Yesterday's man

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There's no sentiment in business 

loyalty counts for nothing at all

my employers couldn't care less

but there's no chance that I'll crawl

I'm nobody's whipping boy to hell with them 

they won't ware me down, no surrender 

these people are wrong, I'm not scum

I will protect my rights, I will always remember 

the thank you mate, I owe you one

can you stay late, change your holiday,

now those favours are forgotten all gone

but we're really sorry to let you go, they say

your experience has no consequence now

things have changed, we have progressed 

this is wrong, this is not right I can't allow 

this kind of oppression, or am I obsessed, 

just yesterdays man on the scrap heap,

all the hard work that they got so cheap.

Someone or something, replaceable.
Composed 20/03/2017.
Entered in never going to drag me down contest,
Sponsored by Julie Leigh Rodeheaver.

Copyright © | Year Posted 2017

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Date: 10/17/2017 11:47:00 PM
Very nicely done, Roy - kudos and cheers on your well-deserved win, dear poet - keep writing strong! :-)
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Pett Avatar
Roy Pett
Date: 10/18/2017 7:06:00 AM
Thank you very much Gregory for your very kind comment and congratulations much appreciated. :))
Date: 3/24/2017 4:41:00 AM
- Ingratitude is a lack of compassion, Roy - Great written - hugs // Anne-Lise :)
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Pett Avatar
Roy Pett
Date: 3/28/2017 5:16:00 AM
Thank you very much Anne-Lise, totally agree with your comment, but there is no sentiment when they see a way of making more money, thanks again, Roy, :)
Date: 3/23/2017 9:33:00 AM
Roy, Your words ring true throughout the centuries .Greed produces slaves! The almighty dollar is without virtue in the hands of greed and respect for life is nonexistent! A7 Ps If you get a chance, read Markham's, "The Man With The Hoe" My best to You. chuck
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Pett Avatar
Roy Pett
Date: 3/23/2017 6:29:00 PM
Thank you very much Chuck firstly for your very kind visit and awarding my poem a 7, also for directing me to Edwin Markhams poem which I have just read the man with the hoe and can relate, thanks again, Roy. :))
Date: 3/23/2017 2:44:00 AM
How flipping unjust. capitalism and lack of empathy at its worst. Hope (if this is auto-biographical), that life has become kinder. Many wishes, Kai
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Pett Avatar
Roy Pett
Date: 3/23/2017 4:03:00 AM
Thank you very much Kai, totally agree greed has raised it's unsympathetic head again, loyalty is not a consideration when company owners want to line their own pockets, it is auto-biographical though I attempted to make it poetic, thanks again, Roy.
Date: 3/21/2017 7:20:00 AM
Very well expressed grouse most of us will agree to ... Read with interest ...
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Pett Avatar
Roy Pett
Date: 3/21/2017 8:09:00 AM
Thank you very much Probir, we give them our best years and then discarded without remorse, thanks for your support much appreciated, Roy.
Date: 3/21/2017 5:03:00 AM
A lot of angst in there Roy. Probably a common experience. Well expressed. // Barry
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Pett Avatar
Roy Pett
Date: 3/21/2017 5:28:00 AM
Thank you very much Barry, you are quite right, wrote from personal experience within the last year, still life goes on, thanks again, Roy. :)