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Nostalgia Abc Poems

These Nostalgia Abc poems are examples of Abc poems about Nostalgia. These are the best examples of Abc Nostalgia poems written by international poets.

Premium Member ABC - Memory
Antiques gathering dust on hidden shelves.
Bits and baubles from kinder times.
Can you hear their stories amidst the silence?
Do you care to learn from the past?

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© Rich P.  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: age, appreciation, fear, future,

It's about time we talk of ruins.
So, let us talk, for you never know,
How long ears of hope will remain receptive.

Your lips are missing, and...

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Categories: age, allegory, allusion, angel,

You are everything I want
Sitting here with a glass of whisky
a table of chocolates
listening to the music
and this one reminds me You
but both of us
how lovely we were
and how...

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Categories: cry, nostalgia,

My Mingle Mess Family of Love
 We are the beating of five hearts. The epiphany of the forever changing souls of our lives. Just a modicum of dust, on this...

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© Cyn Sadler  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: blessing, family, heart, inspirational,

The On-looker
  His eyes stare beyond the high horizon, while his soul dances with the wild river. There he sleeps with the color of the...

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Categories: death, depression, dream, good

The Irony About United Nations
United Nations while the institution is divided by the languages they 
Speak the food they feed on prepared by different chefs.

They proclaimed unity but...

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Categories: heartbreak, murder, nostalgia,

In my dreams i adhere so freely its peaceful, 
In my dreams i follow my veins red life that might stream again,
In my dreams i...

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Categories: angel, art, crazy, deep,

About BSA
I want to puke up my
and breathe in
different air.
I want to keep down
my small lunches
and take in lungfuls
of your hair.

I want to punch myself...

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© Ema Kenyon  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: break up, emotions, heart,

I refuse to die
I refuse to die

Life is not my slave 
Though I am always brave
Even in the torrent wave
Yet, my choice sometimes life does wave

I feel like...

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Categories: family, fate, nostalgia, philosophy,

to hear the words 
that cannot be spoken
to know the things
that cannot be seen
to realize what 
the secrets have held
how it is
to be compelled


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Categories: adventure, allegory, god, nostalgia,

She stood and stared through the window,
Thinking her mind was playing games on her
But no..
There they stood..
What was supposed to be her ‘forever’? 
Turned into...

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Categories: conflict, confusion, deep, nostalgia,

I cant wait
I can see my future
Bright and so richer
I can see the bigger picture
I wanna be my life’s teacher.

My future will be so bright
Don’t get me...

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Categories: adventure, character, cheer up,

The splinters of our marrow comes, 
Shivering thunder for a lengthy spray-
Warmth beautifies our essence;
Glittering ray sends goose down spines! 
She comes,  nostalgia drums

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Categories: addiction, betrayal, celebration, community,

Strained eyes are lost, smouldering ash.
Transparent silver glazed skin.
Limbs as rigid as bone.
Voices speak to me, voices of sin.

Iced breath rises like steam.
A deathly grip,...

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Categories: anxiety, nostalgia, stress,

An Angel In Disguise
Water rushing through the brook
leaving drowned out laughter
and a blooming lilypad

A mother with a weary look
as she wades through, feet clad
It’s her children she’s looking...

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Categories: age, america, appreciation, child,

The sound of silence carries me to another place.
The cascading droplets of water begging me to remember, the soft sand molding to my feet asking...

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Categories: childhood, daughter, growing up,

love expecting the soft talk
the sultry and hoarse from the whispering voice
a comforting word near the evening-lake
where treetops cast their rest
memories reflects in blue
portraits regain...

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Categories: love,

The hidden message.
You will not be able to stop 
picking the summer’s eyes.

Staring straight onto your 
slope. Why do I need 
to love the dreams...

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Categories: art,

The Best of Times
We have lived 
In the best of times
Where music was clean
And poetry rhymes.

Where a girl could walk
The streets all alone
Without the safety
Of a 911 phone.


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© Ed Evans  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: childhood, memory, nostalgia,

For Ravi Shankar: This Is What It Was

Raga. Sun shifts as fingers on
Ravi Shankar is dead.
Old women in dark clothes 
make it down...

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Categories: nostalgia