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I know you, You're not innocent, You're not returning back to innocence. With dirty hands, A seed doesn't grow anything, A rotten tomato will never be eaten. No one ever, Believes in little white lies, No matter how clean and small they are. The bee buzzes, Beautiful flowers spill their sweetness, But he can still sting you in the end. God stepped away, To allow satan to play with you, God now has enough to convict you. Happiness is never, Found in large coins and large bills, But it's found in fountains with pennies. Smiles are stretched, When one pretends happiness, There are alot of big smiles today. Dogs have fleas, We will accept that, When we want someone to love. Wild horses run free, So we tame them, So we can ride wild with them. A baby unborn, Can't cry until it's born, An aborted child cries forever. Don't ever trust, A person who hates dogs, A dog can feel a person's evilness. When a storms, Been predicted, believe the lightening, And the thunder. A cat purrs, When it's happy, But it also purrs when it's in pain. A bird's nest, Is built with love and hard work, The eggs are her best reward. I've never seen, A flower yet that was ugly, Even when it's surrounded by ugly weeds. No one has, Ever lost their way, While climbing up to heaven. A man with, A loaded gun has confidence, That's not to be reckoned with. A tree's branches, Will florish and grow, If they're never cut down. A child grows, Like a sturdy tree, If it's never cut down. A child's hand, Is so small, Yet it holds so very much. A mother should, Never turn her back, On her gut instincts concerning her child. Money that's saved, Is money that's, Eventually spent. A monkey swings, With confidence in trees, That have grown strong branches. A funny joke, Is only funny, To the person who finds it funny. A promise is, Only as good as, A pinkie swear to some people. A smile hidden, Is a, Beautiful disaster. Alcohol is always, A weak mans way to, Remember or forget a lover. I don't remember, Unless I select, A memory that truly suits me. Skiing is a, Chosen ride down a steep hill, With many fun risks involved. When you break, Your ankle and foot, It's then hard to put your own foot in your mouth. A bitter man, Has a tongue that bends, Towards revenge and lashings. Break bread with, A man who's starving, He'll never ask you to pass the butter. A jealous sister, Never celebrates your achievements, She only points out your failures. A sack of, Potatos are still potatos, Even after being mashed with butter. Books are best, When read with hopes, That you'll learn something. A picture forgotten, When found is a priceless treasure, To the one who snapped it. When I die, Bury me face down, so the ones that visit, That I don't like, can kiss my butt. A rose lives, Among thorns, Yet it never complains. Children only hate, What they are taught, To hate. When bears want, Sweet Honey, They hang out with busy bees. Laziness always makes, A man more confident, That he's not good at anything. Cook a man, A delicious dinner, And he will give you a sweet dessert. When a person, Is evil, They don't believe they're evil. A short legged man, Can still jump to long conclusions.

Copyright © | Year Posted 2022

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