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Senses Abc Poems

These Senses Abc poems are examples of Abc poems about Senses. These are the best examples of Abc Senses poems written by international poets.

Flea on my dug.
Digging the flip out.
It was ought the sweat.
Caught around my face.

How can I regret it.
The taste felt on my ears.
My eyes wept...

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Categories: 1st grade,

The Urge
I admit I have a weakness 
And it comes in many a form
It sneaks upon me in the night
Or sometimes after dawn

In fact it strikes...

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© Mike Henry  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: chocolate, fun,

If I am his he is mine
If I am his message he is my email id,

If I am his net he is my phone,

If I am his bank balance he is...

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Categories: crush, cute love, friendship,

Premium Member S - Self
Soak into your senses 
Stop stepping down your standards for someone's satisfaction
Your skeptical because selflessness sent you staggering 
Stumbling and succumbing to something you are...

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Categories: courage, feelings, growing up,

It started out well, it was fine it was good, but the time ticked by and eventually I realized the difference, it wasn't as it...

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Categories: betrayal, corruption, grief,

All That Ive Done
All That I’ve Done

For all that I’ve done, my feelings have none, no sight was unseen but yet far from one, the days that we...

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Categories: age, character, conflict, desire,

Premium Member C - Coma
Come closer, the canvas collapsed
This clairvoyant contains no confidence
Constant creative calamity clouds his clarity, continuously complicating his collective
From conscientious to cataleptic
Cooped up, closed off in...

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Categories: color, confidence, creation, heart,

When I was thirteen years young, I filleted my upper right thigh.
47 times.
In one night.
In one hour.
I wrote suicide notes,
Every night. 
I folded them up...

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Categories: anxiety, conflict, depression, history,

Head Ache
My head is badly aches
So many thoughts inside 
Screams, tears, fears and pain
To deal with everything
Heart beats in mysterious rhythms
Restless night relieves my senses
Mind tracing...

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Categories: 4th grade,

what if they knew
what if they knew speed of darkness
what if they knew the moon  is filled both sides with brightness
what if they knew the weight of...

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Categories: change, character, creation, deep,

lady lucidity
swimming in my skies 
you're the well of all my whys 
sprinkling answers 
on my heart your dew drops are ballerina dancers 
you elevate my...

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Categories: absence, art, beautiful, change,

Death stare
Death stare

Understand your power 
Or its taken from you

Say your loved
But never believe in you

Open the door
can I help you

Talk to your mother
is that really...

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Categories: angst,

In Hibernation
Put me to sleep
A very deep sleep
Without these dreams that are full of promises
Promises that are never fulfilled
The dreams that give hope for the future

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Categories: humanity, life,

Crippled are we all !
In shades claims tall

Eyes that gleam yet gaze blind 
With ears bare to sounds confined 
Feelings enslaved to senses 

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Categories: care, dark, desire, drink,

We are alone, together.
Yes, you.
Bobbing like buoys.
It's strange,
That I am not alone
In this ocean.
Bubbling to the surface.
Now together,
Looking out to the mist
Smelling harsh salt and...

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© Alex Jade  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: metaphor, ocean, sea,

My love is powerful like a Roman's
Brutal weapons of lust i won't 
Magestic  beauty impels my emotions like 
My senses become...

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Categories: crush,

My Five Senses
I love to watch the sun rise,
the way its tangerine colored
rays pierce the
metallic grey sky and
how they dance playfully on
the waters edge. As its face...

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Categories: love, senses,

Worried me
Have experienced a crash 
My trust in me has gone to trash 
Was on quite a height, came down with a sonic boom
Writing this with...

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Categories: fate, fear,

Click,  crack 
Cuff, clap, 
Boom, bang, 
Bellow, blast, 
Rattle,  rumble, 
Russel,  ring, 
Patter,  pop,  
Ping,  peal-

Inaction owing 
To the...

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Categories: anxiety, autumn, blue, confusion,

Dazed And Confused
The world is a fog..
Everything seems twisted
Everything seems out of balance
Everyone is dazed and confused
Fog so heavy
Can cut the fog with a knife
Where is everyone?

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Categories: deep, metaphor,