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Emo Abc Poems

These Emo Abc poems are examples of Abc poems about Emo. These are the best examples of Abc Emo poems written by international poets.

to my heart
To my heart

You are broken apart

Fell in love with him

He made your light dim

He was your everything

You were his summer fling

He never texted first 


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Categories: absence, anger, brother, emo,

i'm in love with those eyes
…And one day I realize
I’m in love with those eyes
those deep eyes like oceans
to which I want to ask million questions
I tortured myself not to...

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Categories: cute love, emo, first

Black Shadows
Black Shadows

I sit by myself, in these black shadows; I see a flash in my mind, of me hanging from the gallows. I’m by myself,...

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Categories: anxiety, art, confusion, dark,

Champion Woman
Instead of getting testimonies
For the departed,
I am overwhelmed with testimonies
For the living.

I am staring stark
At the champion woman
That is you;
How you shined in the
Turbulent storms...

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Categories: dedication, emo, introspection,

My wasted Ramadan
I took the bus to Mzanzi,
An impromptu trip
To a garage honeymoon,
One month I fasted listless
At the sad Hairless lands,
I had never seen such woman heartless,

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Categories: emo, islamic,

Salvation of a Satanist
Salvation of a Satanist

When will I actually be me?
I hide behind so many masks
Afraid that someone will see
And not like what they will find

I am...

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Categories: addiction, emo, feelings, hurt,

 And in that moment I knew you where the one,
For with every breath, all the raging started to quiten, and within minutes, was silent. 

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© Ash Motes  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: beautiful, emo, emotions, silence,

Life and Death
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Sugar is sweet 
And so are you 

But the time comes 
When the flowers die 
And the sugar bowl 
Is empty


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Categories: body, break up, cry,

The Demon and The Angel
He sat on the bench
Watching the snow fall.
His snow white hair blending
Together with the snowflakes.
Wings stretched from his back.
They were the shape of a bird’s...

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Categories: angst, appreciation, boyfriend, caregiving,

Actions Speak Louder than Words
Angry shouts echo off of plaster walls,
Painting them sickening shades of despair.
She tries to block the noise out;
But nobody seems to care.
The words aren’t meant...

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Categories: allegory, angst, anxiety, depression,

Good morning
Good morning
Lionel Derbyshire

Good morning 
Sweet daughter 
On my morning tea
I am thinking ..
Where ever you are and 
What ever you doing now 
Our hearts are...

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Categories: age, baby, children, daughter,

Lionel Derbyshire

Write Letterman 
If You can
One hundred lines 
In your letter and
Words missing the mark
Disconnecting pieces 
Are everywhere
Pick and nick at everything 
Writing plenty with...

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Categories: absence, bereavement, change, deep,

a numb feeling
bitten down nails
ceasing to be happy
depressing music
is there a way to fix me...

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Categories: emo,

Cut the pain away
Here she goes again 
Cuting away the pain 
We see the scars inflicted in her body
Thinking she's crazy 

We quick to criticize 
Saying she's an...

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Categories: emo,

The Darkness
A dark black alley,
No street lights to be seen,
The howling of the wind,
Something feels to be lurking,

Around the corners,
Dark as could be,
A misty fog appears,

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© Tera Brown  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: abuse, confusion, emo, fear,

Being born is like a desire to change the world... to enlighten the needs and it brings some 

Message from God…. And towards the humanity…


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Categories: adventure, beautiful, books, cheer

   There are no shades of white and black, only gray.
Though you may think they are balanced, they will never be;
For even basking...

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© Rebecca V.  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: anxiety, depression, emo, philosophy,

some emo sh1t
whats the point of life 
if its meant to end
whats the point of having dreams
if you cant chase them

live life at its full is what...

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Categories: confusion, desire, dream, uplifting,

Driving in my combie,
I see a zombie.
He was dead,
Like the radio had said.
Running for my life,
With only a pocket knife.
Although the end is near,
The world...

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Categories: emo,

Sitting there nice and still slowly sinking
you smile as the strangers smile back confused and unaware
you were just drowning in your tears
one by one the...

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Categories: anxiety, cry, dark, depression,