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Words: acme, acmes, acne, acnes, acold

Acne Poems

Acne Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of acne poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for acne.

New Poems

Free from fears
It is love that makes the heart acne for more
It is the upbringing that reaches the goals
It is the pain that brings strength
Sometimes you have to fall in order to get up

Free from unnecessary distractions
It is ignorance that...Read More
Categories: acne, appreciation, blessing, celebration, change, fate, future, wisdom,
Form: Free verse

The young man's acne was severe
Looked in the mirror, and shed a tear
He put salt on his face
Then tired to erase
His acne grew, making him look queer...Read More
Categories: acne, funny, humor,
Form: Limerick
One Last Beer Before Christmas
One last beer before Christmas
Sitting in a run down bar
Toasting Christmas' once again
Making New Years Resolutions
That in eight days I'll amend
Watching Christmas Specials
On what happened this past year
All the while waiting
For another glass of beer

Commercials for electronic this
and battery powered...Read More
Categories: acne, christmas, society, sorrow,
Form: Rhyme
Can't Get A Girl
His name was Johnny. He looked like any other teenager of his generation. Hair longer than the norm, a bit of acne, favourite band t-shirts and a love of beer. He didn't smoke, do drugs or fight. 
But he liked...Read More
Categories: acne, absence, remember, suicide, teen,
Form: Free verse
Bouts of lightning flashes,swirls
And lightens up the pitch, black night
Of our neck of the woods
Tailgated by stealthy footsteps 
Of growling, grunting, moaning and roaring thunder,
As in gnashing and grinding of canine
As rain, like beads of sweat, acne and goose pimples
Break...Read More
Categories: acne, africa, allegory, beautiful, earth, extended metaphor, rain,
Form: Prose Poetry

Premium Member The Kid with the Twitch

Though his name I’ve forgotten, I’m now thinking of
a guy from my junior high days who was cursed
with the kind of a face just a mother would love,
black glasses, and acne, but that’s not the worst.

Each day in my art...Read More
Categories: acne, 7th grade,
Form: Rhyme
Gone are the days of tears
Gone are the days of sorrow
Gone are the days of weakness
Gone are the days of pretence
Those were the days

Cherishing those who loved me abundantly
Appreciating those who embraced my uniqueness
Suprising those who thought I will never...Read More
Categories: acne, age, appreciation, blessing, change, courage, creation, poetry,
Form: Free verse
Is when the touch is felt
Without being touched
Is when the kiss is felt
Without being on the lips
It is intimacy

Is when the eyes are staring
Without being noticed
Is when the stomach has goose bumps
Without the acne
It is intimacy

Is when the heart focuses
Without...Read More
Categories: acne, appreciation, art, beauty, change, courage, desire, future,
Form: Free verse
Give me something white 
Something close to nine 
Bring me out what’s in 
And a little bit of sin
Put your fingers in my head 
Kneel before your perfume god
Shut the things that make you feel 
Open wide your pure disease...Read More
Categories: acne, deep, fun, perspective,
Form: Free verse
Before You Say You Love Her
Before you say you love her
Have a drink with her first
Wait until she becomes intoxicated
Not to take advantage of her but notice the way she acts when she's drunk, 
Inebriated giggles and unwomanly speech with all sorts of curses
Would you...Read More
Categories: acne, anxiety, boyfriend, deep,
Form: I do not know?

I Remember
his glossy brown eyes
"pizza face"--
red acne scars spreading
like tomato sauce
from his eyes to his chin

the way he solved
those wiggly equations
on the blackboard
like numbers and symbols
poured from his skull

my fingers trembled
snapping photos of him
to keep as mementos
this crush I had on...Read More
Categories: acne, memory,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member about face
Puberty arrives
With it's accompanying drives
Plus the scourge of teenage acne.
Most remedies would fail 
Nothing ever worked well
While my face continued to attack me.

Father scoffed "Son I implore
If you scrub your face more
Then your acne will soon disappear."
Scrubbed as hard as...Read More
Categories: acne, anxiety, memory, remember, sad, teenage,
Form: Rhyme
Restless, pacing around the my room
The feeling is misunderstood
The laughter is overacted
This need has to be fulfilled

The acne for quietness
Is a necessity for luxury
The storm reinvents itself
Is somebody reaching out

Calmness, restoration of the imbalanced
The emotions are flowing in
The humanity is...Read More
Categories: acne, adventure, africa, age, baptism, blessing, celebration, creation,
Form: Free verse
A slave to creativity
Is better than a slave to nothing
Enhancement of skills
Is better than adjustments

Arousal of emotions
Is better than a head acne
Acceptance of weakness
Is better than fake

Development of inner strength
Is better than being a coward
Acquisition of knowledge
Is better than having...Read More
Categories: acne, character, confidence, encouraging,
Form: Free verse
My eyes look for you
My heart bleeds the truth
My spirits enters your soul completely
My body is overwhelmed with feelings

The acne of sadness is gone
The joy in my heart is restored
The happiness is a new profound word
The sweetness of the love...Read More
Categories: acne, appreciation,
Form: Free verse
Anticipation is a profound word
Memory is to remember
Missing is to loose
Eagerness is to find

Asking is to know
Verbalising is to acne
Begging is a must
Mercy is for the weak

Finalisation is to begin
Consequences is a need
Monument is a statue
Future is under the nose...Read More
Categories: acne, change,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member But for the nervous it is much too late
Dandruff, menstruation ,acne , scent
Deodorants,shampoo  and strange new thoughts
The anxious adolescent  in torment

Tampons,towels. skin care and defence
Confession, absolution, count for naught
Dandruff, menstruation ,acne , scent

Wet and dry the dreams are wryly bent
We wake confused from what we never...Read More
Categories: acne, analogy, angst, anxiety, confidence, fun,
Form: Villanelle
He Hated Her

When he was born,
the doctor said
the baby was a girl

And as he grew up,
the tomboys schoolyard teased,
she could really take a punch

Then when he reached adolescent age,
the hormonal rage of estrogen 
really started kicking in

He got so much testosterone frustration,
because...Read More
Categories: acne, anger, angst, body, depression, gender,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Growing up, I've learned from both my abuelas experiences 
that you should never let a man define you 
you do not need his pity gestures in order to feel good about yourself 
and most of all you don't need to...Read More
Categories: acne, adventure, age, art, beautiful, body, confidence, courage,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Beyond the Mighty Humboldt
Beyond the mighty Humboldt
Where the Artemisia blooms,
The broken ribs of mountains
Lie tilted toward the sky.

‘Twas called a wretched wasteland
That Satan, himself, passed by;
Where no self-respecting bird 
Would stay if it could fly.

Its rivers are pretenses,
Called navigable by law.
Thirsty dragonflies may...Read More
Categories: acne, earth, environment, mountains, nature, places, river, silver,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member One Face Moon
The face of the moon never changes
for the same side of the moon,
always faces us, 
and the dark side
always faces away from us, bashfull.
What is the moon afraid of?
What does the moon not want us to see
on the face it...Read More
Categories: acne, moon,
Form: Free verse
Until The Fat Lady Sings
I'm naked underneath these clothes I wear
I'm cold and in need of a blanket
I walked down the street to where I was grown
saw the Mickey Mouse Rock & Louisa May Alcott stone
I stood on the porch where once I smoked...Read More
Categories: acne, anxiety, art,
Form: Free verse
Inflictus Poeticus

I'm so completely full of rhyme
like a bad case of acne
I'm oozing all the time
forever poems are brewing
as awe and words combine
like a bad ass rash
burning something quite sublime

circa 2006...Read More
Categories: acne, funny, introspection, poetry,
Form: Rhyme
Find out
I wake up in the morning 
to find out im in hell
So curse it, my plans are diabolical
From contemplating to building strange machines,
Channeling low frequencies and summoning demons,
Angels be like why?
Man I just wanna fly,
Back packs and jet packs
Im a...Read More
Categories: acne, deep, fire, identity, life,
Form: Dramatic Verse
A Perfect Mug Shot
Usually I try to look and dress the best I can
But today I awoke without hope, looking like a mug shot destined to happen.
I wish the strange fish-hook-shaped line under my left eye
Was at least symmetrically arranged to match the...Read More
Categories: acne, age, change, confidence, fun, humor, image, today,
Form: Rhyme