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Race Abc Poems

These Race Abc poems are examples of Abc poems about Race. These are the best examples of Abc Race poems written by international poets.

Easy don't come easy
Easy don't come easy.

When I think back to what we had,
It breaks my heart and makes me sad, 
Not because we said goodbye, 
Just because...

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Categories: feelings, future, i miss

those souldier,,,,, 
with froozn heart he live,not single mercy for to 
show passion 
To sacrifice once life with smile,for the sake of 
Doesnt matter...

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Categories: peace, war,

God has guardian angels,
hovering o'er the skies,
Watching O'er His children,
their laughs, and prayers, and sighs.

And when a lost one needs a word,
a gentle touch, a...

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Categories: spiritual,

I Light A Candle
I Light A candle. 
For all the love, and all the lost.
For all who paid the cost.
I light a candle.
For the memories that live.
All the...

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Categories: abuse, america, betrayal, corruption,

My lovely
Curly hair, gentle eyes, red lips, blue shirt everything reminds me of her where can I find you are you lost
At sea or in deep...

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Categories: beautiful, cute love, love,

Its no wonder I get angry alot
Coz there is pain hidden in every single slot
Of my soul
Its been always there, like a mole
A empty hole

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Categories: anger, angst, anti bullying,

Anxiety And Me

Anxiety hits and i get worried,
My body freezes but my mind gets hurried.
Nerves race through me they got me tight,
Nothing could have prepared me for...

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Categories: angst, anxiety, depression, mental


Sunrise and sunset don't give hope of tomorrow
What if the climate plays a trick on human race
The clouds may gather and refuse to...

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Categories: adventure, care, emotions, fairy,

If i ever said i'm over you i lied.
If i ever said i didn't care i lied.
For what shines today does forever.
And you shine brighter...

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Categories: 7th grade, africa, blue,

I'm the fallen one
eventually I'm the fallen one
never thought that falling will be much fun
how about an airborne run
looking for wings that won't fall
llooking for a fall that'll...

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Categories: art, death, fantasy, humanity,

Just Me
I would rather be me
theres nobody else in this world that I wanna be
just me, just me,
the world is a selfish place, with many a...

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Categories: anger, creation, humanity, integrity,

my days
i glimpse my days as they row by
to the corner of my eye
the race for identity
the mirage of divinity
visions and sights
a dark fear of light...

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Categories: art, deep, fate, inspiration,

I stand on the hill and look at the sky,
Down the beaten path and the road I have come;
I peer upwards at the twilight sky...

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Categories: 9th grade, appreciation, death,

I cant
I really didn't want to face you
I thought I could replace you
You constantly on my mind 
Feel like I can chase you
If I keep on...

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Categories: age, art, beauty,

Our Daily Bread
Racism. Trying to prove ones skin tone or ethnicity is superior to another’s. 

Why we let a such word control society is beyond the human...

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Categories: old, racism,

Differently Different
A paper and a pen 
I need a few to tell stories of my pain 
Not of what has passed 
But of that which is...

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Categories: abuse, africa, depression, discrimination,

My Name Is Society
I cause one's self confidence to crumble away  
Like a worn-down building left to decay 
I infect the minds of the old and young...

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Categories: 11th grade, discrimination, gender,

Differently Different
A paper and a pen
I need a few to tell stories of my pain
Not of what has passed 
But of that which is to come

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Categories: africa, discrimination,

For the rain which have never been shy
Its strange to be this stubborn , this dry
Is it a defense mechanism? A lie ?
Or is it...

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Categories: anger, anxiety, confidence, conflict,

Dear Mom
Fallujah Iraq April 2007,

Dear Mom,
Hey I guess if you get this letter I’ll be long gone.
You see I took a direct hit they call it...

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Categories: 10th grade,