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Remember Abc Poems

These Remember Abc poems are examples of Abc poems about Remember. These are the best examples of Abc Remember poems written by international poets.

Emily goes for a walk

Emily was at the beginning of her sixty-fifth year,
She lived alone since her husband,Colin died in 2008.
Her life involved cleaning and maintaining the family home.

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Categories: 10th grade,

Ugly Sue
Ugly Sue or Smelly Sue as the kids used to call her,
Lived in a cardboard box under the bridge at Fairfield.
Some said she was 100...

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Categories: 10th grade,

Fallujah Iraq April 2007

Dear Mom,
Hey Mom, I hope you are well. Not feeling much pain. 
I guess, when  you get this letter I’ll be long gone.
It’s my...

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Categories: 10th grade,

We are nearly home my angel, we are nearly home

My dear, my angel, do not worry, we are not lost,
We will follow the well-worn sacred path at all cost,
And be guided by the star...

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Categories: 10th grade,

Today I stand tall and proud

Today I stand tall and proud,

I had no confidence a few months ago,
I couldn’t even turn round and say NO!,
My self esteem was defiantly a...

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Categories: inspiration,

Life is a battle if my love can see,
The world seems to live in its own miseries ,
Still i promise to play my part,
Loving to...

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Categories: birth, death, faith, happiness,

Emily goes for a walk
Emily goes for a walk.

Emily was at the beginning of her sixty-fifth year,
She lived alone since her husband,Colin died in 2008.
Her life involved cleaning and...

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Categories: 10th grade,

A nice couple The Tale of Jean and William Part 1 2 and 3
A nice couple. The Tale of Jean and William. Part 1

Jean Fallen was born in 1999 and had a lonely childhood. 
She grew up in...

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Categories: 10th grade,

a subtle foe
Hi guys, i have not been on here for quite some time now. Some of you still here remember my wife, Yvette who passed away...

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Categories: abuse, addiction, angel, anxiety,

Remember the soldiers
Remember all the soldiers,
The memories that they share,
The curse that they must live with,
The horrors that they bare.

Remember all the soldiers,
Who never made it back,

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Categories: remembrance day,

When the sun goes down
Walking through the autumn leaves
Crunching and cracking beneath my heels,
A small green stem and bright red petal  
On a journey to where it will...

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Categories: conflict, poems, remember, remembrance

Dear my enemy
When have you started to hate me? 
When would you end to hate me? 
When you see me, what are you see? 
How many enemies...

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Categories: dedication,

No one can forget ex love
You were stole my heart.
But i found it back again.
Even though you were put it in capativity.
Someone somehow rescue it,as im towards to die because...

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Categories: first love,

Mr president
Hey Mr president don't take 
us to war
Don't load up your guns to settle a score 
Your soldiers will gladly give you their lives 

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Categories: earth, leadership, planet, political,

Dedicated to all girl children out there  On this International day of the girl child


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Categories: gender, girl, girlfriend, mother,

A Peaceful Great Day

The sun woke up strong
Strong I was as I woke up
That was a peaceful great day

No wind has blown since the morning
The morning was lovely...

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Categories: age, day, death, old,

My Dying Choice I Live In Regret
To my unborn child, I'm so SORRY
I can't stop this pain, it's a non-stop debate of how it all would be

Painted images and thoughts constantly...

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Categories: abortion, death, heartbroken, how

Good Night Sweet Dreams
in memory of Ellie M. Jenkins

We said good night for a spell, 
As you start your journey onward,
And the darkness soon fell,
Then the moon soon...

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Categories: grief, love, memory,

Vhonani Takalani poem

I hope these words will arrive.
These words dedicated to you Vhonani Takalani.
I broke the hearts along the way.
When am begum searching you.

At the end, I...

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Categories: dedication,

a mother love
A mothers love is like a quilt, each piece is like a bag of clothes that someone gives you as you mends the pieces together...

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Categories: beautiful, blessing,