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My Mind Runs The Show

In those very few moments just before rising,
my Mind is busy with things that must be done,
as it plans the day ahead and organizes my time
into smaller segments that will fit into place,
then decides how I can do each one,
so that by nightfall, I will cross the finish line.

It reviews each activity line by line,
as it watches until it sees the sun rising
in the east, then my Mind and body become as one
machine, ready to reach its goal, until all is done.
I eat my breakfast at the very same pace and place
I do each day, and then rush to my tasks to be on time.

I try to concentrate on each thing, one at a time,
so as to be organized and keep all things in line,
but this is no easy task to keep things in their place
and I feel a loss of control and my blood pressure rising,
but I must stay at it so that I can get them done
and not be left short of doing the very last one.

But why the importance to finish every single one,
not allowing some things to be left until the next time,
instead, wearing out the machine, trying to get them done?
This is no more than my Mind trying to keep me in line,
taking control of the machine, to stop my will from rising
and doing the things I desire, in this or any place.

"Everything in its place, everything in its place,
one by one - one by one - one by one." 
This mantra fills my ears and the sound is rising
ever louder, deafening me as I rush to finish on time,
line by line - line by line - line by line - line by line,
and the machine is breaking down, trying to get them done.

But what will be the penalty if things are not done,
and the consequences if they are not in their place,
and what can my Mind do if I step out of line,
nothing, for I have a will that answers to no one,
not to my body, nor my Mind, nor the dictates of time,
and with this realization, I feel my courage rising.

I step to the back of the line and relax, for I am done
working. I watch the rising sun come from its place,
knowing that I am the one in charge of my time.

Copyright © | Year Posted 2017

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