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Love Hurts Abc Poems

These Love Hurts Abc poems are examples of poetry about Love Hurts Abc. These are the best examples of Abc Love Hurts poems written by international poets.

I always feel like this 
This is what I feel: hurt, unwanted and unloved
How can I survive every day if you make me feel this...

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Categories: anxiety, boy, for him,

Teri Yaad Mein Rona Chod Diya Maine
Kahin mile raste mein toh batana usse,
Uski yaad mein rona chod diya maine,
Payar kiya hai, karta bhi rahunga,
Par milne ki aas chod di maine,
Yaad toh...

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Categories: break up, care, cry,

Breathe gently
Into me
All that I am
And who I will be
Exhale Your love
Into my Soul
No escape
My body whole
Pump my heart
With joy and laughter
Fill it full
With peace...

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Categories: happiness, inspiration, joy, life,

Bee Sting
Annoying sensation felt internally
Bees buzz buzzing and stinging
Cumulated over a heptagonal hive
Disturbing me and buzzing away I the keeper
Every sting clots the capillaries 
Fierce is...

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Categories: how i feel, hurt,

One resounding note
one resounding note can last a long long time
with a beauty of such , that is just pure divine
its pretty to write a song and...

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Categories: anger, anti bullying, appreciation,

Premium Member D - Dig
Dragged through the dirt; your defender
You once deemed me a dependent, now demeaned and discarded despite I delivered
Disposed of; drowning in your ditch detaining the...

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Categories: conflict, depression, emotions, feelings,

When we first met you said I don't talk
Your explosive talks hindered me to
Though I wasn't as eloquent as you were,you took my nervers
But time...

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Categories: break up, love hurts,





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Categories: appreciation, gospel, love hurts,

BrokeN Marriage
Adherences and allegiances, and monogamy 
Browse for the absence of intelligence in her tummy 
Commitment and rings, and binding two to one
Doting her temporary smiles...

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Categories: depression, love hurts,

If I Had A Time Machine
It makes me sick every time I think about how long I put up with you
seven whole months i wasted everyday ignoring my heart slowy...

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© Hazel Love  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: abuse, anger, angst, betrayal,

I sometimes wonder what made you do it
Destroy me without the decency to ask
I would have made it harder for you
But then again you wore...

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Categories: abuse, cry, growth, inspirational,

Safeguard your heart
A time will come when
You will love another's image 
Maybe even more than your own
The glimmer in their eyes
And magic weaved in their words
Your own...

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Categories: break up, love hurts,

It Doesnt Seem Real
It Doesn’t Seem Real 

Wednesday, September 5, 2018
12:40 PM

It doesn’t seem real Jake that three months ago today 
You broke my heart in two just...

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Categories: confusion, for him, heartbroken,

Was I a mistake? A quick fix to take her place,
I am not the prettiest, or that smart, 
But I had a feeling, and went...

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© Meg Cook  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: lost love, love, love

He grew up lonely with his soundless shadow,
Like a star, in the middle of a far vast meadow,
A low light twinkled from his shack’s window

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Categories: loss, love hurts, romantic,

How Can You

How can you so easily just walk away 
Just when I thought that you really loved me 
All you have done is break my heart...

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Categories: confusion, for him, heartbroken,

I Dont Know What To Do
I don't know what to do 
Or even to whom I can turn
its been so long since Ive heard from you 
I have  done...

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Categories: absence, heartbroken, hurt, i

Love confusion
You say you love me, I beleve you d
But I don't think you love me
 enough to be true.
 It took all these year
To build...

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Categories: love hurts,

What Will The Future Hold
what will the future hold?
now it,s not very clear
i go to bed at night 
but all i feel is fear

i don't know what to do...

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Categories: emotions, heartbroken, husband, love

Bitterness of Life
Bitterness of Life

Birth brings delight at home
Death saddens hearts, yet both are parts of life
Human creatures walk, slip and move on

Today you cry but tomorrow...

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Categories: feelings, life, love hurts,