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If only you knew

If only you knew
Of how painful is the throb
That grips my heart
When I think of how cold you are
Towards me, Love!

If only you knew,
Of how powerful are the waves
That strike my coast
Submerging me in their surge
Drowning my tears in them
Killing me with their might!

If only you knew,
Of those dreams that I have constantly,
Those dreams related to both of us
Those dreams, given to me by the skies,
Wanting so eagerly to see us being
By each other's side
While we row our given boat
In the murkiness of this world's swamps!

If only you knew,
Of how desperate I feel
When I think that you may not see reason
In between the folds of that mystical side
Of mine which is related to you!

If only you knew,
That I have sworn to the skies
To be made to cease to exist
Should it be that you love me not!

After all, the roots that bind us together
Originate from the source of all existence
If only you knew,
That you came in this world,
For my sake,
But, blinded by Maya's veil,
You have forgotten about everything else!

If only you knew,
That you are a fallen God,
Fallen for my sake,
And that your cause on Earth
Would turn out to be void
If you choose not to cuddle my heart
In between the desirous pulls
Of your lips!

If only you knew
Of how I yearn for an opportunity
To tell you of same,
When you have pushed me into
A blank silence,
A silence which witnesses my tears,
My fears, my floods and the wilting of my flowers!

If only you knew
That you are hurting the Gods
By not abiding to their will!

Pray, if only you knew
That this world is not your home,
Never has it been so and never shall it be
Awaited you are back there,
With me by your side!

If only you knew,
But how would you?
When you refuse to let me open up
To you,
As you most probably see not my pain,
My hurt, my agony, my visions,
And my dreams!

How would you?
When I remain overpowered here,
Countered on all sides
By the frugality of maya and its illusions!

How would you?
When I remain mad
Mad, with my wild imagination
And my mystical visions!

Copyright © | Year Posted 2019

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Date: 8/29/2019 4:09:00 PM
Congratulations on your placement in the contest..
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