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Achieve Poems

Achieve Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of achieve poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for achieve.

New Poems

I don't know what you came to do
I don't know what you came to do 
But I came to praise the Lord
To proclaim His anointing spirit
And with Him to get on board
Jesus came to preach the Gospel
To spread the holy word of God
To let the people know...Read More
Categories: achieve, faith, gospel, spiritual, wisdom,
Form: Carpe Diem

I'm an overcomer
I'm rare like having a hot winter and a colder summer
The weight of the world wasn't enough to put my shoulders under 
I'll overcome anything in my way because I'm an overcomer 

I've won battles that I probably...Read More
Categories: achieve, emotions, encouraging, inspiration, inspirational, uplifting,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Farewell, You Slob
Goodbye our very good best friend, we hate to see you go
We hope that you remember us and visit us below
And maybe you'll drop by to say how much you miss us so
That's when we'll call Security in case you...Read More
Categories: achieve, farewell, friendship, goodbye, humor, jobs, leaving, smile,
Form: Rhyme
Talking to God
Talking to God 
Who should I believe in 
Who shall I trust 
Who shall I adore 
Who deserve my worship
Who shall I hope on 
Who I ask who 

Talking to God 
Should I hope on humans 
Should I trust this...Read More
Categories: achieve, africa, blessing, freedom, humanity, wisdom, words,
Form: Epic
Mothers Are So Wonderful
We are the ones who carry babies for months
We feel anxiety of an upcoming delivery
We do our best to keep them healthy
We worry the most when they are thirsty
We rescue them when hungry

We are the ones who look after them,...Read More
Categories: achieve, beautiful, mother, mothers day,
Form: Blank verse

Killing in the name of

Stretched to the limit,
past breaking point,
On the torturers rack,
bones popping out of joint,
Gone too far already,
sinews and tendons tear,
Now the skin is breaking,
blood spurts into open air 

All this suffering, to get a
forced confession,
At the mercy of an inquisitors,
demonic obsession,
You...Read More
Categories: achieve, abuse, christian, evil, humanity, pain, truth, violence,
Form: Rhyme
The blundering wind, blows absence of sensible youth.
It can tell no lies, nor can it tell the truth.
It blows strong on the flower and onto the grass.
Where they both huddle blindly, unaware they won't last.

Erstwhile the wind can blow for...Read More
Categories: achieve, forgiveness,
Form: Rhyme
Normalcy is non-existent
We want the things we believe to be out there, 
Things that exist for others and not for ourselves. 
Well they aren’t and they don’t.
We spend our time wanting to be “normal,” 
Yet, the more time one spends trying to...Read More
Categories: achieve, appreciation, character, confidence, inspiration,
Form: Free verse
The ages of a Man

I walk through the ages of a man seeing and experiencing the trials and pain of what it means to live,
Over and over I will love only one for the rest of my life,
Over and over again I am newly...Read More
Categories: achieve, allegory, blessing, imagery,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Soup Snakes

Snakes only slither,
causing grief in their own hate,
pity them, as not.

They can be so cured,
If one can only avoid,
their venomous bite.

Thus, nail them up high,
listen not their woeful cries,
these, the deceivers.

Place shame upon those,
born of such evil intent,
that...Read More
Categories: achieve, allegory, meaningful, wisdom, words, write,
Form: Haiku

Premium Member DisEmpowering Viral Violence
I am struggling
to avoid that "I told you so"
and self-congratulatory voice.

I do feel under-appreciated
but I don't feel any happiness
about the Virus
as vindicator of my beliefs
about the political and economic power
of public health and safety platforms,
which are also personal wealth
and fundamental...Read More
Categories: achieve, america, community, health, integrity, peace,
Form: Political Verse
with a little help from my friend
Everyone says that 
with a little help from one's friends
one can achieve one’s dreams
with a little help from one's friends
you can be whom you are meant to be 

but in this mean old world of ours
almost no one has real...Read More
Categories: achieve, age, america, anger, angst, friendship,
Form: Free verse

Looking out of my window
I wish I could see the future
And I wish if I could write life the way I want it to be
So, it would be a never-ending story and open literature

And I could make changes to it
...Read More
Categories: achieve, adventure, appreciation, symbolism,
Form: Ballad
Premium Member A Saving Rose
Every heart needs

A saving rose

Every dreamer dreams 

To achieve his goals

Every lover cries

One day love must end

Every prayer of faith

Closer to GOD and friend
...Read More
Categories: achieve, faith, god, love,
Form: Verse
The Humorist and the Alchemist

The humorist compares to the alchemist of old
except his humor he transmutes into laughter
not the precious metal the alchemist is after, 
though humor is often worth its price in gold.

And whereas no alchemist, we’re told,
ever transmuted a speck of anything...Read More
Categories: achieve, humor,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member ISN'T IT

Isn't it ironic
to see conceited Man
defies God and abuses nature
who thinks himself
the master of the universe,  
before a brainless virus? 

Isn't it unbelievable  
this deadly and horrible disease  
achieve the unthinkable:
to unite humanity?

Isn't...Read More
Categories: achieve, fear, humanity, love,
Form: Free verse
Big Dreams
Big Dreams

{Free Verse}
Oct 23, 2019• Copyright © daniel miltz 

We in general being creative
Have just a single life to live 
That is the explanation 
Why we should champion
As much as could be expected
Go for them in a big way
The dreams...Read More
Categories: achieve, dream,
Form: Free verse
From Ukraine with Love
From Ukraine with Love

One day you were on-line and my life began
A long-distance courtship was not in the plan
But you were significant, mysterious and bright
My wonder from Ukraine we spoke day and night

Your friends tried to tempt, see if I’d...Read More
Categories: achieve, absence,
Form: Ballad
A dart on dreams
The riddles of brain got me through,
My sweat is witness and duties proof,
Burnt two ends of life not candles,
To achieve my dream or so I say.
My dreams were wings of people's desire,
But little I knew those sugary vipers,
Who gasped my...Read More
Categories: achieve, betrayal, conflict, recovery from,
Form: Free verse

The greatest victory one could achieve in life 

is the ceasing of the strife raging in his heart!

© Demetrios Trifiatis
     10 March 2020 
...Read More
Categories: achieve, character, heart, war,
Form: Free verse
Women's day
On this day 
I am so proud to be a woman
Phenomenal woman
Impacted amazing
Turning dreams into reality 
Making things happen
Driving our own boats 
We are the captains
Doctors, nurses,curers 
A woman of many hats 
Taking them off 
Putting them on 
Admiring the...Read More
Categories: achieve, america, art, beautiful,
Form: Prose
A Megaphone About Nothing
I don't think that god exists,
It is church that persists,
They construct and presuppose,
It is all fallacious, dim prose.

You can’t get away from fable,
It’s inherent to creed and babble,
Relationships are inversions inwards,
It’s all weakness and many cowards.

Look to religious study, athiest,
You’ll...Read More
Categories: achieve, atheist,
Form: Heroic Couplets
Premium Member Cruel Words
Words can be cruel,
when they are fueled by hate.
They become a vicious tool.
I sadly found out too late.

I did not want to believe.
What he had established as real.
Knowing what he hoped to achieve.
Everything good, he hoped to steal.

Words can cause...Read More
Categories: achieve, anger, pain, trust, words,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member UnClassified Intelligence
Health has become climatically important
to understand
as well as experience
a fundamental difference,
and yet psychological
and neurological association,
between colonization
and creolization

For a healthy democracy
within this our extended family,
our benevolent associations,
our wealth-restorative reassociations,
our non-profit corporations,
our national
and state
and local
and global good public health governments
with strong and...Read More
Categories: achieve, health, history, humanity, integrity, psychological, religious, violence,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member Today is an Opportunity
When confronted with potential,
assume the obligation to relieve.
One simple act of kindness,
will attain far more than you can believe.

Take each day as an opportunity,
to excel in your own personal growth.
Increase your personal economy,
perpetrate and indulge with a moral oath.

We are...Read More
Categories: achieve, inspirational,
Form: Rhyme