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Journey Abc Poems

These Journey Abc poems are examples of Abc poems about Journey. These are the best examples of Abc Journey poems written by international poets.


And if my feet don't find their way,
if my hands
can no longer grasp what they want,
if my ears cannot tell apart
the songs on the favourite...

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Categories: hope, love,

Choice of Compassion

                  Path that was externally in ordinances

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Categories: allusion, devotion, journey, judgement,

When the sun goes down
Walking through the autumn leaves
Crunching and cracking beneath my heels,
A small green stem and bright red petal  
On a journey to where it will...

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Categories: conflict, poems, remember, remembrance

Ways to overcome
Don't stop thinking, keep thinking.
Till you reach a true way.
Don't stop dreaming, keep dreaming.
Till your dream come true.

Dead body never think or dream at all.

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Categories: future,

By Edward Egbelo

I was just about to pick my bag from the dusty floor she threw it when she screamed “Eddie where are...

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Categories: absence, abuse, addiction, africa,

A journey of hope
A journey Of Hope

Reward is his name 
the bird that flies
Hope is his name 
the bird that cries 

The air is bitter brisk and bleak

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Categories: bird, growth, happiness,

Good Night Sweet Dreams
in memory of Ellie M. Jenkins

We said good night for a spell, 
As you start your journey onward,
And the darkness soon fell,
Then the moon soon...

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Categories: grief, love, memory,

A tale of grace
Starting early in hope,
Holding firm the rope,
Who knows if I can cope,
Am a seed sown in love.

Midlife my story changed,
Life’s uncanny tricks brought a cage,

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Categories: adventure, africa,

Life journey
Neither in happiness,
nor in suffering,
Neither in zero,
nor at peak,
Not in fear,
nor in silence.!!

Life journey into infinity.!!

Neither in whole sky ,
nor in the deepest ocean .

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Categories: beautiful, words, work, world,

Reasons why

I sat down in the kitchen and looked out the window
It was cloudy and windy I took my phone and stumbled upon a picture...

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Categories: love,

Mugabe's Reboot
"Return of another Goliath, is it?"
Of Course the man was fearless
But time always decides when
Every great man shalt cease to inhale,
Run away from us and

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Categories: 11th grade, art, beautiful,

What Is It About Me
What is it about me? Is it, I'm not the beauty, you think I ought to be? Is it, the bags under my eyes, my...

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Categories: depression, hurt, judgement, sad,

The day is finally here
The groom has arrived
Here comes the bride gorgeously dressed
Her beauty shines like the harmattan sun
Her smiles are bright like the...

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Categories: daughter, girlfriend, i love

I died once
I Died Once 

At this very occasion I witnessed my spirit decent from my flesh hurried to meet darkness as I lost breath 

At that...

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Categories: 12th grade, death, emotions,

Premium Member Four Days In A Hospital
awful awkward
birthday bash
celebrated creepily
dubiously, diabolically
enormously enlightening
fastidiously  frustrating
gory grotesque
hospital hallways
illustriously illuminating
joyless journey
Very concerned
Wanting me to return home
'Xpecting a hero's welcome
zealously delighted that I will...

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Categories: health,

As the last leaf falls from the winter tree,
The last drop of my blood flows into my heart .
So numb to my surrounding i feel...

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Categories: anger, deep, depression, feelings,

Premium Member X - Xenomorph
Coexist in complexity
A perplex proxy of our galaxy where exotics exist
Exhale the excessive vexations toxic to expansion and relax among the obnoxious exposure
An example of...

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Categories: birth, confidence, deep, emotions,

Premium Member W - Wake
Wayward winds whirl, warping the already weathered wings of the wanderer
Weakly wobbling through winters widespread wall of white
Week after week the weather weighs down
Withered more...

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Categories: adventure, death, family, heartbreak,

Acknowledging that God thinks and does what’s best* is vital:

Blessing me with His bounty while beautifying my soul

Caring for me along His great compassionate concern


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Categories: appreciation, blessing, christian, faith,

Some People
"Some People"

This is the truth
everyone you see 
will not want to see you happy
This is the truth 
everyone you see
will not want to see you...

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Categories: age, art, beautiful,