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Metaphor Abc Poems

These Metaphor Abc poems are examples of Abc poems about Metaphor. These are the best examples of Abc Metaphor poems written by international poets.


             Many a reapeing ideal obligation

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Categories: change, character, cheer up,

don't look at me with my eyes
i seem to lose the power of speech
I'll look at you with your eyes
then we'll see if you're out...

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Categories: art, care, fantasy, feelings,

A poem by a confusionist
Green Salad and white Carpet 
Red Chilies and Black magic 
Falling Rain the vibgayar 
What is this? Absurdity?

Blind Eyes Blind Heart
Black Tea and again black...

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Categories: christian, grave, loss, love,

Deja Vu
Being in the moment, How would I know?
Deja Vu, a moment of clarity ...
Seeing through the veil of illusion.

I've been here before, another life?
I've seen...

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Categories: body, creation, emotions, metaphor,

roaming homing
trimmed all my long hair
the hair i always dreamed about and wasn't there
somethings are never measured by the means of the brain
shoulders at ease while...

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Categories: beautiful, deep, dream, earth

statue on sun tan
auditioning what I've never said before 
imagining what I've never saw beyond my shore 
my definition of making ends meet 
once you've seen the obscene...

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Categories: art, culture, emotions, imagination,

time standing still
time is standing still
this treacherous silence makes me ill
my dreams are bleeding visions from the master of divisions
if i knelt I'm slave risen a slave...

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Categories: art, confusion, deep, faith,

Young Still Learn
Above battered caskets, demons engulfed. For grievances haven’t interlocked juveniles. Karma locking many naysayers, occupying persistence. Quietly remembering silence throughout universal vectors without xany youngish...

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Categories: children, hero, irony, life,

times of deception
that's the future age of the deceiver
peace on earth,hell in heaven
it's an ancient plan
jews betrayed their religion erased ALLAH'S words and rewrote the Torah and...

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Categories: age, destiny, earth, evil,

soul trips
fingertips typing and soul trips
a beautiful crow on crescent stem sits
a hot cup of wisdom from it he sips
a golden leaf pray to never leave

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Categories: beautiful, color, creation, deep,

only to remember
humbleness and humility
and the enigma of the motivation
and the direction of the action
the swing of the involuntary till it becomes voluntary
the taming of...

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Categories: beautiful, blue, confidence, deep,

yin yan
the Yin the Yan
the woman the man
the skin the tan
i can't yes you can
i feel lost hold my hand
do you feel the cold all it...

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Categories: beauty, deep, emotions, men,

We are alone, together.
Yes, you.
Bobbing like buoys.
It's strange,
That I am not alone
In this ocean.
Bubbling to the surface.
Now together,
Looking out to the mist
Smelling harsh salt and...

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Categories: metaphor, ocean, sea,

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1.  Always aspiring to authentic answers
2.  Belief begins, only to end
3.  Calls the crow, 'never, to'
4.  Drifting like October leaves
5. ...

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Categories: allusion, assonance, hope, onomatopoeia,

Rattling the dust
Brooms hunt chaos.

It may make dust flee

from how it was,which was stationary.

But picking it up results in sorting.

Turning chaotish sound into pinkish shade of its...

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Categories: metaphor,

Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow
Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow
Creeps in this petty pace
from day to day.
To the last syllable
of recorded time;
And all our yesterdays
have lighted fools
The way to dusty...

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Categories: art, metaphor,

A walk by a seashore
Morning of it started at one end of seashore
Since it has been like a walk in sand.
Without a choice , I kept walking there
Sometimes loving...

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Categories: life, memory, metaphor,

Blind Man
Through the eyes of a blind man..
Vision is what a blind man cannot see
Vision as we see..
Colors and tones
All the beauty of this universe..
Beauty is...

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Categories: deep, inspirational, metaphor,

Genie Grant Me Three Wishes
Oh Genie grant me three wishes..
I need a new life
I am unhappy
Genie shall grant me three wishes
At my command
My first wish..
Plenty of Riches..
My secend wish...

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Categories: metaphor,

Dazed And Confused
The world is a fog..
Everything seems twisted
Everything seems out of balance
Everyone is dazed and confused
Fog so heavy
Can cut the fog with a knife
Where is everyone?

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Categories: deep, metaphor,