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See the sea 
Fading away from her lover and
Coming back with all her might
Just to kiss her lover 
The stronger she came 
The more stronger they pull her back;
The heaven knows no gender 
The heaven knows no race, but
Does the heaven know me, you and us?
Does the heaven know love?
In my mind,  the  heaven collapsed a billion times
War ,rape , murder ,starvation ,poverty 
They say the guy in heaven don’t sleep
Probably he is blind or maybe he is dead 
Was  the bevan in heaven  a myth 
Founded from obsession of suppression
For depriving our expression or
A historic tale of forgotten confession?
Reclaim the lost aggression  
For the march of our progression 
None is a transgression
That attains perfection 
                                          Striding around with a hypnotic state of mind 
                                          Every day seems robotic, 
                                          Everyone seems idiotic and
                                          Everything turns chaotic.
                                          Are we that myopic? to believe
                                          Spiritual illness can be cured by an antibiotic?

 Yes, it's ironic that 
 We are the heaven: we are the hell
 We are the god: we are the devil 

                                                  We love each other: we hate each other 
                                                  We make war: we make peace 
                                                  We give life: we take life 
                                                  The world need no god 
                                                  The world need us 
                                                  Find yourself, be yourself
                                                 The world need no god 
                                                  The world need us 

Copyright © | Year Posted 2017

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Date: 4/3/2017 10:12:00 AM
So, interesting how you won the "poem of the week" on the blood rush contest page? I've warned others about the scam. Both here and on the Academy of American Poets. Stop shopping for victims on Soup. PS: More stronger is grammatically incorrect. PPS. The invite you sent on Soup was word for word the same invite posted on A.A.C. Mr. Sreejith Nath.
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Date: 4/1/2017 7:13:00 PM
We took charge of the world and left God out. He weeps with us and joys with us and gives us compassion for each other. He, in the end, is all we have. Your poem came from honest doubt and was well expressed, I think.
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