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My Beloved - 7 - Super Crown Of Sonnets - Valentine's Collection

Ever be with me within love’s own light, 
within the light of love’s tree we shall join. 
Right up ahead the oak shines golden bright, 
to her deep living roots, our love enjoin.

Soon we shall meet in the depths of our soul, 
our love’s flames shall ignite in joy’s embrace. 
Holding you close to me this is my goal, 
I see paradise when I see your face.

High in the azure, the sun is shining, 
under our tree, I see your loving face. 
Through depths of time, I see you there smiling, 
on the breath of a sigh, we find love’s space.

We sip from the cup of love’s sweetest wine, 
our heart is dancing in azure divine.
Our heart is dancing in azure divine, 
oh, queen of my soul, you are my desire. 
My precious star, let our temples now shine, 
as we now lie in the depths of love’s fire.

My precious star, your flame of love does sing,
Forever smile on me with beauty’s peace.
Love I bring to you, my everything,
Now join with me and our troubles will cease.

Your soulful eyes light up the heart of day, 
within these beautiful gems I would drown. 
I am lost within them, there I will stay, 
we lie now below our golden, brown tree.

My love, you are ever a wondrous sight, 
a beauty that does shine with love’s own light.
A beauty that does shine with love’s own light, 
each dream that comes it is only of you. 
Your heart does beat gently, such a delight, 
now we dream our dream of a love so true.

We shall now partake of love’s sweetest wine, 
bare ourselves to the world under sky blue. 
Within our passion our love it shall shine, 
my angel of love, I now join with you.

Throughout the heart of this beautiful day, 
spent together in a love so divine. 
We shall both join in love’s sweet majesty, 
our temples shall dance and also shall shine.

At the table of love, we now shall dine, 
under a Heavenly glory that does shine.
Under a Heavenly glory that does shine, 
under me, your pliant temple does lie. 
Then glory does thrust without any sign, 
I enter into you under blue sky.

Love’s perfection we shall never betray, 
as temple’s dance to the breath of a sigh. 
Under our tree I would forever stay 
with you, as on emerald green, we lie.

Within this dream, our passion displayed, 
volcanic heat in my loins I do feel. 
In dream’s endeavour, love’s beauty replayed, 
passion and desire we do not conceal.

Within the depths of passion, our heart takes flight, 
within our passion, we shall shine so bright.


To be continued..........

Copyright © | Year Posted 2019

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Date: 2/10/2019 8:32:00 AM
I read the second part first... I think you need to take it easy my friend, you might release all your poetic powers and have no romance left inside... but knowing you, that will never be the case..
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Raven Avatar
Vladislav Raven
Date: 2/11/2019 7:24:00 AM
Hi Silent, thank you for dropping by and the comment on this part of my Super Crown, it is much appreciated. I am so glad you liked the Sonnets. You know me well my friend. Hopefully, the romance shall never leave me, I shall always have a song to sing. Have a wonderful Monday. Your friend always....Mike.
Date: 2/9/2019 3:00:00 PM
I would like to thank all those who drop by to view this piece. Your visits help a poet to keep singing. Hugs....Mike. XX
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