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Can we wander without moving?
I’ve found the way and guide you to take a look.
As we’re wandering from the land we known
Wandering, hoping to find our freedom
we don’t know where we’ll find a home of our own.
Perhaps we will be led to a kingdom
Where the king is wise 
The queen is kind
But the jester lies
And the people are blind
So the kingdom falls to one inside.
And we try to find a land to call home
Maybe we will find a cave in which to abide
In which a bear has chosen to roam,
And she has cubs to mother
She has food to hunt
So the home we choose must be another
we may wander to the oceanfront.
Where a mermaid may be searching for a friend
But she wants us to come into the sea
But we can’t come to her home, it’d be the end
We must move on to let her be free.
As we wander from these lands
There are no allies in sight
There are warriors fighting other bands
But we must continue my flight.
On the journey we find
A sparkling winter wood
Where a wolf has sheltered from the wind
He shows us the den with his mate and brood.
Now an ally at our side 
we wander through the wood to hunt
As we leave the wood the world opens wide
The world leaves our energy spent.
friends find love
The only ally we found journeys onward
With her gone we travel to the mountains above
The path we follow leads to a kingdom conquered.
we’ve wandered far from a land called home
The journey means many things
All these days we’ve continued to roam
Aching legs make us wish for wings.
following many roaring brooks
Seeing many kingdoms fall
We’ve wandered through hidden nooks
We journey alone for most days of our all.
Only a few allies survive
Wandering through life
Everyone hopes to arrive
To journey to a land without strife,
A land where all are free
An empire to call their own
A world to journey from sea to sea
A place where we don’t have to be grown.
we’ve wandered through valleys
we’ve wandered over the mountains
Learned to hide loss with being happy
Seen the journeys of thousands.
Every day we journey away from the land called home
And every day wander back again
We learn as we roam
But as we arrive home, we complain
Because we don’t want to close the book.

Copyright © | Year Posted 2017

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Date: 2/22/2017 8:51:00 AM
Brilliant so much depth and feeling. well done. Pete.
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