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Ah yes, dear friends
You have earned it
You deserve it...

Martyrs for the cause
a most WORTHY cause
which includes beheadings
(They had it coming) 
burning people alive
(They had it coming)
killing children
(They had it coming)

Filthy Infidels!
Destroy them all!!
Most especially:
The Great Satan
and their buddies
those Kyke-Heeb Jews

Small matter that:
You no longer DIE 
for your Holy War
Small matter that:
You now instruct 
OTHERS to die
for your Holy War
(We DARE not day forced)

And now there’s this matter
of your ascent to heaven
EVERYONE has been kicked out
God and Jesus too of course
(Replaced by ‘your’ Allah)

And how about those VIRGINS?
72 await each of you
Wow, that’s a lot of virgins
(You sure there’s that many left?)
Let’s say ten million of you qualify
Ten million times...Let’s see
Oh well, ‘your’ Allah will figure it out

Wait! Silly me! I forgot...
Girls, really young girls!
Maybe ages six to twelve?
That covers a lot of ground
Some of them would be Infidels
but I quibble here...

ANOTHER thing I forgot!
One historic, holy Martyr
should be waiting to welcome you
None other than Saint Adolph
(I forget his last name)
Didn’t he kill Kikes too?
I heard it was ten million
You guys got a lot of work to do
but I'm sure you will surpass that
when you topple The Great Satan...

And those PEACEFUL Muslims!
What's up with them? Wow...
OKAY fellas! Sign me up
I want to go to heaven too

Ah yes dear friends
You have earned it
You deserve it
You deserve everything
you get...

Charlotte’s contest

Copyright © | Year Posted 2015

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Date: 10/5/2015 2:56:00 PM
We live in a very troubled world. The saddest part of it is that it could be a globe of opportunity for all. Anger/rigidity/selfishness/lack of empathy/greed, as we see know, create all kinds of horrible disfunction and strange concentrations of wealth and/or power. So we will strive for fairness and peace. That BTW is why I purchases a magnet for my car. I haven't received it yet, but I think this guy is the only one addressing the root cause of evil.
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Date: 9/19/2015 2:21:00 PM
A stinging rebuke on beliefs that cause destruction of humanity and the humanness of blind followers. A well deserved win. Congrats, Tim. hugs!
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Date: 9/19/2015 12:28:00 AM
Well done Tim, A great read......Seren
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Date: 9/18/2015 4:58:00 PM
Your style and texture in any subject is great to read, you are skilled in it all, and to read this, I know you deserve that spot on the winners list, great job ;)
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Date: 9/18/2015 2:35:00 PM
Powerful, controversial write Tim.
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Date: 9/18/2015 1:35:00 PM
nice win
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Date: 9/17/2015 11:06:00 PM
Superb take with this brilliant write Tim! Congrats on big win!
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Date: 9/17/2015 7:13:00 PM
certainly controversial and hard hitting! a stinging social commentary, delivered in your unique, quirky style - well written, congrats on your win in my contest, dear man!
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Ryerson Avatar
Tim Ryerson
Date: 9/18/2015 2:43:00 AM
Thank you dear lady...Placing in one of your contests is a true honor for sure because in my opinion, you are one of the best poets I have ever read, not just on PS but EVER...
Date: 9/14/2015 1:40:00 AM
This poignant write bristles with the bigotry that has been rampant in more than one culture. Great write for the contest. One thing I would you mean "accent" or "ascent" in the fifth stanza? Good luck in the contest.
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Ryerson Avatar
Tim Ryerson
Date: 9/14/2015 6:09:00 AM
Thanks for the comment Dan! Yes, I meant 'ascent'... Appreciate the correction and your astute observation!
Date: 9/13/2015 11:11:00 AM
hi, tim...very stinging write about mass murderers which will do well in charlotte's contest... thanks for supporting my endeavors!... huggs
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Date: 9/13/2015 9:53:00 AM
This is absolutely perfect for Charlotte's contest. You really highlight how ludicrous it all is, how horrific and disgusting they are. Well done, my friend.
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Date: 9/13/2015 1:14:00 AM
Infidels is a a christian word, we sure didn't like the kikes, or anyone else either, we also lost the crusades. You would think some would learn from the errors of our ways instead of repeating them! Nice poem!
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