The Generous Bard

(The Merry Adventures of Robin Good)

Sherwood's Forest legendary, leading man 
up, down, tricking eggs between branches
slender, slander, his voice is growing thinner
twisting, turning heads 50 shades of green

Master of disguise reaching for the top archers spot, 
A bard, with uncanny precision, ROBIN nonstop
Splitting his opponent LIKE A BOSS!
Aiming arrows, where broken women sit
Creating fantasies, for his band of hypocrites 
A serenade, of jealousy and mayhem 
A poetic outlaw, generously taking what others earn 
Wearing black tights, the hottest profile, sipping wine
A lust beyond Dorthy's Rainbow, a venomous poem
Somewhere, covered in leprechaun's gold
His chest is cold 
- Yet warm from all the hands caressing this bard,
He is the best, gravity has no weight on his pen, 
A soundless soldier having his way with his sword, 
Executing those who challenge him,
Breathing life into many empty accounts
Giving voices and self-encouragement
With no time to drop down this bard from cloud nine
A dissipation of air fresheners and hello's
Painting pain just to pretend it hurts the person
A fragile voice whispering in the shadows

Slithering Secrets;
From this hooded bard who carries no face,
A mask of lies, taking what belongs to others.
Robin of honor, graveled by his peasants 
MISUNDERSTOOD in every fashion, yet he preys
Pipping dreams away, down an infested rat's path
Shoving Little Johns hopes down the list

Robin is no common criminal, just a bard 
Wearing a dark cloak, when in disguise
taking from the greedy --- giving to the needy 

Thank you for enjoying my story 
Robin Good and his network of Merry Men


Copyright © | Year Posted 2016

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Date: 1/27/2018 12:14:00 PM
Robin Hood will, I suppose, always occupy a special place in my heart, Linda. "The Adventures of Robin Hood" was the very first book I ever checked out of a library with my very first library card. And I suppose I've seen every Robin Hood movie that has come down the pike. My two favorites are the one with Erroll Flynn and Olivia de Haviland, and Mel Brooks' "Robin Hood, Men in Tights".
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Date: 11/23/2016 1:38:00 AM
A lot of thought went into this I think, enjoyed the wordplay P D.'
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Date: 9/27/2016 10:31:00 AM
The Poet Destroyer strikes again!!! Yes yes yes.
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Date: 5/15/2016 4:27:00 PM
Great Ballad with use of alliteration. Fun storytelling and we all love this legend! An amazing job and show of skill! Good one!
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Date: 5/9/2016 7:13:00 AM
Robin Hood is always a good motivation
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Date: 4/8/2016 8:03:00 AM
Linda, can I simply say WOW :-)
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Date: 3/28/2016 5:08:00 PM
Hi Linda, once again your words captivate in their meanings. Their are so many thieves in this time who will steal your words or ideas if you are not careful.I Love the creativity in this write as i Love the creativity in all your writes. This is Linda at her best. This is a seven and it goes into my faves....Vlad.
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Date: 2/26/2016 11:27:00 PM
Great concept in this story. Theives are everywhere. You hear about them on TV where they steal from houses, places of work, hodpitals etc. They stoop low. Some cannot even write an so steal other people's work. I happened to me too. You are a very talented writer. Deserves a 7 more than any other. Best of luck. Victor
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Date: 2/24/2016 6:53:00 PM
Dear Linda Wow what a story of old, retold in a fresh way, cleverly done, loved it totally woman, I read it over two times to capture the depth and width of it all. You've captured this time period and history perfectly, I'm completely impressed with this piece. You've out done yourself here, I bow my head to you my soul sister, congrads on the win you deserve with this piece of brilliance, cheri and have a great weekend girl, cheri
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Date: 2/24/2016 2:35:00 PM
And enjoy your story, I did. Quite creative - I know this contest has placed and feel sure this should have been on the winner's list ... CayCay
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Date: 2/19/2016 10:09:00 PM
Wow this is so amazing Linda.. congrats on great win!
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Date: 2/19/2016 6:08:00 PM
Congrats on your win!
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Date: 2/19/2016 1:48:00 PM
And you said u wanted to redo yours!!! Congrats this deserving
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Date: 2/19/2016 1:11:00 PM
So many twists in your tale Linda - a great tale and hopefully anyone found 'robbin' will get caught and 'bard' from soup lol congrats on your win:-) hugs jan xx
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Date: 2/19/2016 12:48:00 PM
I love the twist in your" The Generous Bard" this is wonderful! Congratulations on your win. Hugs Eve
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A   Avatar
Poet Destroyer A
Date: 2/19/2016 12:49:00 PM
yes, so much good from robin good. :)
Date: 2/19/2016 11:53:00 AM
PDA, well since news travels fast and rumors are floating above my head. I must ask, when did you give birth to me? LOL. I had a conversation with a lovely lady and she said I have a nice mother on poetry soup. I said who. she pointed to you. I always thought my mother's name was Valerie Treviico double ii :) I love the way TREVI sounds. The ii is questioned a lot. Anyways, Lady you rock your poem rocks. This kind of greed is passed on to the fragile mind. Congratlations. CT
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A   Avatar
Poet Destroyer A
Date: 2/19/2016 12:31:00 PM
Thanks, Mijo (not!). lol, if so, why am I still blocked, I removed the bad comment long when Ian left. Anyways, if you are my kid then you need to remove all them poets you favorite when you first blogged. I was like Ewww, he likes my enemies. LOLOLOL. NOOOO!!! thanks for being XOOL. Now, unblock me and we can talk about everyone... LOLOLOL JK...CT, if you give more wins you will be liked and followed more. that is the way it works around here. You once asked, how can you get poets to like you. That is my advice to you. Stop giving 5-13 wins. You will have everyone making so many rumors about you if you keep your winning list short. Hugs and love. LINDA (notthe momma) lol
T  Avatar
Date: 2/19/2016 11:54:00 AM
this reminds me of a song. When one is never enough
Date: 2/15/2016 12:41:00 AM
A jolly tribute to the legend re-imagined. I like this new persona of Robin Good ... and there are many colorful tidbits to enjoy here. I especially liked this one "the lust beyond Dorothy's Rainbow" << really cool!
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Date: 2/14/2016 10:59:00 AM
This is an example of why you are a top poet in my opinion. I am sending you a soup-mail request regarding this superb poem my friend. Super 7 on this gem and adding to my fav list. Thanks
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Date: 2/13/2016 8:20:00 PM
I am still working on the Robin hood contest. But don't like how the piece is turning out. PD I enjoyed this.....kiss........
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Date: 2/9/2016 5:03:00 PM
A Robin who steals from the rich (in imagination) and gives to the poor (in imagination). You've taken a great idea and made it into even a better poem.
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Date: 2/7/2016 2:33:00 PM
Then, when no much I understood From the mixture of bad and good, Face to face as we happily stood: I stole a kiss from the life: good, I certainly felt like brave Robin Hood, And now I still wonder how I could: Was I foul, or just misunderstood? So, I try to return it: in high mood.
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Date: 2/7/2016 2:23:00 PM
A 7 on this biting indictment of those who steal, Linda! Janice
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Date: 2/7/2016 2:04:00 PM
A very barbed stab at the plagiarizing bard or bards P D..' If you run'em to ground I suggest a hanging by their heels by their heels from the nearest tree..'
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Date: 2/7/2016 4:40:00 AM
Your superb talent shines in this amazing masterpiece my dearest sis!I'm so compelled to read this new and very unique version of Robin Hood in Good. I love the twist and had enjoyed immensely the whole story. I read it many times and a fave. Good luck my dearest sis though I know you don't need it. Your captcha says PDW and I strongly concurred. Thanks a lot for sharing! Many hugs! <3, your #1 fan, 4ever Sis-BFF Leo
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Date: 2/7/2016 3:14:00 AM
A delightful twist to the Robin Hood tale! I hope the scent of its message can reach the "pinchers" of verse.
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