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When They See My Wing Shadow They Know

When I am on the hunt if I want fresh
I choose young, it is always fresher meat.
Young bunnies, squirrels, rats, moles, voles.
Tastier, and less of a struggle.

But when my mother’s heart catches their eye,
And I think for a second of my owlets, I sometimes
Let up, and go after something that has had more of a life.
Hoping I will not also catch their eye.

Injured meat is what I swoop for if I have had a long day
And I am tired. Injured meat is easier, struggles less, and
Has a unique fear-based taste that is a little saltier.
I think it is from their blood pumping so hard as they
Struggle to get away. When they see my wing shadow, they know.

The old ones are the easiest, no matter what animal I am
Hunting.  At dusk or pure black of night, they are the easiest to take down.
I do not hunt much at dawn, as that is my sleeping time.  The old ones
Are grateful when I snap them up. They are ready to be torn apart.
Their spirits are grateful for the relief.

The only problem with the old one’s meat is, that it is tough, 
And grainy and is not as blood-tasty as the young or the injured.
My owlets cheer when I drop a young one into our nest. When it
Is an old one, they turn up their beaks.  Act like I have failed them.
I am so proud when I run an animal down for them. 

The animal sees my wing shadow, and it knows I am a fantastic mother.

Copyright © | Year Posted 2019

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Date: 2/8/2019 8:10:00 AM
Great personification.
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Krutsinger Avatar
Caren Krutsinger
Date: 2/8/2019 8:55:00 AM
Thank you Victor. I can picture being a mommy owl. I would swoop down often, loving the flying part and the hunt.
Date: 2/7/2019 11:13:00 PM
Great Personification! I love owls; they are superbly beautiful beings. Of course, everyone has to eat to survive. (I wish they'd get a few of those darned shrews that we have around our area.)
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Krutsinger Avatar
Caren Krutsinger
Date: 2/8/2019 5:30:00 AM
I have an owl-like decorated teeny tiny office at work. Owls stare at me from every corner. I have felt owls stickers in every color strategically glued onto my computer monitor - all the way around it. I love owls!
Date: 2/7/2019 10:03:00 PM
When I watch nature shows I usually root for the animal being hunted to get away, but the hunters are just trying to provide for their young ones - its all a circle-
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Krutsinger Avatar
Caren Krutsinger
Date: 2/7/2019 10:49:00 PM
I am horrified when they get caught, and I should be used to it. My father was an avid hunter, trapper, and fur dealer. That was his living. I know the smell of pelt.
Date: 2/7/2019 6:11:00 PM
wowa...heavy nature shows much : )
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Krutsinger Avatar
Caren Krutsinger
Date: 2/7/2019 10:02:00 PM
I love nature shows! I LOVE them!