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Love Under a Hidden View

to begin it held a sense of impossible,
a hopeless feeling with bright eyes.
a missing year or two in the air, 
a difference both seemingly realized. 

A few spoken words gave a new hope,
a flirtatious atmosphere set in. 
a hidden glance above a small smile,
a message to change what had been. 

in a night, one shall always remember 
they danced to a beat of their own souls.
a shared memory upon their lips, 
a fairly new hand for theirs' to hold. 

to a new feeling in her heart brought on, 
a steady rhythm beating on her chest. 
a blush against her light pink cheeks, 
a sweet poem that her heart suggests.

under a comfy feeling of warmth, 
her heart sings a soft new tune. 
one to remind her of his light, bright eyes,
a memory to be lost unfairly soon. 

a love hidden within shared whispers, 
to which they only keep to each other. 
a low voice with trembling hands, 
a pull so strong to one another. 

a wish upon a fast falling star, 
to be his one, to hold him close. 
a touch of fingers in a darkened room,
a connection of which no one knows. 

careful not to make a single sound, 
hidden and quiet, they love kindly. 
for no care of the wild world around, 
their love perches on a sense of beauty. 

not all great things stay meant to be, 
a tree even begins to wither. 
his eyes stay bright near the end, 
hers, full of hope, endless wonder. 

after a time of unforgiving admiration,
a lovely journey of new adventure.
sadly ends upon her hearts denial, 
a last page reads of what they were. 

she moves from one place to a new, 
a chapter of life awaits to be seen.
his home stays behind her silhouette, 
a king watches his lovely, parting queen. 

alone under a dim, clouded full moon, 
she wishes her love the best. 
he sits under the same starry night, 
with a feeling all people detest. 

an end to a quiet romance of young, 
hands held without view of prying eyes. 
the love gives a last, lingering stare, 
as the two mutter their last goodbyes. 

Copyright © | Year Posted 2019

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Date: 4/15/2019 4:25:00 PM
One of the sadness of life. All good things must end. Great poem. Have a great day.
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