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Prejudice Abc Poems

These Prejudice Abc poems are examples of Abc poems about Prejudice. These are the best examples of Abc Prejudice poems written by international poets.

A new dawn
All discussions lead to all conclusions 
every mistake guides to apparent lessons 
its in the risks that we get reparations  
but we all seek...

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Categories: 1st grade, abuse, appreciation,

Why Does Everyone Judge Me
Why does everyone judge me ?
I have never in my whole lifetime ever claimed to be perfect
because I know that nobody is perfect except He...

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Categories: betrayal, confusion, feelings, heartbreak,

A Boring Sight is Black and White
A Boring Sight is Black and White

A bias comment damages existing faith, garnering hostile ignorance. Jeering knaves labeling masses; normality openly praised; quickly racism subjects...

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Categories: anti bullying, discrimination, fear,

Flies Reign The City
The country is so filthy with garbage all over the dearest homes People are sick with unpleasant smell and poor sanitations, poor managements. In such...

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Categories: poverty, prejudice, raven,

Not A Born Prostitute
Every night I felt tormented,
When she was enjoying the blessed prestige gained.
Nobody nourished my innocence and enjoyed my beauty,
She was cherished because she has a...

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Categories: abuse, anger, animal, betrayal,

Lionel Derbyshire

A little bit of rash
Cancels great wisdom
Can serious wrongs be
Forgived ? 
How calm are we
in judgement ..
And let greatniss fall 
On a man down

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Categories: angst, anxiety, betrayal, emotions,

Home School Bully
Yes it hurt a little an it hurt a lot 
Standing their on the cold wet street
Along waiting for my mom to come and rescue...

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Categories: anti bullying, anxiety, bullying,

only the strong will survive
Nobody is immune to be a victim of circumstances
where dreams are destroyed by hindrance

Oppressive slavery breaks the spirit and the soul for many
some live and...

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Categories: discrimination, evil, political, power,

Autumn Lessons
Autumn Lessons...

Millions of leaves
Falling free
Stark Naked are the trees
Devoid of all prejudice
Judgmental baggage run a spree
The yellow carpet beneath 
Will soon be blown away by...

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Categories: life, prejudice,

 Behind the veil of pain
Testimony smiles with gratefulness
Reality and truth stood upright in confidence
As revelation exposes

Here were clouds of darkness descending
Help was refuse without...

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Categories: social, prejudice,

Premium Member Where Do We Go From Here
Where do we go from here in this time in history? Man has tried to make things right, but he can't. Where do we go...

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Categories: creation, prejudice,


Grief-stricken tossing my eyes on tomorrow,
Living in this world that’s full of sorrow,
Plagues, deaths; the whole ambience is horror,
Tangled and strangled in an...

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Categories: betrayal, confusion, courage, dream,

Love is not dishonest love is not untrue
love comes in many shapes and sizes and colors
we should love one another
love is not cruel love is...

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Categories: love, prejudice,

There exist this perfect place
A place of peace
A place of joy
A place away from loneliness
A place away from pain
A place of happiness
A place far away...

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Categories: for her, prejudice,

Outside my skin
I hear people saying things
I hear them calling one another names
Names full of hatred and bigotry	 
Who am I outside my skin?

Day after another their...

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Categories: life, prejudice,

My disability is not my weakness
My mind tells me that I am capable
My heart agrees to the sayings of my mind
Yes I am able despite...

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Categories: uplifting, me, people, me,

Childrens of mother land!
Citizens of mother land!
I call upon you my fellow neighbours!
Hear my concern my fellow neighbours!

We heard reports about your Africans around the...

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Categories: peoplemother, world, mother, prejudice,

And it spreads
You know the virus that disease we call hatred, that kin 
we call jealousy it continues to spread that plague, the 
prejudice the racism are...

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© Corey Ross  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: faithmen, prejudice,

Premium Member Dead Winter
A black cloud discriminates effortlessly,
forms gauche haunting images
justifying Kraken legend.
Malevolent nimbostratus
orchestrate prejudice quotable rain squalls,
travelling unbiased verifying
what xtremes yonder zoom.

© Harry J Horsman  2011

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Categories: nature, prejudice,

The decline was steep. 
Somewhere the clouds burst in tears.
Sitting on the flat prejudice
we weaved a gift of poison for everyone. 
It did not stain...

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Categories: faith, forgiveness, happiness, health,