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Time Machine

Ride with me on my time machine to a different time and place
Return with me and let me see if I can put a smile upon your face
To the days of AM radio and the TV was black and white
To lying in a grassy field and counting stars at night
Popcorn and soda in the balcony at a Saturday matinee
Parades led by the High School Band on Decoration Day
Dressing up and going door to door on the night of Halloween
Cigarettes rolled in your shirt, pretending to be James Dean
Pep rallies before the football games, everybody stand and cheer
Going in the woods with your friends at night, sharing a quart of beer
That feeling inside, turning red, when she smiled at you at the dance
Wanting to kiss her goodnight, but you were afraid to take a chance
Playing chase tag at night in the neighborhood, hiding behind a tree
Holding hands with your first steady, so all your friends could see
Medicine Show at the end of town in a giant canvas tent
Saving pennies for a rainy day, fasting on candy for Lent
Going for a Sunday ride with Mom and Dad in the family car
Playing in the yard at night, putting lightning bugs in a jar
Drag racing on that long stretch of road, Chevy was hard to beat
Stealing peaches from a neighbor’s tree, always seemed so sweet
Riding bikes all over town, never knowing the meaning of fear
Identifying cars by their tail lights, make and model and year
News and Stooges at the theatre before the movie starts
Valentine’s day I love you written on tiny candy hearts
Easter bonnets and picking flowers for Mom on Mother’s Day
Opening day at the community pool the last weekend in May
Sock hop in the auditorium, collar up, trying to play it cool
Meeting friends at the usual place, everyday after school
Six for a quarter on the juke box, music that would move your soul
Return with me now to those glory days and the birth of rock and roll.

Copyright © | Year Posted 2009

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Date: 2/20/2009 11:25:00 AM
this is a wonderful write reads so well -- my fav of yours so far :)
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Date: 2/16/2009 6:53:00 PM
such a nice write of another time and place ..........great job
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Date: 2/15/2009 11:26:00 AM
Vince, this wonderful work evokes so many childhood memories for me. What an excellent way to share with others of our generation! It was mesmerizing! Best wishes and thanks for your comments on "Hail Condo." For me, the "unums" are welcome to stay as long as they contribute to the economy and pay taxes. Love, Carolyn
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Date: 2/11/2009 1:16:00 AM
nostalgic you made me!! trying to play cool are you??... nice one... Vince! ~ Arany
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Date: 2/10/2009 11:51:00 PM
Thanks for your kind words on my blog Vince.have a good day.Rgds Brian
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Date: 2/10/2009 10:49:00 AM
Wonderful poetry! I love your description of these days when things seemed so much kinder and simpler. Beautiful flow to this. :) Thanks so much for your comments on Mystic Walk. Love, Amy
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Date: 2/7/2009 1:49:00 PM
Oh yes, those were great old days. Before having to look over one's shoulder in fear of terrorists. You write well of a happy childhood. Thank you for your comments on my poetry. Love, Joyce
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Date: 2/5/2009 4:48:00 AM
A god use of rhyme here. the narrative, and its length, would prove problematic to a lot of people attempting something on this scale, butthat is not the case with this. the lines are measured beautifully, making the task of redading this aloud easy. there is a great connection of sounds in this that are not simply a result of the rhyme scheme: 'News and Stooges' (the 'ooooh' sound), 'balcony' and 'matenee'; all showing the care that went into composing this. A poem about life, full of life.
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Date: 2/5/2009 12:49:00 AM
Thanks for your blog comment Vince.The great thing about PS is we take each other along with us on our journey as your poetry has done for me this morning.A beautiful vignette.One for my favourites.Thanks. Brian
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Date: 2/4/2009 1:07:00 PM
Terrific rhyme throughout, great job. So many of these memories I share with you, thanks for the look back. Laurie
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Date: 2/4/2009 10:45:00 AM
And then there was Fibber McGee & Molly ... smile ... wonderful nostalgia run you've been on with your Feature of the week and this great write. I am SO GLAD you are at the Soup Vince. I just appreciate your humor soooo very much. Your comment on Intoxicating Eclipse was my laugh for the morning after I deleted my recent blogs because I got so mad at a response but I want to thank you for yours and for owning your journey through the fields of bigotry. I need to drop it now ... smile ...
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Date: 2/4/2009 5:29:00 AM
Always flooded with some of the best memories of my life when I read your poems from way back then. This is one of your best. Would love to go back. Right now. Love, Shar
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Date: 2/3/2009 6:56:00 PM
Vince, this is gosh..they are such a wonderful part of growing "older"..BG
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Date: 2/3/2009 3:27:00 PM
Makes me think of "Happy Days" I loved that show.....thanks for the memories Vince.....always, Christy
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Date: 2/3/2009 3:07:00 PM
In reference to your last line.....darn..I wish I could return with you to those glory days least for while...those were great times, people born too late to know...have no idea how much they missed!. love, Carrie
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