
A new age, a new start, a new hope to palate.

Peace on Earth will be attained for...Read More
Categories: acquit, forgiveness, hope, peace,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Wearing Chiffon

Stuck on this love theme, what's going on
Something I ate, or maybe wearing chiffon
No, that can't be it
A real man must acquit
Just a phase, perhaps a disease from a swan???

...Read More
Categories: acquit, confusion,
Form: Limerick

Athwart Without Surcease
Athwart Without Surcease — Edzel

Erelong the sphere was contrived,
intrinsically safe with His arms.
Born— soon derived,
and molded from His heart so warm.

Fain to live,
hight to be a no man in an island.
Sith ere He do forgive,
our sins be reprimand.

Teened with so...Read More
Categories: acquit, age, birth, time, words,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member Lucifer The Fallen Angel
Lucifer The Fallen Angel
Written: by Tom Wright

Lucifer’s mouth is an outpouring of empty pledges,                          ...Read More
Categories: acquit, god, sin,
Form: Lyric
Vile Betrayal
Eternal scream, into the black
I thought you'd left, But now your back
Vile Betrayal, old, old friend
Will your torment Never end?

Look for love, find only pain
Past scars ripped fresh and bleed again
First you give, then take away
You just spend, I always...Read More
Categories: acquit, betrayal, dark,
Form: Sonnet
Mariah of Magdala

“Rabii! Rabii! Rabii!
What suppose you of this woman?
Caught in the act of sin
Our society out cast such
She must be thrashed to the non-living
So demands the laws of the land
Rabii! Rabii! Rabii!
Grant us your vindication
Of a woman lethal comparable...Read More
Categories: acquit, blessing, character, conflict, endurance, forgiveness, satire, true
Form: Narrative
I Pleaded the Fifth
There's a story from Dixon
About some ole drunk
Who came in the courtroom
Drunk as a skunk

When asked by the judge
Sir how do you plea
He pulled out a 5th 
And said this ones on me

Unsure what he meant
The judge threw him in...Read More
Categories: acquit, celebrity, fun, funny, humorous, hyperbole, judgement, parody,
Form: Lyric

Premium Member CYCLONE

Hair snow
Lost beaux

Breath crime


Egg shells

Feet sweat
Twin threat


Bath zone


Feet sweet
Twin treat



Took hint
Breath mint

Lost hair
Don’t care!

Fabulous Fun Footles contest
1st Place

...Read More
Categories: acquit, humor,
Form: Footle
A Little Kitten in the Garden II
It was absurd to think that an engineer, with an earned degree,
Would be caught in a quandary, like a cat up a tree.
Yet, his garden of orange iris in a bed of golden stones -
It seemed like the little cat,...Read More
Categories: acquit, funny, humorous, irony,
Form: Rhyme
Victim of a Word Place Accident
Are you the Victim of a Word Place Accident..? 
Couplets buckling like a rickety bamboo scaffold
Slippery When Wet Guy's taking a fall
Don't he look baffled

Are you the victim of repetitive stress injury..?
Maybe you said DAH-dah a million times
When POESHA standards...Read More
Categories: acquit, humor, poets,
Form: Rhyme
Sound Argument
Snick-woosh, rushing stream
Clink, gurgle, doppler shift
Glub then tinkle, drip drip
Crystal scrape metallic
A plastic click, pause, muffled hiss
Gurgle, snort, chuckle, snuff
Plink… Plink plink… Drizzle, drip, drizzle, drop
Coffee is brewing

Dry rustle, crinkle, pages on wood
Chock, thwock, slap, a paper stack
A throaty zip,...Read More
Categories: acquit, sound,
Form: I do not know?
Judge Not

“Judge not, and ye shall not be judged”…….saith the Lord
then if you are not he                        ...Read More
Categories: acquit, forgiveness, jesus, judgement, wisdom, perspective,
Form: Couplet
The sun to this son
It has been 40 days, now, since my mom’s passing to the afterlife
But my feeling of “lost-fullness” is as untainted and as vibrant as the first moon
Way too bright for my eyes to see, especially when, it’s my heart that’s...Read More
Categories: acquit, love, mother, mother son, parents, son, sorrow,
Form: Elegiac Lyric
How does my body
This flesh that withholds my soul,,
manage to bear the weight from the chains that have been embedded upon my bequeathing heart?

Where does one hide the pain that is encrusted upon these eyes that are dreary and now...Read More
Categories: acquit, bereavement, betrayal, confusion, devotion, divorce, emotions, heartbreak,
Form: Prose
8:19 PM

How does one conclude that fear has been the hue
Coloring the greater portion of a life.
Who would vouch such secrets to the cordial ear?
Such divulge is fear itself.
What is it to live one's life in fears, both great and...Read More
Categories: acquit, courage, fear,
Form: Free verse
Stop badgering the witness
Stop badgering the witness!

Love is a mysterious thing
Even if you found that perfect ring,
 as we all recalled it was the mindset
that triggered strong emotion into the explosion 
 that separate the thing called love.

It’s have been more than twenty...Read More
Categories: acquit, abuse, black african american, culture,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Who am I
People come & go, that’s the cycle of life
One minute you know them the next they’re a stranger
Different me’s come & go, that’s the cycle of strife
One minute I know myself, the next I’m a stranger
Lost in limbo, I can’t...Read More
Categories: acquit, anxiety, confusion, creation, culture,
Form: Rhyme
Lost battle
He was there recumbent like a log
Cancer has culminated,prevailing over him
Enfeebled all his shielding apparatuses
Yet spurned to frolic prolongation

Eschewed palliative care ministrations
He detected the vital prognosis was engaged
He had instead to plough money into God's certitude
For he realized HE implements...Read More
Categories: acquit, death of a friend,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Adventures In Neverland
The reasoning has befallen, on a rock she now prays
Dark cobalt blue tides, like counters, our end of days
Wildlife in sporadic, escaping to not
Whilst a sky filled abyss, shall stop the clock

Angelic she sits, in wonderment of her see
Knowing what...Read More
Categories: acquit, angst, fantasy, lost, people, places, science fiction,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Marriage Partnership
Marriage between man and woman is an intimate union you see
that begins with an equal partnership with the man on his knees

With deepest joy you are asking someone to share your life
Knowing quite well in this journey there will be...Read More
Categories: acquit, family, life, love, marriage,
Form: Rhyme
It seems the ring so sparkly, caught the eye
of some observer, stopping in to talk
the time I took to pray, no more a balk
about God's reason, yet I knew the walk!

The ring was gone ~ the visitor's compel
was just to...Read More
Categories: acquit, love, love hurts, poetry,
Form: Monorhyme
The Edges Of Time
Sleep evades his presence missed
Her lonely reflection shines back
By windows glass her wine she sips
But liquid comfort cannot acquit

The sentence of her choosing
Where lonesome miles consist
A blind eyes scentless bouquet 
An agony she couldn't predict

Now morning breaks
A ridged winters chill
Another...Read More
Categories: acquit, absence, lonely, love, time,
Form: Quatrain