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Able Poems

Able Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of able poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for able.

New Poems

Door knobs
Door knobs are special for me
And I like to clean them all especially
Washing and wiping with antiseptic so well
No germs to spread I can tell

One day the corona virus will be gone
And we’ll remember it in story and song
But will...Read More
Categories: able, appreciation, care,
Form: Ballad


Dear homelessness,
Sir, Maam I’m your biggest fan
Always striving to survive
Without a clue or plan
But yet you play the hand
That you were dealt
Hoping for a win
Praying to heaven
But living in hell
Is heaven really listening?
Or can you really tell
Not being able to...Read More
Categories: able, addiction, anxiety, care, cheer up, emotions, poverty,
Form: Free verse
What I Value Most

What  I value most is my mental health 
and to be able to keep my wits about me
through all this turmoil and hell 
What I value most of all is the love of my family 
having them there by...Read More
Categories: able, appreciation,
Form: Free verse
Cheese Sammiches
The only thing weirder than my mom, is the way she says her “r’s.” Growing up, every time she’d ask if I wanted a grilled cheese, I thought she said “girl cheese.” Wanting to retain some sense of developing masculinity,...Read More
Categories: able, food, funny,
Form: Free verse
Ebony Queen
Queen with your beautiful ebony skin, milk curves, almond shaped eyes, and your unique cheek bones that were all created in the heavens with the inception of the Universe,This is why our love runs deep. It Has no beginning it...Read More
Categories: able, appreciation, beautiful,
Form: ABC

Each of us
Has hidden history
Not everyone knows

Scars within and out
Dusts from the cracks
We once been broken
By the unexpected

Yet miraculously 
We survive and overcome
Not knowing how we ever do it

We will never be the same
Like we used to be 
Even we...Read More
Categories: able, age, appreciation, art, beautiful, birth, butterfly, creation,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member A Day of Solitude
As I sit in my only room I gather my thoughts.
Because of the Covid19 that I do not have yet.  I am not worried 
or frighten for I have reach that age where you just accept.  I find...Read More
Categories: able, america, change, city, conflict, courage, culture, freedom,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Reset
Take it lightly!
We won’t don’t that again!

The fields to wonder, the open spaces to mend! We need our share of nature and the great outdoors. We need to be in sunlight, we need to be able to explore.

The services we...Read More
Categories: able, children, for her, for him, humanity, love,
Form: Free verse
Always be more to learn
Quickly adapt 
Crushing timelines

Hard to keep up
No matter how much I ask
Still being back 
Where I started

Confused of important or urgent
Cannot make a difference
When everything pushes me
In all directions

Pressue cooker
Waiting to explode
Need to breathe and cry

Not...Read More
Categories: able, confusion, emotions, how i feel, lost, scary,
Form: Free verse
I'm 10

My name is josh
And I'm 10
It took me some time
To reach this age
But here I am
And to me that's
A pretty big deal
Now that I'm 10
The world as I knew it
From ages 1 thru 9
Has changed
Now I'm a big boy
Mommies baby
But...Read More
Categories: able, 3rd grade, 4th grade, boy, child, family,
Form: ABC

Premium Member The Real Truth About Love
Not all, but most forms of love do more damage than good. The one universal proof is that countless people improperly raise children. Look where those poorly raised children go to, essentially everywhere. Being misguided and not being able to...Read More
Categories: able, dark, deep, love, philosophy,
Form: Free verse

I’m happy we are on lock down
I’m now spending far less money
Sadly I can't visit my elderly mum
So I sent her two jars of honey

I’m happy we are on lock down
We are still able to go for a walk
To communicate...Read More
Categories: able, environment, family, health, home, humor,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member A Similar Style
Who is there at the end of the day,
when you are finally able to breathe?
When it is finally time to unload and put away,
The weight of the day that you are underneath.

Is there someone there who greets you,
With warmth in...Read More
Categories: able, appreciation, care, feelings, sad,
Form: Rhyme
A Singular Arity
In a moment of rapture I still could not capture all that lies "in between"
I was able to gather all the pieces that fractured, but not the one I had seen

I only saw it once, a singular occurrence, and now...Read More
Categories: able, analogy, image, imagery, metaphor, simile, symbolism, words,
Form: Rhyme
The Future Is Coming
There Is An Expression
No Blame No Claim

But why wonder
Who is to blame

As we all are just the same
We just exclude all others 
From being able to claim

So First World politics
Keeps Second world free of ticks
Third World though are losers in...Read More
Categories: able, analogy, appreciation, visionary, world,
Form: Free verse
House of Mirrors
The experiences 
Of my past
Influences my mind
In all directions

So much tension
Goes distorted
Not knowing the true and false
Midst of hallucination
Amongst fact and fiction

Tangled up 
Twisted wires 
Functioing in my brain

Being fear
Thought people hate me
For my inefficiency
Haunting me 
Being burden in their...Read More
Categories: able, anxiety, change, dark, freedom, moving on, psychological,
Form: Free verse
Fallen Bloom
Years have gone by
Slipping sand through the hourglass
The light
We secretly hold for each other

Glimpse of him
There is all I have
Too shy to face
Too afraid to speak

All I know 
In my heart
When I see him
Safe is the word

His eyes on me
With...Read More
Categories: able, beautiful, desire, fate, heartbroken, muse, romance, time,
Form: Free verse
Good Yankee Advice for Spring
Don’t be fooled by purple crocuses
or bright yellow daffodils – it’s an illusion.
They’ll be under a crust of snow by morning,
and the shovels you put away last month 
will have to be brought out and used again.

Spring is a magician...Read More
Categories: able, humor,
Form: Light Verse
The Day my Life had Changed
The day my life changed, was the day that I got saved.
I thought I always behaved well.
But it wasn't gonna save my soul from hell.
I consider myself a decent guy.
I know I make mistakes, but my best I always try.
I...Read More
Categories: able, christian, faith, health, uplifting,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member A Murder Most Foul

I am having that dream of dreams again
The one that wakes me up in the night
                        ...Read More
Categories: able, autumn, beautiful, best friend, betrayal, heart, lost
Form: Free verse
The way your eyes 
Tracing me
From head to toe

Memorizing every detail of me
Mesmerizing the uniqueness
You have ever seen

Smiling warmly
Initiating towards
Shorten distance
Between you and I

I cannot believe
It is happening to me
Used to being invisible
Only from afar
To see such sight

Excites heart of...Read More
Categories: able, betrayal, fantasy, feelings, how i feel, identity,
Form: Free verse
That certain people
In my life
Impacts me so much
Just from being themselves

The way they speak
Melodious to my ears

Character they show
Morals and values
Put me to shame

Actions towards other people 
Around them
Warms my heart

Secretly looking 
Up to them
My idols

Deep admiration
Restoring my faith
Good people...Read More
Categories: able, anger, dark, emotions, hate, journey, loss, sad,
Form: Free verse
What it feels like
A man set his eyes on a woman

Knowing all the flaws
The emotional scars 
The courage in her to show

Yet he still love every inch of her
Getting close
Slowly showering kisses on her skin
She is a goddess to...Read More
Categories: able, appreciation, deep, emotions, fantasy, imagination, magic, sensual,
Form: Free verse
From A Distance
It is strange and funny
Like a game
Being the odd one 
Among others
Way far from age and stage of life

Within hand's reach
Cannot find a person
Similar to me

In finding dreams
Ways to make it happen
Conversation over 
Same problems
Same understanding

Being there
Giving emotional support
Growing old...Read More
Categories: able, cute love, desire, fantasy, heart, how i
Form: Free verse
Mimosa Pudica
People speaking to each other
So effortlessly confident
Words flow
At their first meet

Curling my knuckles
Under my face
Feeling with envy
Sometimes with anger

Secretly hating 
Not them
The people from my past
Who made my heart and mind 
This way

Just not enough
For myself to move on
How...Read More
Categories: able, angst, change, emotions, goodbye, power, recovery from,
Form: Free verse