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Technology Abc Poems

These Technology Abc poems are examples of Abc poems about Technology. These are the best examples of Abc Technology poems written by international poets.

digital Egypt ancient USA
bars and cages of flags ,colors ,creeds .
in Egypt they've been saying we want to make Egypt great again .
can't help but look at the...

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Categories: abuse, america, appreciation, cry,

Evolution in Reverse
Here marks the age
Of evolution in reverse
Though finally escaping 
The clutches of the church

The craze of social media
Has us on our knees
With the touch of...

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Categories: change, culture, freedom, identity,

Maybe it's society
Can I disappear?
For an hour, even for a day?
I wonder who would miss me?
Would anyone ask me to stay?
Would they miss the time we shared?

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Categories: for teens, how i

The Alarm clock
Alarm Clock
-Levis Hutchins,the inventor

On a birds eye survey you had seen buildings, horses, wagons on a flat yard.

In central vision you had seen the street...

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Categories: bible, creation, england, environment,

human technology
I love the way you love me
            the way you hate
I love the way...

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Categories: art,

Malevolent Creations
Embryonic cells, part of bio-technology experiments
Failed becoming gnarled and mangled
They are warped and deformed
Looking like they came from a nightmare
Freaks of processed nature
Sadistic scientist seeing...

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Categories: evil, fantasy,

The Rhyming

The cost of living collided to the sky and plus claustrophobia minus class of cloud equal to clerk count to countries and Kiribati. I live...

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Categories: art, beautiful, inspirational,

I Don't believe in hours and days 
I believe in love and praise. 
It's not time
but thoughts
that are Important. 
Actions confront the world. 
People living...

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Categories: analogy,

I Saw Him Play
In this era of vicious technology,
Virtual existence and virtual relationships dominating people’s life,
In this phase of conversations through short-hand chats and electronic letters,
I saw him...

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Categories: emotions, life, sympathy, technology,

Mr&mrs pen&pad
I use to think that pen and paper would be married forever. 
Computers took away what was ment to stay together. 
I use to...

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Categories: art, change, corruption, creation,

Logo streets
Logo streets
      Tareq Hassan

I saw in Kathmandu in Nepal

Hand-crafted paintings of the city, aesthetic artistry

She did like him forgot

Suddenly the door sound  memory.

I went to...

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Categories: art, bangla, beach, beautiful,

The past that blows
Why? Why me? That's what I want to know,
Cursed into a family where hatred is the way we love,
Mistreatment is the way we disguise our...

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Categories: abuse, growth,

I am afraid that
Technology is advancing,
The world is developing every day,
But I have something entirely different to say……
 I am afraid that,
The world is marching towards a darker...

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Categories: earth, environment,

Losing a Best Friend
Once there was a disk named DVD
She had a best friend and her name was TV
They did everything together until one day
The manufacturers didn’t like...

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Categories: analogy, conflict, crazy, technology,

My Laptop
My Laptop has a name
Its Apple MacBook Air 13-Inch (2015) 
Its life begins with a disk drive
It got various basic dialects such as C, FORTRAN,...

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Categories: absence, bullying, business, care,

Are a creator or a computer
Technology is matter built to mind our fusions and confessions of relaxation, tie up the man who believe not what you believe, and praises those...

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Categories: computer, confusion, deep, education,

I feel young
But I am not young
I feel old
But Iam not old
I am on the way of living
Enjoying  the  life style
Its Rhythm,passion &...

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Categories: confusion, cute love, dedication,

Unwanted listeners
There's an unwanted listener lurking in my way.
I'm worried about what they may or may not say.
They could have heard something I did not want...

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Categories: character, integrity,

five decades of experience and vast global knowledge
he met and lay with all kind of ladies.
Women that sparks extreme desire
Some whose names he couldn't pronounce

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Categories: love, marriage,

Like Never Before
by Jaihoon

Nightingale’s song today is 
melodious like never before
Rose’s cheeks today blushes 
like never before

Sun’s rays today shines like 
never before
Wind’s dance today is graceful...

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Categories: spiritual