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Poetry and Me

Pray, ten years back,
I thought of myself as being a mere simple girl
Too humble to even wear some lipstick to go to work
As I did not want to seem to be that which I was;
A being with enough depth pulsating in me
As to be powerful and pure enough
As to move the stillness of the skies!

But then, when life crashed down on my soul,
Like a plane, going head down, heading straight 
For the soil, ripping me off my cosy bed of comfort
And making me see its truth;
That it is merely what it is, a lie, a lie, yes,
A lie as ugly as a most porous infection yet, making
Itself seem as pleasant as a smoothly flowing song
A song rhythmic enough as to have everyone, even 
Those who cannot follow tones, sing in the most carefree manner!

Life crashed on me and I fell apart, broken into millions of pieces
Only to feel the power surrounding me grip me, swirl me
Into mini typhoons merely to emerge as that which I
Assert to be now; a poetess singing of an eternal love story,
Which had lasted millions of cycles before
And which is meant to last for as long as Existence would deem it!

Poetry is that force given to me by the power which broke me
Merely to have me celebrating of my love
For that one being chosen for me, that one being who I deem
As being my living God, my saviour, the one to whom my soul is tied,
The one whose hand I shall cling on to when the boat of the other worlds
Will show itself to us,
When its captain shall boom to us, in a relieved voice,
That we are to board it as our punishment in a false world is over
And done with!

Poetry is the only way for me to feel relieved
Yes, poetry is that which makes of me an immortal
In a world which pushes me to keep wanting to leave it
For better and higher zones!

Poetry is God's manifestation in me, my outpourings soothe me
While at the same time, they allow me to reveal of my love
Yes, poetry bids me to show to the world my naked truth
However much I try to conceal it!

Poetry is my power, 
Power which allows my heart to keep on beating
Power which allows my love story to be celebrated,
Power which allows me to be, as I am,
Fearless, while at the same time, shivering with anxiety!

Of it I shall never tire myself
As I just know, someday, somehow,
It shall allow me to look at Love with desirous eyes
And tell him, 
All of my words, from the very beginning,
Were for you, even when I didn't know you yet!

Written on 22nd Feb 2019

Copyright © | Year Posted 2019

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Date: 3/2/2019 9:57:00 AM
Nicely written poem , Anoucheka , congratulations on your win. Hugs Eve ~`*
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Date: 2/28/2019 6:05:00 AM
- Poems means a lot for those who love it :) - Congratulations on your lovely win :) - hugs // Anne-Lise :)
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Date: 2/28/2019 4:37:00 AM
I see you have a strong bond with poetry.. Congratulations on your placement in the contest..
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