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There is, attached to being a female, the perception of fragility and weakness. This, according to the perception is clearly evident in the woman's lack of physical strength and the nearly inevitable emotional breakdowns. This, together with other ''outbursts'' is seen to be a weakness by men.

You see, from birth, the girl child is tenderly cared for and treated with so much care as compared to her brother. Even the ancestors famously put it like this out of their vast wisdom, ''when you educate a girl child, you are educating a nation'' further, they said, ''imiti ikula, empanga'' so care is rendered to this child. She doesn't have much to do, save for the house chores.

However, this treatment has cons to it. It psychologically settles in the subconscious, thus leaving the growing girl seeking. She always wants attention. She loses confidence in her natural beauty and relies on artificial makeup and Brazilian hair. 

By nature, the female sex is competitive, jealous and usually envious. They are highly feminine and closely attached to their emotions. A select few are dignified, faithful, strong and courageous while Others have dented the female identity. These are the two faced female-supremacists. They want everything good. They give their hearts for presents, their bodies for money. ''i cant date my age mate'', ''my boyfriend must protect me'', ''he must be sober and mature'', ''he must be driving and  must have swag'', ''he must be handsome and must speak good english''  the list is endless.These lie to their young boyfriends and date older, married rich men. 

Because of these, most females are seen as naive and gullible. The few visionary are on the power struggle. They want equity with the male folk. These are the heroes, just ordinary people laying down their lives to uplift their kind. 

But unless girls stop dressing like prostitutes, taking light issues personal, seeking unnecessary attention, dating older men for money, phones, hair and cosmetics trying to be prettier than everyone else, trying to be sexy and hot as compared to being beautiful and modest, unless they stop this, be rest assured, the equity struggle is all but in vain. The perception will still stand and so i ask, where are the heroes of this generation, the beautiful, focused, independent, faithful, strong and decent ladies ?? Do they exist??


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Date: 3/22/2016 11:21:00 AM
Thanks alot. I would also love to hear their views
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