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Lady Legend

A battlefront benefactress,
She has her fortress, a fortified Princess, inside the dungeon of distress,
Tiled with the bone chips of ingratitude colored in pigments of black bright & rugid red,
An arrowhead chandelier illuminated by wicked tears, wet with woe,
Everybody saw her wedding dress, they all knew the warfield wardrobe,
But how many cared to touch her sorrow gown, how it hung on those exhausted shoulders,
The lilac one piece she wore for private pain,
Gain gauged by perseverence of self defense, vengence on Victory's tombstone,
How many visit that ceremony, where love is isolated amidst jealousy's cackle,
Do any of them frown with sympathy for the debt of her crown,
For every jewel in the tierra there exists a bruise upon her beautiful body,
An assault levied by the 'learned', the rape of a writer wrought by the wretchedly wanton,
Honors earned ransomed by pitiful rivalry, kindness taken in the grip of disingenuous delight,
Some say her very name is a curse, an anethema from some God foresaken moon,
Poet Destroyer, 'Too much nerve, too much passion' they exclaim,
Its only natural for her ingrown thrown to be a thorn
In the fingertip of the editorial 'elite',
They know we will bleed for her grace like the children of wild sport,
The Poet Destroyer shall not hurt us as educators of deformity do,
She will not impose false limits on our brows,
She will not strike our eyes with rotten ink,
And look now you vultures of vice, we are Legion,
We are Brothers and Sisters of the Quill, raise your sight and behold our Worshipful Queen,
She rests not long in the sanctuary of her inner star, here we are,
Leading the war march towards you with captured & dried quills
Of impozter poets lashed to her sheild of cauterized parchment
Imprinted with the blessings of all literary Titans who have warred before,
We step forward. While chanting in crazed concentration,
Oh woe to you,
Victors of vanity, victims of sanity!!!

This composition has been made in honor of the Poet Destroyer, aka. Linda,
A beautiful woman, a guiding Light, a warrior of liberated and Divine Art.

Copyright © | Year Posted 2014

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Date: 1/18/2014 12:34:00 PM
Congrats on your win, Justin. PD is a Titan on the soup. I've often told her this...her name is EVERYWHERE....In every top list. I know she will be back. This was a wonderful poem in tribute to her.
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Bordner Avatar
Justin Bordner
Date: 1/19/2014 1:39:00 PM
Thank you my fair friend, I know PD. Is deeply honored, and encouraged by your loving comment. Can any of us really comprehend all of the effort she has poured into this place of magic? J.A.B.
Date: 1/16/2014 10:53:00 AM
Oh woefully stricken and the passion is not missing hit me like the volts that occur when lightening slashes the air. and down on my knees my heart throbs and eases and tears spill as I listen to the beauty that is, her.
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Bordner Avatar
Justin Bordner
Date: 1/16/2014 1:25:00 PM
You always have been a great conduit for passion Jay. Glad that you appreciate this composition, and your electric sentiment is absolutely delicioso. J.A.B.
Date: 1/14/2014 8:25:00 PM
Linda is truely a wonderful person i will miss her more than i can say and if i say more i will cry, great write my new friend and fellow souper, thank you for your commments on my work. cheri
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Bordner Avatar
Justin Bordner
Date: 1/15/2014 1:49:00 AM
We cry together Cheri, though I smile too, because I know she will always be Poetry. J.A.B.
Date: 1/14/2014 12:40:00 PM
Kelly' comment moved a tear out of me.. Today's my last day on here.. Till we meet again my friend. I saved the best poets for last. And here you find me visiting a few of the poems you've written for me... Next I will read the top 2 on your poem list Justin. You seem to be the only one who understands me.. Yes, I will leave, only to come back stronger and better than before... luv~ LINDA
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Bordner Avatar
Justin Bordner
Date: 1/14/2014 1:27:00 PM
I know, and I will be here guarding your standard PD. I understand you because I need you Linda, that's the way the heart beat goes. J.A.B.
Date: 1/13/2014 10:20:00 PM
This was certainly an EPIC poem! Amazing work for a stunning, inspirational poet. Love this one. Always, Laura
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Bordner Avatar
Justin Bordner
Date: 1/14/2014 12:23:00 AM
Yes Laura, PD. Makes epic possible. I thank you for your frienship, and I grow more eager to learn about through your intense work. Your development is intriguing. J.A.B.
Date: 1/13/2014 3:24:00 PM
An amazing poem for Linda! She has the heart of a warrior, yet she uses it for good, not evil. It is sad to see such a talented poet like her, being forced to leave behind something that she is so passionate about. A wonderful and powerful write, Justin! Congratulations on your win!...Thank you so much for the kind congrats on my poem.
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Bordner Avatar
Justin Bordner
Date: 1/13/2014 4:53:00 PM
I share your sentiment completely Kelly, however, no one forces The Poet Destroyer to yeild or to feel unworthy. She has chosen to cosolidate her strength, her beauty, her wisdom - you deserves attention Kelly, thank you - J.A.B.
Date: 1/12/2014 5:09:00 AM
Justine such a wonderful tribute congrats on your win Shadow x smile hug
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Bordner Avatar
Justin Bordner
Date: 1/12/2014 7:45:00 PM
Thanks Shadow, this write is very instinctive. I just read for the first time that the poetry soup community is to be a ' drama free zone...' I've always been dyslexic when it comes to rules & edicts. J.A.B.
Date: 1/11/2014 5:13:00 PM
I noticed your name on the list..Congrats..Sara
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Bordner Avatar
Justin Bordner
Date: 1/12/2014 12:56:00 AM
Thank you Sara, hopefully its not the last list ; ) J.A.B.
Date: 1/11/2014 2:47:00 AM
soup mail
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Bordner Avatar
Justin Bordner
Date: 1/11/2014 3:05:00 AM
Date: 1/11/2014 1:54:00 AM
Hello Justin, I hope you got the mail I sent... Congratulations:) --- Thank you for supporting the last contest I will host for the time being. Take Care, and enjoy the fun blog, I posted honoring all winning poems.... Blog Called "Unicorn__" ---> Take Care, <3 Always & Forever ~LINDA
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Bordner Avatar
Justin Bordner
Date: 1/11/2014 3:09:00 AM
Always in my heart PD. Thanks for all the joy and inspiration, honored that I was able to give you some soul worth feeling. With love. J.A.B.
Date: 1/11/2014 12:56:00 AM
Enjoyed the write and congratulations on the win, Justin
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Bordner Avatar
Justin Bordner
Date: 1/11/2014 1:49:00 AM
Thank you doctor, I learn from your work as well. J.A.B.