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Self Abc Poems

These Self Abc poems are examples of Abc poems about Self. These are the best examples of Abc Self poems written by international poets.

All I Want

All I want is someone that I can be with
Someone who can make me smile
Someone who’ll teach me how to love
That’s all I wanted

I found...

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Categories: anxiety, depression, feelings, self,

Instead of Drugs, Music
Most of us are familiar with
The escapism from pain.

For an easy and cheap solution
Or because of advices of the
Doctors, psychologs;
Most of us get a cheap...

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Categories: anti bullying, art, beautiful,

those souldier,,,,, 
with froozn heart he live,not single mercy for to 
show passion 
To sacrifice once life with smile,for the sake of 
Doesnt matter...

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Categories: peace, war,

Forget about the hurt i hold, is what i tell myself.
Confine it to a deep dark place meticulously hidden on a shelf.
Laughter and jokes, is...

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Categories: character,

Premium Member Imagination on Hold
Imagination on hold
Just breathing
Killing pain is enough
Mentally aware 
No where near ready
Self serving

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Categories: drug,

why baby why did u lie
u said u love, why did u leave me
all the moments we spent together
i saw u and pictured a future

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Categories: break up,

It Took Over Me
Poem: It Took Over Me 
By: Ashley Eureeka Jones 
True Events 

I’m in the dark place
Up can’t sleep
To many thoughts going through my head 

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Categories: anger, anxiety, dark, depression,

Premium Member Kindness Toward Self
Kindness toward self is paramount.
Light luxurious lounging loves my goodness
Moves me toward my personal truth and bliss
Naysayers do not understand, but this is okay.
Ordinary feelings...

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Categories: self,

Rough Life
I am so hurt, 
Life is all you have
Push till you break. 
Keep your head up high
Dont let it fall between your knees
Your scars will...

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© Dawn Quake  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: absence, abuse,

Did it all matter
Did it all matter, my tears on the broken toys, when I was 6? 
On my fights with that other girl who was supposedly my...

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© Sejal M  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: deep, depression, hurt, perspective,


She wasn't the type who'll ignore you to get your attention, she shows extra care instead,
She wasn't the type who gets...

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© Sejal M  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: deep, depression, how i

Ask your self
Thinking you top of the world 
You boogie
Think you untouchable 
Entitled you feel... 
Smart know who to try 
Think money buy love
No self-worth 

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Categories: confidence, courage, divorce, encouraging,

soul love
the soul rose above  the lust of the body 
the soul is neither masculine nor feminine 
they all love the spiritual violin 
the mind...

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Categories: art, beauty, desire, devotion,

The Infinitly Long Strife
Understand Life,
The Infinitly Long Strife.

Sometimes you're loved,sometimes you're hated,
You might think you're bad fated.

But no,there's more to life,
C'mon,don't do that,put down that knife.

Life's an unfair...

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Categories: 10th grade, god, life,

don't look at me with my eyes
i seem to lose the power of speech
I'll look at you with your eyes
then we'll see if you're out...

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Categories: art, care, fantasy, feelings,

I love u
Thinking that i could ever loose u 
brings tears to my eyes
its like u punched me in the stomach
and i cant breath
I loose all hope...

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Categories: love,

I remember the day I stepped in school
Initially I was a freakishly absurd fool
Running around with everything i got my hands on
Every tool
My parents got...

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Categories: anger, anxiety, beautiful, best

Premium Member A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
Attitude can be nurtured and changed
By you in spite of what has happened in your day
Confident people master it quickly
Despite what they are enduring
Enthusiasm is...

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

Bee Sting
Annoying sensation felt internally
Bees buzz buzzing and stinging
Cumulated over a heptagonal hive
Disturbing me and buzzing away I the keeper
Every sting clots the capillaries 
Fierce is...

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Categories: how i feel, hurt,

Premium Member Time to Let Go Of

Time to Let Go of...

Dedicated to my Daughter
who inspired this poem.

Your dreams that never came true.
Enemies posing as friends, the worst!
Self-Pity..humanity's curse.
Today's hopes that were...

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Categories: encouraging,