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Parents Abc Poems

These Parents Abc poems are examples of Abc poems about Parents. These are the best examples of Abc Parents poems written by international poets.

As I reflect on my past and remember things that happened over the years
I often stop and think about the problems I caused. I can...

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Categories: christian, death, emotions, growing

Hoop lock loop,
The ecstasy that gaga ones heart above,
For that which do enclose us all bellow our worth,
In this we tend to daily lay our...

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Categories: absence, black love, break

Dear Lost Parents
It's  been 16 years since you've last seen me.  Now I am 17 and I feel sad.  
That's  only because you...

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Categories: emotions,

My Only Wish
A wish in the sky.
Between the sun and the stars.
Carried by the wind during light.
Drowned in the silence of the night.
Every child wants
For their parents...

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Categories: parents, sad,

The Train to Treblinka
It was a glorious day in 1943,
The kind of day you wish to hug your children carefree.
The frozen Polish Winter winds were almost dying,

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Categories: 10th grade,

Chronicles of Man

Born to a single parent
But not raised by any
Neither would you ask why?
Because the man has no mercy

I hear them whispering in...

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Categories: africa,

Do you feel....
Like... the child you were before is laughing at you 
you are not betraying anyone else but you
Like.... by making you do what...

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Categories: change, dedication, deep, destiny,

I'm tired, 
tired of being someone I'm not. 
Tired of trying to be a good son to my parents,
or a liability to a friend.
I'm tired,...

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Categories: anxiety, character, child, depression,

Miles to go
In between sunrise and sunset
Blast off and deadline set
Before the ocean beach 
And crowd reach
Just go
Because you have miles to go.

If the road is empty

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Categories: work, youth,

Stuck in between races
Stuck in between races

I stand melanin enough because all my fellow people think they grew up with the struggles they heard from you. 
I stand...

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Categories: race, rude, silence, society,

Rough Childhood
Growing up was tough
This isn't a bluff
I only made it with persistence
It would have been easier with assistance

My Dad wasn't a Dad
He was violent more...

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Categories: 10th grade, abuse, child

dots dashes and death
Dash dot dot (D)
my heart pours out into a puddle of sludge
its been overused 
overly abused
everything gone

dot (E)
the last thing I remember is you all...

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Categories: heart, loneliness, lonely, suicide,

our beautiful country
Our beautiful country.The country of our grand,grandmothers and fathers.The country where our parents said are about to make their family plans,the country which held all...

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

Hell in Heaven

Hell and Heaven are both homes.
Homes for very well committed angels.
Angels who have lived dissimilar norms. 
Norms for august adventures and tough rituals.

Hell in Heaven...

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Categories: angel, depression,

Naked Weapon
My body, my possession have be violated and stripped away from me,
A story that I kept locked inside, in the deepest part of me,
Men and...

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Categories: anger, body, child abuse,

A precious gift
Just to let you know I want you right here with me forever

Now that you're here every negative thing I said I swear I take...

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Categories: baby, blessing, dedication, emotions,

Blowing in The Wind
Some say Great Britain is the dirtiest nation in the world,
As a sign of respect for the Jubilee and our glorious Queen,
We are initiating a...

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Categories: poetry,

A Touch Of Love
When does the Torch of Love begin or end,
Everyone is born with one as I comprehend.
Love and kindness walk hand in hand together,
Enduring good and...

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Categories: poems,

Year End
Another Year is coming to a end, What a year it truly has been.
Life has changed in so many ways, this is the year my...

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Categories: divorce, marriage,

The land is soaked with blood
The sand is soaked with tears
How many barrels of blood must be spilled
to know that so many souls are gone?

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Categories: absence, anger,