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Accrues Poems

Accrues Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of accrues poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for accrues.

New Poems

Premium Member Defend your day
Some days we rise and others we fall
Some days we run and some we crawl
Sunshine will fade with cover of night
It shall return and show its light

Be sure to face each day anew
Yesterday is gone and today accrues
Face each struggle...Read More
Categories: accrues, appreciation, encouraging, endurance, love,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member TOO HEAVY
A rickety old chair sits in a corner of our house…it’s a chair no one can fit in.
Which begs the question why hold onto a chair we never intend to sit in.

If you asked I’d tell you, “That old chair,...Read More
Categories: accrues, memory,
Form: Verse
Premium Member From Wisdom Born, Decades Fighting Fate's Cursed Hand
From Wisdom Born, Decades Fighting Fate's Cursed Hand

In youth, a young lad roars for much needed applause
in old age, wisely remains silent with just cause,
seeing the end near, some shed bitterest of tears
thinking such splashing supplications, angels hear;
whereas this old,...Read More
Categories: accrues, art, creation, dark, poetry, raven, wisdom, writing,
Form: Sonnet

28 October 2019 *2nd Place*
Tautogram Poems Poetry Contest
Sponsor: Eve Roper
...Read More
Categories: accrues, political,
Form: Alliteration
Overdraft finds me chill and off balance
Penuriousness long did acquaint
yours truly, who feels loath
to lodge complaint
regarding series of unfortunate events
(Lemony Snicket be damned)
imposed monetary constraint,

now aghast with horror
(ain't no trick),
I unwittingly did faint,
only negative indebted interest accrues,
now if ever mister money bags I haint,
no gainsay purposelessness

to...Read More
Categories: accrues, 11th grade, 12th grade, angst, confusion, depression,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Ashes Now Cover, Pantheon Of Ancient Greek Gods
Ashes Now Cover, Pantheon Of Ancient Greek Gods

Deep within halls of ancient, and dead Greek gods
resides heroes forgotten, waiting their just dues
As poets of old, in golden verse gave their nods
pleas for recognition now so sadly accrues.

Does this world wrongly...Read More
Categories: accrues, appreciation, art, deep, growth, hero, imagination, inspiration,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Music in Its Richness
Immortal land awakes through dusk and dawn 
Beneath ceiling spun sugar and midnight blue. 
Winds breath trill of tiny song accrues through 
ardent woodlands, rivers, and natures gentle fawns.


Poetry Contest: Arbitrium Divisa 2'
Sponsored By: Gregory R Barden

Nature will go on...Read More
Categories: accrues, nature,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member We're Here, And You're Not - The Nazi Dream
 We're Here, And You're Not! (The Nazi Dream)

No man is born perfect (at least I'm that smart),
Though I'd never exclude you, tone deafness' black art,
It's 'oil cast on the water!' Is poetry's grooving
Not part of your plan? May God...Read More
Categories: accrues, anxiety, betrayal, journey, life, love,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Unwelcome Visitors
There's something scary
Happening in this place.
I must be very wary,
And not leave a trace.

There are beings here
That just don't belong
They feel unnaturally queer,
So strange, so wrong.

It took so long to adjust
Each layer as filth accrues.
Centuries of cobwebs, dust,
Slimes, molds and...Read More
Categories: accrues, children, gothic, horror, house, pets,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Neon Night: Urban Sonnet
Above, the shrill of neon lights portend
a promise of new love in garish hues,
but for a broken life yet on the mend
the darkness of the scape brings only views
of solitude when memory accrues
as strangers unimpassioned eyes peruse.

The music wafts from...Read More
Categories: accrues, imagery, lost love,
Form: Sonnet

Ti Bon Ange Small Little Angel
Ti Bon Ange (Small Little Angel)

A small little angel looking over an edge,
Its eyes wide, alive in wetness and peering.
From a cliff it overlooks an undulating plain that,
sweeps, spreading before its eyes forever seeming,
looming, fiercely wild, provocative, even strange.

This small...Read More
Categories: accrues, change, courage, desire, dream, fantasy, innocence, metaphor,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Nature will go on no matter what It will evolve
Immortal land awakes through dusk and dawn
Beneath ceiling spun sugar and midnight blue. 
Wind's breath trill of tiny song accrues through
ardent woodlands, rivers, and natures gentle fawns.

Tears of life stream with allure and glamor
Dreams grow draping over nature's life in...Read More
Categories: accrues, earth, nature, ocean, weather,
Form: Quatrain
Moments in Bubble
In the distant sea, a misty vista
Wearing a shroud of pale blue illusion
It sends forth silhouette of fiesta
A wake-up call for my faint sensation

On goes the red and pink pursuit for more
Shades of beauty in our daily struggle
A tango of...Read More
Categories: accrues, anxiety, beauty, conflict, poetry, rose, sea,
Form: Sonnet
Coterie Part Two
The illicit flames of cajole will wane like an impetuous act of wind.
Annul with impervious aplomb
Waxing perspicacious avenues
Clearing the nebulous
The schism extricate judicious clarity
Vicarious envoy
Omnious stance
Intrinsic string of which I now belong accrues each dawn
Tenable apotheosis oracular
Aberrant paths engage in...Read More
Categories: accrues, faith,
Form: I do not know?

base tacticians
no shame accrues for them.
They vote for war
then tax us more
Their lies spew forth like phlegm.
...Read More
Categories: accrues, political,
Form: Clerihew
from the clustered closet to the benevolent bumpy roads
sharing a slice of pizza
sharing our dreams like a butterscotch milkshake
all out of napkins
bathroom paper towels as a substitute
waterfront booth vibe
barry manilow made it through the rain again
air supply is always all out of love
christopher cross does the best he...Read More
Categories: accrues, fun,
Form: Free verse
If wisdom, so revered, accrue with books,
Then our leaders should be vastly nourished;
Their vast towers parade books of giant looks,
And numberless pages have they relished;

If wisdom arrives with foreign trips,
Then by reason of the lands their boots touch,
Like roses and...Read More
Categories: accrues, corruption, feelings, leadership, muse, political,
Form: Sonnet
A Flish is a Telescope
The hardened heart of man remains
Dissected by each border.
Hoax headlines heading to the street
By chaos wings of bloody order.
Sedated nations wade in tar
As Earth accrues its human burden...
Slow and turn your thirsty car,
Consume the fumes, and close the curtain.

Was it...Read More
Categories: accrues, dark, deep, environment, future, gothic, truth,
Form: Rhyme
Dad is a genius
My dad is a genius, 
He is a brilliant diamond! 
My life is tedious, 
He is a get-away island. 

For me he's always there 
With his harsh but loving critique. 
His way of taking care 
Of his loved children is...Read More
Categories: accrues, dad, dedication, father, father daughter, fathers day,
Form: Lyric
Give In, Give Up, I Choose
On the dark side of my feelings,
In the black hole of my trust,
What was good enough for others,
was a struggle when I must,
Accept a broken promise,
Or believe a little lie,
I haven’t even started,
And the years have flown by.

It’s a question...Read More
Categories: accrues, prayer,
Form: Verse
It is the Scripture
Ignorance is blindness
A lie was told in finesse
A simple truth was despised
But grace sufficed
Quenching thirsts of endless counts
It is the purest of founts
It is the word above picture
It is the scripture

Skepticism is fear
Confidence in no peer
The last friend is almost...Read More
Categories: accrues, christian,
Form: Rhyme
Scrooge's Miserly Christmas Tree
Christmas for stolid, hermetic recluse
Recidivistic mind all sentimentality doth refuse
Token, lifeless symbols; pageantry will recuse
Pawned, second-hand trinkets now in disuse
Barnacled to limbs drooping to spindling angles obtuse
Garnishments that jilting time accrues
Hung sloppily, stunted timber's temporal dues
Strings of patchwork lights will...Read More
Categories: accrues, holiday
Form: Rhyme
Chamber Maid
In tidy ancillary room
patronage accrues
art decor tenderly groom
chamber maid's humble dues

...Read More
Categories: accrues, caregiving
Form: Chastushka
Premium Member Master Valluvan, the long-misunderstood Tamil Mentor - Part Three
                                Part Three

Whether or not relations with the uncultured...Read More
Categories: accrues,
Form: Free verse
                                       ...Read More
Categories: accrues, introspection, life,
Form: Verse