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Daffodils Abc Poems

These Daffodils Abc poems are examples of Abc poems about Daffodils. These are the best examples of Abc Daffodils poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Ghoulish Gardens
Afterlife Azaleas rise as apparitions 
Boney Buttercups bathe in blooming moon light
Cobweb Carnations cater to crystal chaos
Deathly Daffodils dance to the eternal door
Eerie Evening Primroses...

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Categories: death, flower, international,

Premium Member Flowers

Azalea plant, so baby new and blooming.
Bluebell flowers, quietly looming.
Carnations, the flowers of the dance.
Daffodils, in memory of the lost in the Holocaust.
Evening Primrose, so...

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Categories: flower,

before I forget
No wait I think I thought about the answer and not with the question but try not to feel for my edges and don't push...

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Categories: addiction, angst, anxiety, april,

World is spread for wishes
World is a table spread for wishes,
Abode of Love and sweet dishes;
Wily tantrum under a bower
Sprinkling perfume: Sweet and Sour!

World is basket, full of fresh,

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Categories: daffodils, nature,

She likes music
somebody wrote a song for a spider
and it was so beautiful
She said GOD had written it
he said take three of them
and break them out the...

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Categories: allegory, daffodils, dark, death,

A Melting Winter
Once every winter as spring, approaches you hear the wintery snow melt,
as it drips off the buildings,
just as you're walking, 
down the sidewalk you hear...

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Categories: beautiful, color, daffodils, flower,

And these Roads are Nuclear
And this world is Nuclear
They don"t care for any blood or tear 
They just care for loads of Nuclear
No man is...

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Categories: care, daffodils, dedication, emotions,

My Garden
My Garden
Lionel Derbyshire

My garden I want it to be best.
The rain will make it unforgettable.
Your memory in should last forever.
My garden should be a nice...

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Categories: change, creation, missing, daffodils,

It was a tragic game 
between the scars 
and the sword.

The grey sky was the 
reluctant witness
of a forgiven rape.

Where the stars weep,
you will find...

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Categories: art, daffodils,

To access the mountain, 
are you ready 
to carry the rock ?


Deep in my heart 
flows the river 
of summer pain.


A teardrop in 
a sea...

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Categories: art, daffodils,

When I was arranging daffodils
you send in tanks. 

The sky was overcast.
When I was talking to clouds
Fireballs are delivered.

That signals the specific gravity
is shifting to...

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Categories: art, daffodils,

The buff flaunts his elements 
in a dissenting voice.
Don’t go into the lake.
There were no survivors.

Stop kissing the moon 
all night. Clouds were moving 

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Categories: art, daffodils,

Never mourn at my
Because i'm not dead
but sleeping
And relaxing on
Abraham's bossom
Never mourn at my
You that come in 
to mourning
But within you, 
here to mock
Because my...

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Categories: funeral

Premium Member A Blizzard
Beautiful white 
A blizzard in the month of March

Contest:Snow ABC
Sponsor:Yasmin Kahn
Penned by: Sara Kendrick...

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Categories: nature, daffodils,

A solid belief of karmic influence becomes
but life was questioning again.

You take to wars
with thousand of nukes:
still the daffodils were dancing.

Float me on the bodies...

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Categories: art, daffodils,

England Mine
Those lush green hills
Bank on bank of daffodils
Sentient wooded glade
Bluebells hide in shade
Oh this England mine
Once upon a time

Fields of golden corn
An ever fragrant dawn

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Categories: warengland, daffodils,

Throughout the world's history,
we read compelling stories
of the defending soldiers of the tenderest age;
and we can be moved to tears
by the purity of their courage:

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Categories: death, hope, life, lost