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God, my life is an open book and you wrote it
I am sticking to your script, sometimes am overly neurotic
But I pray you give me a sign
My ways are so dark,  give me a sun
I am too blind to read in between your lines
Give me insight 
I need to discern between good and evil 
I need to love me as I do people
I need to treat each as an equal
I am not perfect I have sinned 
Been swayed by the things I have seen
My eyes been accustomed to images so obscene
My tongue has lashed torrents of unspeakable speech
And sometimes drinking what I preach
Sometimes ignoring what you teach
I have broken your commandments and am now seeking for amendments 
My paradise has turned into a menace 
Full of people with no respectable manners
I come to you with my head bowed 
I come to you and if allowed
Let me serve you God
Let me direct my effort for good
Let me be thy servant for when I stray 
You will always take me by the hand and show me the way 
Let me see you when I pray
Let me see a challenge when I fail
Let me spring to my feet again when I fall
God I am not perfect 

I have seen evil in the eyes of men
I have erased hope in the eyes of many
I have drove crazy the totally sane
I have send the innocent from womb to tomb
There's blood on my hands I need cleansing 
My body is your temple, I need fencing
Like a prodigal son I need forgiving
The world is falling apart and only you
Only you can restore dignity in the lives of humanity
Only you can save us
Only you can save me 
I am not perfect

Copyright © | Year Posted 2018

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Date: 8/10/2018 12:57:00 PM
i really, really loved your work.
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