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Irony Abc Poems

These Irony Abc poems are examples of Abc poems about Irony. These are the best examples of Abc Irony poems written by international poets.

Iron of a lifetime
In the laughter of the decent 
Baskets from the past bring sorrow
And the joy rapidly disappears 
At the sight of their evil deeds
That once used...

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Categories: irony, society,

byes and cries
emmm byes and cries
yeaaah bye bye
don't you turn that head as i pass you by
emmm byes and cries
yaaaah no no no sad whys
don't your lips...

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Categories: betrayal, black love, cool,

Young Still Learn
Above battered caskets, demons engulfed. For grievances haven’t interlocked juveniles. Karma locking many naysayers, occupying persistence. Quietly remembering silence throughout universal vectors without xany youngish...

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Categories: children, hero, irony, life,

Israel the myth
I'm Israel
for once I was real
now I'm nothing but a living hell
the ruthless child and his deceiving spell 
once upon an Israel
now the eye in...

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Categories: bible, heaven, history, irony,

digital Egypt ancient USA
bars and cages of flags ,colors ,creeds .
in Egypt they've been saying we want to make Egypt great again .
can't help but look at the...

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Categories: abuse, america, appreciation, cry,

Bodies all dusted.
Choices all busted.
Voices all gusted.
Rights all rusted.
The schools like barracks.
The play fields like Graveyards.
Buried all freedom lied in the backyards.
Speaking a word here...

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Categories: conflict, dream, humanity, irony,

Maybe it's society
Can I disappear?
For an hour, even for a day?
I wonder who would miss me?
Would anyone ask me to stay?
Would they miss the time we shared?

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Categories: for teens, how i

Sad Ending
Sad Ending
Though many of any, could compete for a penny, wealth outright bought so many, love and lives seem too petty, can you see me...

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Categories: anger, betrayal, conflict, courage,

It sometimes goes up
Then comes back down
Brings people to their location
The top floor to the ground
From young to old
And smart to dumb
Doesn"t discriminate
It always runs...

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Categories: absence, anxiety, fate, irony,

No Legacy
No more elephants 
Will there be 
When man has 
Taken all their ivory. 

This giant big and strong 
Without a legacy
Like many more the dinosaur...

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Categories: death, irony, murder, nature,

The Irony About United Nations
United Nations while the institution is divided by the languages they 
Speak the food they feed on prepared by different chefs.

They proclaimed unity but...

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Categories: heartbreak, murder, nostalgia,


What an Irony of life,
that applies to all 
under the sun
from which no one can run. 
As a child
You have plenty of time and energy

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Categories: humanity, irony, life, people,

I Wish I Could Cry

I just wish I could break down like a rolling stone from the mountain
let it all out, finally be found.

I'm tired...

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Categories: anger, earth, emotions, funeral,


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Categories: dark, deep, depression, emotions,


My joy that I wasn't born a Nigerian
Is that my parents are Yorubas
I would have been limited to Naira

Mo dúpé pé mo lókó nílé (All...

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Categories: africa,

Don't you think it's a little inane
To go through life thinking you are so sane

For only crazy know's What crazy does
Some time it feels like...

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Categories: confidence, cool, deep, feelings,

I burn to feel, but feel to burn.
The loss of my sense but yet i yearn.
As fire is meant for light
   its multipurpose...

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Categories: writing,

Buri bat
Har jana buri bat nhi h,har man lena buri bat h..
Hmare ghar me betiyo ka hona bura nhi h,beti p sharm hona buri bat h..

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Categories: irony, meaningful, patriotic, philosophy,

Face to face
Mirrors cracking between the irony 
As the glasses fall
And my breath is lost
My eyes turn red 
And my feet 
can not seem to...

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Categories: abuse, betrayal, dark,

A sleepy bodyguard
A sleepy bodyguard searched, chose and set
Best seat for the honorable guest
Carefully observing, he saw dirt 
Decidedly he removed the chair
Express like a jet, the...

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Categories: allegory, irony, political,