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How I Feel Abc Poems

These How I Feel Abc poems are examples of poetry about How I Feel Abc. These are the best examples of Abc How I Feel poems written by international poets.

Why is life so strange,

Why did I meet you, when I could never be with you,

Why does my love eat every moment of every day,


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Categories: girl, heart, how i

This sorrow that I have 
This sorrow that won't spare 
It breaks me open    
And makes me tear from all the...

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Categories: anxiety, depression, grief, how

Untitled 24
Long I lay there -


If madness might take me -


Far better to be mad -

then stuck in the 


inside my head....

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Categories: crazy, how i feel,

Maujudgi Ka Ehsaas
Haseen chehra jo mere khwaish-e-khwaab me aata h,
Tere chehre ke samne chand bhi apne apko nakab me chipata h,
Meri mohabbat ki hawa sada teri or...

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Categories: 11th grade, hindi, how

The Right Way
Find the narrow way, while they convince you to stray.
Fall for the lies they say, hidden in a truthful way.
Deception; you will still pay..
Feeling as...

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Categories: confusion, how i feel,

You Say
You say, "One Day"
You never said, which one.
   You say, you may..but never prayed.
You say, " I never got a sign"
But, it was...

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Categories: courage, devotion, how i

You make me
I cant wait 
To talk to you each day
I smile 
When our favorite song play
It reminds me of 
When we were in love 
And it...

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Categories: age,

like the man Shakespeare said hell is empty and all the devils are here
like a man I shook my spear but nothing's there I swear

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Categories: anger, anxiety, character, child

Amazing is God Who gives me wondrous taste buds for:
Apple Pie very appetizing
Banana Pie so appealing
Coconut Pie greatly mouth-watering...

Delighting me midst healthy nourishment:
Dessert Pie of...

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Categories: appreciation, blessing, god, happiness,

My first Love letter by Eric Wanton
Dear Melissa,
I know , to you I am invisible, a sad ghost,
A shadow that smiles at you and always hides.
Unable to find the words to...

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Categories: 10th grade,

To Hate or Not to Hate
To hate or not to hate 
Do not hate anyone if you do they control you and your emotions love thy neighbor as thyself. Jesus...

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Categories: character, emotions, hate, how

It has been years now
standing on the edge 
this Solitude 
no more feels like a cage 
all these bruises, all that rage
have now vanished 

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Categories: 4th grade, art, beach,

Stuck in the back of my heart
Take notice in those moments just before you fall asleep ..

For our mind sets free and screams the words by day we never speak 


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Categories: angst, anxiety, art, blue,

where are you mum

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Categories: cry, death, how i

I don't wanna be used
I wanna be excused
Don't ask for my attention
If you won't be worth my mention
Don't promise not hurt me
If you won't love...

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Categories: dedication, deep, emotions, how

Blue feel to Green feel
Every rose has thorns;
Every beautiful feel accompanies prickles;
Everything that occurs here has its own concealed reasons;
Every time believe that dusk will be followed by another...

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Categories: beautiful, caregiving, cool, depression,

A Prison Of My Own Making
Where is my life heading? why do I constantly feel like I'm going in the wrong direction? 
is it a lack of confidence or my...

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© Hazel Love  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: anxiety, confusion, how i

Love's Injustice
They say only fools rush in
But what if you have nothing to rush to?
What about the ignored, ugly and damaged?
What about them?
How do they manage?

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Categories: how i feel,

Maybe it's society
Can I disappear?
For an hour, even for a day?
I wonder who would miss me?
Would anyone ask me to stay?
Would they miss the time we shared?

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Categories: for teens, how i

My Life
Beep when it's phone
Light when it's off
Fairy with talents
Dairy with secrets

Coffee when it's boring
Books when it's interesting
Alone with songs
Sleep with dreams

Brownie when it's special
Speak when...

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© Jenny Joy  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: character, day, heart, how