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Travel Abc Poems

These Travel Abc poems are examples of Abc poems about Travel. These are the best examples of Abc Travel poems written by international poets.

Love is a mess
It's like walking underwater
You are a stone thrown to an ant 
Love is a mess, I travel miles to just get close 
Yet you flew...

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Categories: betrayal, birth, care, conflict,

And my death has come
And my death has come that clock has stopped My Spirit trying to stay alive but is to late now my heart has failed no...

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Categories: absence, angel, anger, anxiety,

The other side
The other side

We are already in Heaven
And what we don’t realize is that
We are making it a Hell.

There are beautiful flowers here
And do we love...

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Categories: life,


Feeling anxious, a need to keep moving,
No destination in mind.
My resting spots are my home.
Loneliness, hunger, cold, worry,
Companions the underprivileged travel with.
Standing always, at the...

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Categories: angst, loneliness, poverty, prison,

Some People
"Some People"

This is the truth
everyone you see 
will not want to see you happy
This is the truth 
everyone you see
will not want to see you...

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Categories: age, art, beautiful,


A father is someone who holds us dear, under a watchful eye he keeps us near.
He protects us from harm and banishes fear and makes...

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Categories: devotion, father,

Love is immortal
Silent, terrible, lonely travel,
it's hard to love this danger.
Stop,walk,fall, handle,
All the colors of love only.
Who played,love like this,
he made himself immortal.

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

On My Way
On My Way

If I may, just focus upon today, bid farewell to delay, yet seemed to find his way, never five to deceive and strive,...

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Categories: absence, addiction, angst, conflict,

Mind views
In deep deep ocean depths
As if not stagnant
In the burning charcoal
Someone might have been weaving
Yesterday's fade
The paths have lasted longer
It was a day or two

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Categories: 4th grade,

let me talk about the love
The love in many ways is tough
He leads the men to gain fight
The women struggle as they tide
The men who wish to tide
They follow the...

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Categories: age, football, friend, fun,

A bad dream
A bad dream
There was a dreamer boy who dreams a lot and does nothing. He plays also when the boy had a pre examine,
When he...

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

My Life
Beep when it's phone
Light when it's off
Fairy with talents
Dairy with secrets

Coffee when it's boring
Books when it's interesting
Alone with songs
Sleep with dreams

Brownie when it's special
Speak when...

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© Jenny Joy  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: character, day, heart, how

Give up
My life from pointless line.
A man for the woman
And the universe itself
Travel on cities
Seeking out on the mountains 
Walking to the cliff of galaxies
Knock on...

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Categories: analogy, anniversary, black love,

inside the carriage house
I have awoke love, from my slumber inside the carriage house              ...

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Categories: fate,

Uithoorn Straat 45
Amsterdam vibrant with
Bells of red trams and blue bikes
Canals sparkling night lights and
Delft facades rising tall and slim in misty air
Energy of never sleeping coffeeshops...

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Categories: travel,

The Road Code
Just a few things i have learnt about a relationship 
No matter how bad, it can come right back around
No problem with loving your other...

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Categories: betrayal, confidence, dedication, life,

Mommy's words of wisdom
You are growing up right before my eyes, no longer the little girl, always on my thigh.
I have implanted a foundation as your parent to...

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Categories: life, my child, truth,

As I look across this land
I really try to understand
Why people come to be Such a self destructing society

Letting hatred rule their hearts
Unsympathetic from the...

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Categories: conflict, discrimination, emotions, environment,

Love Songs
You only ever play
love songs when
I'm sitting in this car. 

We've been so many
places; I've seen
you near and far. 

But no matter where
we travel to...

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© Ema Kenyon  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: boyfriend, i love you,

We survive
Life is a knife of knight
That stab a human heart 
without being humane
With a pain
That move slowly as a coal train

Humans burden burn to become...

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Categories: blessing, life,