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Sonnet De Souffrance

If some of your demons would dance with a few of my devils... maybe I could have peace, even if for just a little while. For what is a moment if a moment is not gone in just that? The essence of time is sweet, succulent... now a mere memory, it's taste now bland, the colors it once was, and oh how it was. Magnanimous, breathtaking, like being born and born a new. Now dull, lifeless a decay to mock everything it was, was not, could be and never will be again. An echo, however bent and distorted it may have been. Perhaps the moment was bent and the persistence of time merely distorted around it. The words, twist upon my lips... like blank puzzle pieces in my eye, the eye cannot be silenced for sight never had been heard. For if sight had been heard for what then was it? Perhaps a dream, for what are dreams, memories of life not yet lived, moments not yet born? Desires of the heart unknown? For the heart is foolish a daydreamer, easily pacified and convinced it settling’s are complacent...   Dream then, dream the dreams thine heart dare dream, lost within itself. The center of everything shrouded in the apex of nothingness highlighted in the subtle hue of creation.. Old is new alike yet nothing next of kin. I, the man I was, for then if i was who then was he, for what lay to rest, inside the stranger of my former self... now ablaze, destructive, raging pain as pleasure upon self, for must he truly suffer, to hold accountability for things that could never be counted, yet accounted for one by precious one. Lay must he down to rest, his fragile broken hands. For if you should dare to dance with these devils,  take them by lead, or chance, round this void in time, for there never were a dance.

Copyright © | Year Posted 2018

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Date: 9/17/2018 1:05:00 AM
Scot let me be the second to welcome you to p.s.! You will enjoy yourself anyway I hope so! Lol did not mean to sound rude that you would regardless! Lol! Anyway welcome and enjoyed the write! Now must venture to your next one!;) Brenda
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Chiri Avatar
Brenda Chiri
Date: 9/18/2018 7:47:00 AM
glad you shared!
Garner Avatar
Scot Garner
Date: 9/17/2018 1:54:00 AM
Brenda... thank you so much for your thoughts on my work. Most of my life this side of me has been kept a secret. Very very few people have ever seen me reveal myself in such a truly intimate way. Gk let others read words truly born inside you is the most stripped down and truly vulnerable a person can be.
Date: 7/2/2018 3:01:00 PM
Hi Scot.. Back to welcome you to Poetry Soup! You're going to love it here. Read and comment on others poets writes and they will do the same for you. Take a minute to come check out my latest write. Looking forward to reading more of your work!
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Date: 6/28/2018 11:35:00 PM
Nice write, Scot!
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