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Living to Get Out

Poet's Notes

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Dedicated to Kathleen Brennan whose body did not make it to this millennium, but whose spirit was, and remains, totally transmillennial.

This is my farewell, never goodbye; the one I might have said had I been more honest with myself about your impending loss, more generously inviting a conversation about what I hope to continue learning from you, and what we loved within each Other. I so hope I can redeem our last time alone by imagining what I could have said, and what you continue saying to me.


Your radiant light lives on in daily memory, your immense smile, red-cheeked belly laugh, your compassion for those our society has too easily left out and behind, discarded like carrots thinned in early spring because we planted our seed for over-population.


I learn to see your natural rhythms and resonant care as a sublimely sacred liturgy of humane song and dance, graceful flow and mindful heartbeat movement, racing rhapsody, pace, silence, active peace, even throughout protest, witness, embrace, loving kindness.


To this day, this millennium, I both long for your fair return and belong to our continuing incarnation, informing through your regenerative coincidental intimacy.


This ReGenesis Project evolves from your memory, my heart learning the love part from you. And, I sense you already prehend, in some eternally intuitive way, I am still working on the faith and willingness parts and harmonies of song, for our permacultural adventure opera.


Gerald Oliver


Dearest Gerald Oliver

Thanks much for your kind and generous thoughts and fairing well wishes! You continue sounding like a young adult version of Oliver Twist to me; knowing there must be a way to accomplish anything, if we could just imagine in a richer, more comprehensive, way. Now past the age of my shorter incarnation, you are learning advantages in being born a marginalized bionic alien with Poor Farm credentials.

And you seldom hesitate to ask for even more, but in an endearingly polypathic way.


Happy Trails and Self-Other-Optimizing Trends


We all feel like dying to get out of here at least sometimes; a meeting a relationship a job a car or bus or airplane a house or apartment a nation or state a Party or clan a faith community or PTA. This is about the reverse view: living to get out of there. How are my competitive assumptions hunting for, and haunted by, fear anger death-love dissonance despair autistic and/or suicidal images and fascination, anxiety and psychopathology sociopathology ecopathology? And, when does our cooperative intent hunt most ubiquitously, coincidentally, comprehensively, coherently, co-arisingly, co-redemptively, omnipresently and generically, hopefully, affectively, effectively, and efficiently, sustainably, optimally, and faithfully, permaculturally and polypathically, for love and active peace, cooperative vocations fairness balance equivalent value for natural nutritional systemic merit, medicine, joy, laughter and humor therapy, rapture and ecstasy, light and enlightenment, primally eternal and sacred relationship? Perhaps when we globally comprehend that love is to human-nature's spirit as health is to all nature systems; that the dynamism of polycultural-polypathic love is to spiritual systems as the dynamic power of permacultural ecotherapy is to natural systems; that life is to synergetically cooperative love, as death is to entropically monocultural terror of eisegetical isolation as the reposed destiny of universal prime relationship, adventuring toward +/(-)(-)(0) negentropic global evolutionary exposure. Perhaps when we culturally and religiously and metrically and scientifically define Prime Relationship as (0) Core Vector Beloved Community's Time and Thermodynamic Double-Binding Temporal Principle of Harmonic-Octave-Frequency Energy-Optimization Balance and Sustainably Emergent Systemic-Holonic Climax Communion. Perhaps we learn cognitive dissonance distinction between thinking of death and fear as "goodbye," missed opportunities, "that's behind me!" and simultaneously comprehending dissonance and anger as "farewell," teachable contiguous moments for global and personal well-being, love and active peace with justice for each and all, including Self, Other, and Earth. When we learn to begin each gathering with passing peaceful pipe, communing our communion, silencing our background screams, co-passioning our minds full together with each Other, in shared faith that before we can no longer see whites of each Others' eyes and bleached true souls, while we share this warmth of Tribal burning bush DNA-iconic Wisdom-Presence, we will each and all walk away from each Other understanding differences between what we need v. want, AND we will each and all walk toward our global future with reconnected commitment to what we each and all NEED to sustain our permaculturing lives and loves, our racial polyculturing regenetic ribbon rhapsody, our ecosystemic well-being, our ecotherapeutic homes and communities and vocations, and economic trans-actional systems and networks of positively slow-trending information, and eco-logical scientific revolution of religion, of nature-spirit paradigms, Universal Natural Systemic Wisdom-Tao of Design and Development with optimal Continuous Quality Improvement standards and normative-therapeutic Prime Principle of P=NP Equivalence = Yang + Yin = (0) Core Time's Beloved ReOrganic Balance. "To return to the root is Repose; It is called going back to one's Destiny." Laotse Destiny is both new birth cry for air's incoming flight and final breath extended, co-arising incarnational, incubating speciating Space within timeless Time.

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Date: 5/27/2015 7:34:00 AM
I came across a prestigious list of the top 100 most published poets here and I am not surprise. Your quality indeed goes hand in hand with your quantity. I'll check one or two more of your works because this has given me a unique satisfaction. I give you a handshake of a definite 7!
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Dillenbeck Avatar
Gerald Dillenbeck
Date: 5/27/2015 10:30:00 AM
Wow, ubiquitous praise indeed! Thanks for your generosity and your own continued brilliance.