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Soulmate Abc Poems

These Soulmate Abc poems are examples of Abc poems about Soulmate. These are the best examples of Abc Soulmate poems written by international poets.

When my soulmate came along
When my soulmate came along, I wasn't for sure at first. When  my soulmate came along, All I know is that I felt a...

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Categories: adventure, art, autumn, beautiful,

It's Real
So deep inside
Nothing else matters
When he’s by my side
He takes me
In his arms
Like we’re the only two Left
In this world to die
Holding me so tight

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Categories: emotions, heart, love, romantic,

Poison Itch
I am infected.

I need your love.

It's like walking through poison ivy,
I am itching for you.

Please say, "I do"

Do you love me? Or do you not?


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Categories: 8th grade, care, romantic

The Best Times Of My Life
From The Moment Your Eyes Opened Mine
Your Soul Completed Mine
Your Heart Captured My More Than My Heart, Mind, Body And Soul.
I Knew Without Any Doubts..

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Categories: addiction, blessing, love,

By The Heart Of MrsJackson

Honorable:   Takes his position not in selfishness or pride but with integrity, loyalty and values

Understanding:    Listens...

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Categories: appreciation, husband, love, soulmate,

My Sacrifice
I stopped thinking of those words you said
So that I can go to sleep
Sleep before I lose my head. 
It's just me, I'm all alone

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Categories: deep, emotions, soulmate, spoken

The day we Become One
Love  is something  that's  hard to  explain. 
You  may feel  overjoyed  and dance  in the rain. 

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Categories: christian, love, marriage, relationship,

Moto Moto and Gloria
Moto Moto the big gray hippo.
He swims in the water stalking, Gloria.
Moto Moto likes 'em big and chunky.
He likes 'em big and plumpy.
Moto Moto emerges...

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Categories: 6th grade, animal, boy,

Nothings Quite The Same
I walked down the road and through the tunnel,
To the train where we walked so many times before.
I smiled to myself remembering the past,
Then comes...

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Categories: death, i miss you,

Confessions of a 30 year old
A story Untold about the body fat and old covered in scars that can be seen from afar. Unlike the rest She stays away from...

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Categories: age, beauty, deep, life,

How beautiful you are

You make me a cup of tea to wake me up in the right way

I rub your feet at night before bed so you fall...

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Categories: beautiful, cute love, engagement,

I Find Myself Missing You
 Baby  I find myself missing you so much
I feel like half of me is gone
I miss the sound of your sweet voice 

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Categories: boyfriend, feelings, for him,

Can I take about 60 seconds to tell you how amazing you really are? 
Would you mind? 
Well you see.. 
It's not that simple, 

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Categories: beautiful, friend, heart, passion,

Love swear
Do not stop the way you now beloved.
Let me go,I swear you are mine.
Do it again then love,
Let me go today,just stay now.
Understand that you...

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Categories: beautiful, beauty, boy, confusion,

Twin Flames
I need me some Dutch chocolate in my life.
That Tyrese chocolate.
I'm talking that coffee black.
Once you had it like that.
Ain't no coming back.
White teeth shining.

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Categories: angel, best friend, black

Ruler Of My Heart
Up early calling out your name.
(Daddy) Got me going in sane.
I love you.
What am I supposed to do.
Never leave you. You know it's true.
Eternally, we...

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Categories: angel, blessing, boyfriend, crush,

My Better half
Accepts me for what I am.
Believes me for what I can.
Cares for me all the time.
Drives me crazy.
Encourages me to do my best.
Follows up and...

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Categories: life, love, soulmate, wife,

Through out the years
We spill so many tears
For the love that we lost
Remembering what it cost

Building up a brick wall
So that we never again fall

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Categories: change, conflict, deep, feelings,

powerful soul
Powerful Soul
Powerful souls sometimes meet 
The power is burning but some things wrong
They feel the power but it’s not the same
The game is over and...

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Categories: soulmate,

will he ever smiles back at me again
will he ever smiles back at me again.? 
        my words... just thoughts

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Categories: absence, hope, innocence, loss,