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Who Is My Savior

The wind blows from the East towards the West.
Like a migrating bird, I have finally left my nest.
The Sun rises in the West and Sets in the East.
I am hungry, but it is on Life that I feast.

I have been stressing. I been stressing for a while.
This the type of habitual stress that weighs your heart down much like anchor weighs down a ship.
But this feeling, this feeling explodes and intensifies the speed of the fall. 
So when it ends you don't land, you shatter. 
Unlike Humpty I do put myself together. 
Although I do lose some parts of myself to this whole.

I embark on the climb to fall again. 
Something like Sisyphus I've been dammed
but I still don't understand why I'm willing.
Why this heart stays whole above all after all its endured.
Even the beat to which my heart skips deceives me. 
I swear its the fall that makes it beat new peaks. 
Is it so that I shatter to save my soul. 
That if I were to keep whole on impact I would Penetrate Earths crust itself and find myself residing in Hell's hole.

Is Lucifer my Savior? Is He not Gods Dammed Angel like I am a Damned Son. 
Should I let my heart fall into depths of darkness and the touch
the Oh So Cold Touch which has my hair erect with its Chilling Embrace. 
This matter has me as indecisive as a child in a candy store.
I am not half as innocent but still I wish it was half as sweet.
I wish the World to be as sweet as honey and not make me have to choose. 
Oh how sweet that would be.

Could not everything meet me half way?
If not whole. 
Once more it is time for the fall.
Is this God's or Lucifer's call...

I close my eyes. Turn around.
And face the West.
For I am tired of watching the Sun set.
I am tired of endings.
I face the West and count my blessings.
I count many things. 
The Sun Rises.
It was one Hell of a fall.
But in this moment in time I understand yes it was in fact,

God's Call.

Copyright © | Year Posted 2014

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Date: 3/18/2016 11:38:00 AM
This is one of the bright part of a moody day as today for me. I am blessed reading this piece. Keep on writing lovely. cheers!
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Date: 11/26/2014 4:59:00 PM
Now this is truly my kind of poem. Clear message and a clear conclusion. Jim Horn
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Date: 10/9/2014 11:57:00 AM
The myth of Sisyphus is powerful mostly because it is everyone's story don't you think? I started a video game once on this myth. My favorite hazard as poor Sisyphus pushed his rock up the hill was the chewing gum demon that would spit his used gum on the path in front of Sisyphus' rock. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger though right? Until it doesn't of course. Ha! J.P. Sarte! Read Hermann Hesse's Poem called 'Stages' which you can find on though not on Poetry Soup. Sigh!
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Date: 10/9/2014 4:54:00 AM
I love the choices provided her of right or wrong,Its deep the way you express shattering ,but unlike humpty dumpty picked up your pieces and glued them.together again with unhopeful yet iin God.Powerful!!
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