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The Forest

"What happens in the forest stays in the forest"

The trees are trimmed, 
The leaves on the ground 
Proposing passion, sweet mist
Naked with nothing to bare or wear
Nature's breath lightens the atmosphere
She breathes in, he breathes out
The auditory sensation of rain 
   - drums down and deepens
The course is near its end, 
Deep in this forest night
A Gentleman among the trees, 
Hibernating new seeds 

"On the other side of the forest"
He guides a path, with ebony eyes
A convincing vent, I accept
The fear is broken, I sleep in glee
The whispers disappear 
Drying in peace by the secret bayou 
Broad leaves lay under raw landscape
Lulled by the chills he quills
A quarter past midnight 
Mr Romantic
   - prepares the new sheets of Winter. 


Copyright © | Year Posted 2015

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Date: 10/2/2018 4:54:00 PM
wow, just found you SKAT.. what a great start..beautifully written.
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Date: 6/30/2017 5:56:00 AM
Great poems love it. Congrats on your win
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Date: 10/14/2016 3:21:00 PM
Very seductive poem, Skat. Excellent imagery. It made me think I was the lucky guy. Oh well, a person can always dream. Wonderful poem though. Fine quality poetic craftwork as is expected from you. Love you always.
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Date: 10/10/2016 8:12:00 AM
There is something so alluring about a silent and secluded area in a forest, the colors, the sounds, shadows playing on the ground, a canopy of branches and leaves that weave a magical feeling. Your poem captures this and more, very nice.
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Date: 9/30/2016 3:20:00 PM
hey great poem Skat ! check out my other poem posts please. thanks, Jonathan W. Hopkins
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Date: 9/3/2016 8:33:00 PM
good one
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Date: 8/2/2016 3:21:00 PM
I see this as a very sensual poem but that's probably because I'm just a dirty old man...I think it's more likely about Fall giving way to Winter. Anyway, I don't care WHAT your intro says, I wanna know what happened in that forest! I think this is probably the best work of yours I have seen and is going to my favs accompanied by a 7...
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Date: 8/2/2016 10:32:00 AM
Congratulations on your win, this was amazing! Hugs Eve
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Date: 8/2/2016 7:54:00 AM
Congrats SKAT on your top placement on wonderful poem. hugs
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Date: 8/2/2016 4:13:00 AM
Such fascinating imagery - wish I'd been a sloth in a cherry tree lol Would have been able to reveal all the secrets:-) congrats on your win:-) hugs Jan xx
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Date: 8/2/2016 3:16:00 AM
Congrats Skat, for your well, deserved top placement in the contest!! ;-)
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Date: 8/1/2016 11:44:00 PM
I really enjoyed this, in particular this line "What happens in the forest stays in the forest" Mark
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Date: 8/1/2016 9:51:00 PM
Superb work, Skat - I was mesmerized, happily so. A WOW ... CayCay
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Date: 8/1/2016 8:16:00 PM
Beautiful win Skat, congratulations...
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Date: 7/30/2016 5:53:00 AM
Dear Skat: A simply beautiful poem. I love the allusion to snow in the final line. I have just moved to a forest setting and your poem captures perfectly the romance of the peaceful setting. A new favorite on my list and a 7..... Which could be higher if the numbers Love, SuZ
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Date: 7/22/2016 2:48:00 PM
Damn! That is absolutely beautiful writing at its best. I loved every line of it. Each moving smoothly one to the next. Great job. Your alliteration in the second line of first verse is friggin' awesome. I love this. A definite 7!
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Date: 7/19/2016 1:48:00 AM
Seemingly opaque, in a good way. The way in which you write seems comparable and contrasted to the way which I write...
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Date: 7/16/2016 11:23:00 PM
I took that completely different from what I think I should have...Either or.....That was an amaZing read..J Cole
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Date: 7/15/2016 8:14:00 AM
Deep descent decorative. Congrats
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Date: 7/11/2016 8:37:00 AM
this is a terrific is very deep and i don't really understand it fully but at the same time quite moving ...with lots of strange and wonderful images..:))
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Date: 7/4/2016 6:04:00 AM
Thanks for commenting on my poem, Flower Pot! I must say, I am stunned by the beauty in The Forest. "Stilled by the chills he quills...." -wow. I love your style. Keep posting!
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Date: 7/3/2016 4:12:00 AM
I so love the forest...who wants to see bare space?! I've been missing out!!!!
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Date: 7/2/2016 2:15:00 AM
I had to read it a second time. Why!!!!!!????
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Date: 7/1/2016 7:52:00 PM
Beautiful my dear
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Date: 6/28/2016 10:55:00 PM
What a strangely beautiful depiction of the forest ... I'm intrigued by this Gentleman among the trees, and Mr. Romantic ...
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