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Introspection Abc Poems

These Introspection Abc poems are examples of Abc poems about Introspection. These are the best examples of Abc Introspection poems written by international poets.

Wild animal, shameless dog.
Naked beast , blood of death.
Evil eyes, bound by lust.
Biding his kind,holding his leash
Foolish virtue,
Fighting with vultures.
Stupid light,
Shining in darkness.
Proud pig,
Dancing ...

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Categories: introspection,

Bee Sting
Annoying sensation felt internally
Bees buzz buzzing and stinging
Cumulated over a heptagonal hive
Disturbing me and buzzing away I the keeper
Every sting clots the capillaries 
Fierce is...

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Categories: how i feel, hurt,

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Anxious and afraid I’ll run out of time
Betrayed so by illusions I held dear
Concerned with life’s approaching finish line
Disappointed deeply with my shortcomings
Envious secretly of...

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Categories: anxiety, introspection, life, longing,

Just Me
I would rather be me
theres nobody else in this world that I wanna be
just me, just me,
the world is a selfish place, with many a...

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Categories: anger, creation, humanity, integrity,

Reflective Thoughts
There is nothing quite so serene as the quietness of a mountain forest in the early morning fog.  A nearby  tranquil stream, the...

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Categories: emotions, introspection, psychological,

Daniel's Song
Daniel’s Song
Tears shed for
A life cut short
A beautiful child
Who was loved
Confusion set in
And pain reigned long
We loved you in spite
When hope seemed lost
You were stilled...

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Categories: addiction, depression, introspection, mental

Even the Sky isn't the Limit
When strange darkness do arise
The unknown ways make u wise,
Being washed away by the stranger tides
Gets you to the treasure in it’s hide.

Not everyone tastes...

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Categories: desire, destiny, inspiration, inspirational,

Life is a Rendezvous
She hailed from that little town of Manhattan 
She sailed storms,tides thus far and all through the harmattan.

He was born in France, 
 thought he...

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Categories: analogy, introspection,

Just In Time
Each time I cry,
I just will not be 
Considering the options.

Almighty, You are beautiful!

Each time I wonder,
I just will not be
Considering the possibilities.

Almighty, You are...

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Categories: appreciation, inspiration, introspection,

Champion Woman
Instead of getting testimonies
For the departed,
I am overwhelmed with testimonies
For the living.

I am staring stark
At the champion woman
That is you;
How you shined in the
Turbulent storms...

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Categories: dedication, emo, introspection,

Found Me
I was searching,
I didn't even know I was,
Fighting battles
I had already won;
Loving, I didn't know
It was wrong even
Though it was strong;
I was burning yet
I was...

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Categories: how i feel, inspirational,

The True Dream
What does it mean to succeed
To obtain material things
While neglecting the true dream
Which is most important to me

What does it mean to grow
To gain knowledge...

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Categories: character, dream, freedom, growth,

The jewel in the crown
I really want to, but then I really don't
My mind says to stop, but somehow I just won't
The battle rages on, inside my head each...

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Categories: addiction,

After Puberty
She was the supreme craze
That had ever happened to me after puberty,
She was all that my wishes had been,
Her kiss was just right,
In that sincere...

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Categories: emotions, introspection,

Not My Game
I told my mother a lie,
I did not want her to cry
It is all she ever does,
For here only the pain goes.

Why does life never...

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Categories: addiction, drug, introspection,

When night falls
When night Falls
Barren desert with its scorching heat
Must find an oasis rest up body’s beat
Sun challenging immovable in its jealous sky
Need more water mouth parched...

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Categories: character, introspection,

Motivational Truthfulness
Spark to light the fire. It’s my life mission to gain the knowledge of what makes people laugh and intrigued by my experiences in my...

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Categories: destiny, introspection,

Across the sea of words
Bestowing your pleonastic sword
Cutting through ones own demons
Designing thoughtful imaginary treasons
Escaping time formality
Freeing your minds rationality 
Growing inner character
Harlequin narrator
Inconsistent artisan

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Categories: adventure, appreciation, deep, destiny,

The Roar
The woods are waiting for the roar which has gradually gone into oblivion.
 The roar ...  
which kept the evil away, 
the roar which...

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© mili mili  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: animal, grief, humanity, introspection,

A Story
All the love and life that was
Breathing through each lung.
Caring for the sweetest lives,
Daring, were the young.
Each and every breath they took
From dawn to night,...

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© jaque ro  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: growth, introspection, love,