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Change Abc Poems

These Change Abc poems are examples of Abc poems about Change. These are the best examples of Abc Change poems written by international poets.


             Many a reapeing ideal obligation

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Categories: change, character, cheer up,

Today I stand tall and proud

Today I stand tall and proud,

I had no confidence a few months ago,
I couldn’t even turn round and say NO!,
My self esteem was defiantly a...

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Categories: inspiration,

Little girl

My life is a gift, I cherish it so
But there is so much to me you just don't know.
Mirror mirror on the wall,
I watched you...

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Categories: addiction, change, faith, recovery

Mr president
Hey Mr president don't take 
us to war
Don't load up your guns to settle a score 
Your soldiers will gladly give you their lives 

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Categories: earth, leadership, planet, political,

By Parizo Van Thulare 

Seasons Change 
Crops grow 
They get sowed and sealed 
They are seen and sold 
But not A love from Mother 


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Categories: dedication, inspirational love, love,

What is love

Love is Love.
Love does not eyes.
Love does not look.
Love does not change.

Although someone can say, love is blind.
Love is not blind, love is a love.

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Categories: love,

Premium Member Salt City Syracuse
Salt City Syracuse, You dwell in Mid State,
You are used for testing new products,
Rebuild, rebuild where you are,
15th Ward East, Southside of town,
81 came it...

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Categories: absence, change, conflict, courage,

hurt soul
its funny how when u get lonely, 
u dont even care who talks to u.. 
u just want a descent conversation,
u just hope someone cares...

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Categories: pain,


Withstrained I have long been,
By the chain of ignorance.
My brain and my whole being,
Held by the bolt of cognitive hindrance.

This shackles of darkness,
I strove to...

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© Umar Nasir  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: change,

“????? ?? ???”
???? ?? ?? ?????? ?? ??????? ?? ????? ?? ?????? ??? ?????
???? ???? ??? ????? ?? ??? ?????? ???? ??? ?? ?????? !

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Categories: appreciation, art, change, dedication,

God Saved Me
He provided protection from Satan making me strong,                 ...

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© KELLY TICE  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: blessing, change, christian, encouraging,

Iron of a lifetime
In the laughter of the decent 
Baskets from the past bring sorrow
And the joy rapidly disappears 
At the sight of their evil deeds
That once used...

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Categories: irony, society,


That feeling of  waiting to be pampred by that someone 
That pain of compared to everyone 
Heartbreaking it is 
Groundwrecking it feels 

That pain...

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Categories: emotions, relationship, sad,

Why Change
The earth has changed
My attitude has changed
War has begun
Life is bent
Guns are used to pay rent
Slaying is on the rise
Money aint the same
Verbally I express...

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Categories: absence, analogy, appreciation, celebration,

Lionel Derbyshire

While in the zzzzz zone 
counted the sheep 
then had a sneeze 
at no 9999.90 alone
a dispute was declared 
and a recount was ordered...

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Categories: angst, cancer, change, dark,

Moshe' Part five
Yet sign after sign and wonder after wonder,
were done in plain sight of the Pharaoh's children,
The Pharaoh'd heart was hardened, what a blunder,
For Pharaoh realized...

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Categories: religious,

Missing Someone
I know you love me
You say it 
In every call you make
In every word you say 
In every kiss
In every smile
And in every moment u...

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Categories: crush, cute love, happiness,

just enjoy the weather hot sun and nice good breeze

just enjoy the weather walk drink water see kids playing have a good time in the...

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© Jay Brown  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: day,


               Sometimes through life

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Categories: anxiety, betrayal, bullying, caregiving,

I remember the day I stepped in school
Initially I was a freakishly absurd fool
Running around with everything i got my hands on
Every tool
My parents got...

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Categories: anger, anxiety, beautiful, best