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Growth Abc Poems

These Growth Abc poems are examples of Abc poems about Growth. These are the best examples of Abc Growth poems written by international poets.

In the temple of silence,
Oneness, a single-mindedness.
The navel of existence, ubiquitous,
Our essence is all that.

It is only here, in silence, we find
That culminating insight, we...

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Categories: angst, growth, i am,

Life Now
In one life, one death.
Living is harder than dying'
for us, we who suffer poverty.
In death surely no worries.
The Soul eternal, knows not mortality.

Our bodies form...

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Categories: beautiful, creation, growth,

M - Melomania
Makeshift monuments of sound
Their meaning masked in the maker’s mystery
A maze of melodic milestones mapped out methodically, moving you miles in minutes
Melody for the misguided

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Categories: beautiful, creation, feelings, growth,

you were always alone
missing was the realization
sadness and complaint
when the skies are grey what good is rainbow paint
you can either faint or patiently eye ...

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Categories: art, change, character, deep,

G - Greetings
Golden ghost
Guided through the gloom and grief
Generate growth in the grieving ghouls still going and become the glue between our groups
The givers last gift
Gapping our...

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Categories: death, deep, goodbye, grave,

F - Female
Feeling faint
Focus on the feign feelings flowing feverishly, not the foremost flare of fear at first glance
Fated by the flux, fabricated (for once) in my...

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Categories: emotions, feelings, first love,

D - Dig
Dragged through the dirt; your defender
You once deemed me a dependent, now demeaned and discarded despite I delivered
Disposed of; drowning in your ditch detaining the...

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Categories: conflict, depression, emotions, feelings,

You've grown, In more than just age 
You've grown enternally
Finish with this phase 
The laughs and smiles
Once were not there
Spirit once felt weak
Voice felt like...

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Categories: age,

Do you feel....
Like... the child you were before is laughing at you 
you are not betraying anyone else but you
Like.... by making you do what...

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Categories: change, dedication, deep, destiny,

I sometimes wonder what made you do it
Destroy me without the decency to ask
I would have made it harder for you
But then again you wore...

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Categories: abuse, cry, growth, inspirational,

Reality of Blame
every time I wanna point the blame,
I remember it's my own fault for where I've came.
as a young child so intrigued with the game, 

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Categories: growth,

I just don't get it
I don't understand 
How after all these years 
I still don't have a plan
A plan on what I want to do

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Categories: age,

State of Emergency
After the wind stops blowing

We will pull down the shades

The thunder rumbles past our yellow, one story apartment.

Standing close to the foamy shores

I can hear...

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Categories: age, blue, city, growth,

I am from the waves of the Sea
That slowly flow to the shore
Drifting in and out
While the seabirds wheel and call
I am from the season...

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Categories: adventure, appreciation, beauty, blessing,

Chasing , incandescent light
Crossing , narrow steep street
Purgation, the raison d'être
I shall see,  I shall see. 

(Eyes shut) 

Sluicing , the river ends
Splattering ,...

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Categories: absence, analogy, birth, death,

Ahead of time
As the side of my head,
Touches the side of my pillow,
It was like my lips meeting with that of my lover,
I felt... One.
But here he...

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Categories: character, father, growth, time,

Unveiling Of The Soul
Cold winters day... Shall we play in the snow or stray? Frozen icicles hanging on trees effortlessly in the atmosphere. A frozen atmosphere filled with...

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Categories: deep, encouraging, growth, inspirational,

Stillness Of The Night
The sun had set..  Empty nights along teeth chattering cold nights. A silent still quiet night.. Stillness it is as I lay me down...

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Categories: celebration, growth, inspirational, journey,

A seed was acquired from a garden
It was small and very vulnerable
Yet, in good hands tolerable.
It was groomed and nurtured
It was treated with uttermost care.

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Categories: 1st grade, dream,

The pure white of some stars
Today are falling down the earth
They are hiding on the groung
They are melting on my palm. 

Its raining with wishes...

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Categories: angel, art, change, dream,