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Lord Byron-Genius Unchained

Poet's Notes

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Author's Notes:  "Lord Byron--Genius Unchained" is a Double Dactyl formatted write that I wrote as a tribute to Lord Byron because of his celebrated status as the "Highest of High Romantics" during the early 19th century.  He became, over time, a virtual synonym for the greatest of lovers despite his sexual peccadilloes and blatant affectation for Narcissism. This poem touches specifically on his declared destiny to die a soldier's death, which he did in 1824, at age 36 in Missolonghi in western Greece during the Greek War of Independence from the Ottoman Empire. This final event in his short, mercurial and brilliant life set the stage for him dying young and made his legend imperishable.  (Gary Bateman - May 6, 2015) (Double Dactyl)

Categories:  allegory, destiny, imagery, love, passion, romance, and romantic.

Lord Byron—Genius Unchained
George Gordon Noel Byron
Destiny in Missolonghi at 36 
A soldier’s death.

Legendary immortality
For him the best
And now he’s at rest.

Gary Bateman, Copyright © All Rights Reserved,
May 6, 2015 (Double Dactyl)

Copyright © | Year Posted 2015

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Date: 8/18/2015 3:55:00 PM
Thank you, Gary. You demonstrate considerable skill with the double dactyl. Very impressive. For a learner like me, you're certainly a poet to look up to.
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Bateman Avatar
Gary Bateman
Date: 8/19/2015 2:55:00 PM
Hello Dan . . . I appreciate your comments here very much. And, as I've already said to you in previous responses to some of your poems, it looks to me that you're right on track with things. Just keep writing and focus on the topics and themes that interest you. You might want to enter some of Poetry Soup's contests in the future for some background variety. There are a lot of really talented poets who sponsor them. I may sponsor something in the future, but my thing first and foremost is writing be best quality stuff I can. From what I've seen so far from your poetry, I think the sky's your limit on things. Keep Writing, Have Fun, and Always Enjoy!! Cheers, Gary
Date: 6/6/2015 7:02:00 PM
Hi G!Very beautiful pen Gary!I liked this excellent piece of yours about Lord Byron my dear friend.He's always been one of my very favorite poets from the past.Golden pen!A 7!I'll catch up with your poems some times, I see you've been very busy here:)Sending my love to you and Ingrid.I always keep you both in my prayers.I visited Sttuggart a few times many years ago, G.My daughter Eve was born in Heidelberg, but we lived in Mannheim:) Very beautiful German cities/town these three.My children are part German too:)The best to you always!Take good care now.Wishing you a very lovely weekend!In his light!God bless you!:)D.
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Bateman Avatar
Gary Bateman
Date: 6/7/2015 7:19:00 AM
Hello D! Thanks for your read of my Lord Byron Double Dactyl. I actually like doing these and plan to do more. I don't think they're so popular among the Soup community though. It doesn't matter since I write for myself anyway. Thanks too for the "7"!! Germany is a great place to be. Even better since Ingrid is here with me!! With your children and your time here sound like you have some historical connections to Germany. Heidelberg is very beautiful. I've been there many times. I'm actually writing short stories now too that will be in my second future book along with a large selected poetry section. I will try to drop past to see your poetry when I can. Things have been hectic since I returned from Stuttgart over a week ago. Best Always, Gary
Date: 5/29/2015 2:23:00 PM
outstanding pen pal really love how you penned this pal i have read quite a bit of byron myself sorry not been around much the last while passing you both a warm smile
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Bateman Avatar
Gary Bateman
Date: 5/30/2015 7:57:00 PM
Thanks Liam Mate!! I remember your telling me that you are a Lord Bryon aficionado. Me too. The more and more I work and write in the so-called modern age of poetry, I keep coming back every time to great poets of the earlier centuries. I wonder why?? Best to ya' Liam. Cheers, Gary
Date: 5/13/2015 4:38:00 AM
Fantastic!! Thoroughly enjoyed reading. I love your poems, because I learn a lot of history and lessons from them. Always, Laura
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Bateman Avatar
Gary Bateman
Date: 5/13/2015 4:36:00 PM
Hello Laura!! As always -- thanks for dropping by and for your read and most kind comments!! History along with literature just happens to be one of the major academic concentrations from my former university days, which probably explains how and why I do some of the poetic analyses of certain topics that I do. It's quite interesting to see how each of us as poets think about and approach certain themes and topics. Best Wishes!! Gary
Date: 5/7/2015 2:55:00 PM
- Quite a title to receive: "Highest of the High Romantics" - May he rest in peace, Lord George Gordon Noel Byron - First class written, as always Gary !!! - (TR) - All the best to you and Ingrid - hugs // Anne-Lise :)
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Bateman Avatar
Gary Bateman
Date: 5/7/2015 4:16:00 PM
Dear Anne-Lise, Thanks for your visit and read of my double dactyl write here on Lord Byron!! He did so much with his poems and other works in a very short life time. I'm glad you enjoyed this write. I will do some more of these double dactyls in the future. They are quite interesting to put together!! (I sent you an e-mail about the book!!) Best Always, Gary
Date: 5/7/2015 10:07:00 AM
It is a due recognition to poet and hero. I met some Byron's poetry about Dante's hell these days and admired his approach, very similar to mine, but with completely different rhymes. Your poem suggests to me the opportunity of comparing the two approaches. If you lke it, come and see in my poems
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Bateman Avatar
Gary Bateman
Date: 5/7/2015 4:42:00 PM
Hello Mario, Thanks for your wonderful note and comment here. I will most certainly drop by your page and check out your poems for sure. It might be worthwhile comparing the two approaches. (I also did some past double dactyl writes on Ezra Pound, T.S. Eliot, and William Cullen Bryant.) And my first book of poetry was just released worldwide on April 9th, entitled: "Conversations with My Muse," and is available now at Amazon and other major book outlets. Best Wishes, Gary