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Freedom Abc Poems

These Freedom Abc poems are examples of Abc poems about Freedom. These are the best examples of Abc Freedom poems written by international poets.

The Narrowing
Glowing days that were once red-cheeked and ripe with promise,
Are narrowing like tall candles in a church window,
Tapering from the golden stand and the sturdy...

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Categories: 10th grade,


A life full of mysteries and surprises
A life where daybreak doesn't guarantee sunshine
The priests places the sacrifice at his shrine
But bcos the...

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Categories: creation, death, life,

Diversity blooms green and raw
Golden land triggering freedom
Democracy under the jurisdiction of law
Perfection of nature without any flaw
Excitement causing the extinction of boredom

Glorious land burning...

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

tragic magic
torn middle eastern attire
an orphaned heart on fire
houses turn to rubble
gotta bomb them on them on the double
who wiped the mossad prints off nine eleven

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Categories: child abuse, feelings, pain,

I Do not Drink From An Others Bottle
Ya no lo niego I love you
With all my soul, en me corazon
Love songs sang your tone
But, it’s been some time
I erased you from my...

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Categories: divorce, farewell, freedom, heartbroken,

I was lost, fearful and broken
I hid my thoughts words unspoken.
My life had no meaning and it 
was lonely to think that I was not...

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Categories: absence, anger, anxiety, bullying,

some eyes cover rather than uncover
let my eyelids be your half-moon
you can pluck my eyelashes one by one
weave yourself a pair of forever caring wings

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Categories: beauty, crush, forgiveness, freedom,

We Died Yesterday

Like an ox pulling a wagon
Sweating and breathing
Moaning at the load behind
Is our minds, tired and wasted

We believe in making a better tomorrow

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Categories: africa, betrayal,

the fools call
The wine of life is dry when tasted, drink not a filled cup without knowing it is never sweet, expect that you will b drunk...

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Categories: abuse, confusion,

The narrowing
An elegance can be found in the narrowing,
As memories line together like a pearl necklace,
And clouded moments vanish and amount to nothing,
And all are gently...

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Categories: 10th grade,

For the rain which have never been shy
Its strange to be this stubborn , this dry
Is it a defense mechanism? A lie ?
Or is it...

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Categories: anger, anxiety, confidence, conflict,

See, what I see
It's not the way you see,
 I saw what you see..
My mind, saw truth..
 My eyes ,saw life..
Open your mind.
Open your eyes,
Hopefully, you see what...

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Categories: betrayal, care, emotions, feelings,

See as you may, we are dazed.
Blinded, by lies..
Grounded, by truth..
  They have you...
Blinded- to see as you do.
Lie- as you must..
 Be who...

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Categories: betrayal, corruption, freedom, self,

A Mighty Winner

I am a mighty winner all the times;
My weapon is unique but mighty.
Weak I am, but sturdily bulletproofed.

I will always win, no matter the fight;

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Categories: anti bullying, conflict, freedom,

open your heart and soul
open up your heart as well as your soul 
a winged figure about to answer your call 
a wish is a wish no matter how...

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Categories: angel, beautiful, bird, fairy,

Yasmen takes her Hajib off
Yasmen sat quietly at her father’s funeral,
She didn’t feel anything.
Her father never understood America.
“Too much Freedom for da wemens” he would say.
He brought his wife...

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Categories: 10th grade,

The Narrowing

Glowing days that were once red-cheeked and ripe with promise,
Are narrowing like tall candles in a church window,
Tapering from the golden stand and the sturdy...

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Categories: 10th grade,

The imprisoned soul
In the castle of flesh and bones, 
Held by the chains of antagonism,
She dreamt of freedom,
For he was who she was yearning.

On the door stood...

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Categories: 12th grade, freedom, imagery,


The thought of him escaping made him feel secure,
hated but safe, he went out not knowing where he was going to,
Or who he'll find there....

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Categories: adventure, anti bullying, art,

Evolution in Reverse
Here marks the age
Of evolution in reverse
Though finally escaping 
The clutches of the church

The craze of social media
Has us on our knees
With the touch of...

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Categories: change, culture, freedom, identity,