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Jo Jo Part Two

Coercion began
as the ground surrounds the seed
baring life and truth
A kingdom of soil
An army of soiled crickets
A pubescent king
Presenting Jo Jo
the leader of the region
and sire to the throne
Forced to lead the masses
basis chases hatred
Bandaged pride and safety
fade to choices proven
Proof then fakes an echo
bodies err in silence
Famine breaks the cadence
Medleys swarm the triumph
Scores of soldiers relish
death and promised feeding
Life before Jo Jo
was no solution to death
a change had to come
Then Jo Jo noticed
his father was his falseness
But Amon blamed him
Sin decides his ending
slaves disguised as flowers
Power given sequence
Family shades the color
Green and Gray and Purple
color coded bias
Race explains mistakes
Usurpers came in all shades
Amon dies replaced
Jo Jo only eight
takes his chosen face as king
and claims his own crown
From racial bias
through hate and bloodshed change comes
as a thief that hops
Idols worshiped falsely
fall destroyed by candor
Grassless mounds are woken
Growth is seen as honor
Safely karma changes
things to thoughts unchanging
Harmony by chirp
from shade to shade and by birth
from chancel to pew
Harmony and hope
cricket to cricket to you
The purpose the same
The difference is truth
that is muted by violence
The surplus the stain
"Extra ordinary problems
Solve themselves in theory"
"Reason halters silence
speaking toxic vantage"
"Listen! Time is shortened!"
"Judah suffers judgement!"
Jumpers tremble frozen
chirps fatigued tranquil
Statements rally Judah
chirps fatigued then fidget
Changed and pure of anger 
Judah reaps endurance
They don't wonder "How?"
And no they don't wonder "Why?"
they feel mistreated
They are who they are
because of why they were made
as seeds of His will
They think together
and so they see together
yet endurance doubts
To frown and endure
deserves the sight He creates
Clouds drop amongst doubt
Only Jo Jo hears
their purpose for living now
"To All Laugh Out Loud!"
Jah renames the Frowns
The clouds evade the crickets
Crickets become smiles
Smiles become incisive
Phylum's notice glory
Laughter buffets purpose
Awe inspiring cloudlets ripen
Skyward vision deepens
Giggles visit peril
As the Heavens shake
the voice inside Jo Jo quakes
Exigency speaks
silent Determination
Force of Inertia
An avowal laid
sitting their security
then tense endearment
Faithful laughter harkens
Fractured safety mended
Loyal standard glisten
Fear of God is followed
Students smile in spirit
Spirit authors purpose
Sickness heals itself
when you let him feel intent
senseless drama fades
An illustration
shows Jo Jo detailing trust 
in life that is real
Worship that is chaste 
spreads a ministry of worth
and conflict is loosed
Knowledge mimics power
conquered falseness levels
Flattened social meaning
stops as study strengthens
Smiles embedded surface
Mighty critics vanish
To know your own death
perpetuates addiction
confusing your fate
To know self feeds life
authenticating purpose
that celebrates Jah!
An 8 year old king
Solid food is for the youth 
and crickets mean you
For dust you will return
We are made by the kingdom we stand on
You must decide what you are here for
And why you are here and what you stand for 
so you can live through what others passed on
The face that truth hides from must ten return
This is not real the future plans on 
Right here...Right now and what we study for
is our plan to laugh then smile then return
You dig what will be forever
then on solid ground you will return.

Copyright © | Year Posted 2015

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